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Social Media Etiquette

[soh-shuhl mee-dee-uh et-i-kit]

Every organisation follows a set of rules to keep up with discipline. Likewise, companies and individuals are bound to follow guidelines to maintain their social media presence. These guidelines are called social media etiquette.

For social media platforms social media etiquette differs from one platform to another. Today, businesses rely on social media to a large extent. That is why the platforms understand their responsibility and do not directly harm any business’s reputation. Every social media platform proposes an agreement to agree with before allowing you to use it for business purposes. 

Social media etiquette has the same meaning as social media policy. It explains and directs you on how to behave online. Fulfilment of these dos and don’ts does nothing but make your social media presence thrive. 


You can understand the proper Facebook etiquette here, shared by Kelly Whitt.

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