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Ok, boomer

[ ok boo-muh ]

Ok, boomer is a meme in a TikTok video and gained popularity two years back. It is a catchphrase that young people use to dismiss their elders for being ‘old-fashioned.’ This viral video meme was first created by Gen Z musician Peter Kuli’s remix on Ok, Boomers, which he uploaded on TikTok in 2019. The song was widely adopted by Generation Z, who called themselves Zoomers.

Since then, the phrase has gained popularity, and this hashtag has been tagged in more than 2400 posts on multiple social media platforms.


Chloe Swarbrick, a 25 years old lawmaker, was giving a speech. She was supporting a climate crisis bill. There she was mocked by the senior member of Parliament, and then she said ‘ok, boomer’ and continued her speech.


older people just don’t understand that the internet is a new and improved way for younger people to make money 🙂

♬ Ok Boomer by Peter Kuli – always smiling

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