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The term “unwell” refers to a condition of not feeling your best. It could refer to your mental or physical state, like a hangover, fever, and cold, among others. In this state, you cannot perform your daily tasks normally or even not at all. It could concern anything from work-related projects to personal tasks, like cooking or taking a shower.

Being unwell could also mean that your mental health has deteriorated or you’re just too exhausted mentally to think about stuff. This causes dissociation from everything and may even lead to depression.

There is another reference to this term that is now commonly used in the Gen Z language, which refers to something the complete opposite of its actual meaning. When you do something that turns out to be very cool or interesting, that can seem unwell. An example below will explain better how you can use this term in both cases.


Regular usage: “Selena took a day off from work. She has been feeling unwell for the past few days”.

Gen Z usage: “Mark showed us a very cool trick that he learned over the weekend. It was unwell!

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