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Social Customer Service

[ sow-hl kuh-stuh-mr sur-vuhs ]

Social customer service refers to providing customer support through multiple social media channels, including social media posts or direct messages. These social media customer services quickly respond to customer concerns and provide their customer’s self-help channels through updated FAQs. Analyse digital customer journeys to make proactive improvements to the products, and implement particular chatbots for simple questions, so customers can immediately get started.¬†

The main objective of social customer service is to enhance the brand-customer relationship, provide existing and potential customers with the necessary information, and guide and alleviate all the problems customers face with the product. No brand or business wants to disappoint its customers, so they develop social customer service and set up a dedicated handle to provide the proper guidance and information to its customers. 


For instance, Social Champ offers a community group on Facebook. Here’s the link

social customer service

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