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Social Commerce

[ sow-hl kaa-mrs ]

Social commerce is a way to use major social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram, to promote and sell their products and brands. Social commerce is usually measured by the degree to which customers can interact with the brand’s marketing through retweets, likes, and shares. This selling model allows customers to complete their purchases without leaving the social media platforms. These shoppers usually use social commerce to discover brands, research products, interact with customers and purchase items. 

Social commerce is more common and convenient, which is getting popular and increasing over time. The main thing, social commerce is a popular way of shopping among Gen Z and Millennials. Social Commerce helps marketers to reach their target audience. 


For instance, if most of your customers are 30 or up, then TikTok and Instagram can be the perfect platforms for your business. 

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