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Snapchat Memories

[ snap-chat meh-muh-reez ]

Snapchat memories is a new feature introduced by Snapchat that allows users to save their snaps and view them later. This is a great way to keep track of your memories and share them with your friends. With 319 million users, an average user spends around 25+ minutes on the platform. Snapchat released a feature of ‘snap memories’ that helps users to spend time on the platform and create Snaps that can be remembered. Memories are pleasant reminders, the content you shared in past years, and it surprises you with a popup of flashbacks of that day.

To access your memories, swipe up from the camera screen. From there, you can view your memories, which are organized by date, and even edit them with filters, stickers, and other creative tools. You can also share your memories with others and even save them to your device’s camera roll.

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