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Google Business Profile (GBP)

[ goo-guhl biz-nis proh-fahyl ]

Google Business Profile, formerly known as Google My Business, is a free tool that allows you to control how you want your business to appear on Google Search Engine and Google Maps. It is a free business listing tool by Google that enables users to provide details and photos of their business, including services, locations, and products. This free tool allows users to connect with potential customers, list products and services, accept online orders, collect customer reviews, post updates, and more.

GBP is only available for businesses with physical locations where customers can easily visit or travel or businesses that provide their services by meeting with clients such as plumbers and consultants. Users can edit and update their business information, contact hours, and other important details.


Google Business Profile

This is how your business looks on Google Business Profile on Google Maps. 

google business profile 2

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