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[Kwa-iet Kwit-tin]

“Flex” is a trendy word used by Gen-Zers. It means showing off or boasting about yourself or something you own. This could be an item that seems highly appealing or trending. For instance, if you want someone to notice your new outfit and you upload a story for a fit check on Instagram, your followers might comment that you are flexing.

There is, however, another meaning of this term, which means to force something or pretend to act it out even though it’s not real. It can be done deliberately just to look cool or just to exaggerate something that isn’t true to get attention. We can define this with a better example mentioned below.



Jacob: Yo! I got my hands on the Nike Air Force 1 low
Alex: Bruh, quit flexing, man! They ain’t even out yet!

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