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True North Marketing

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True North Marketing

In the dynamic landscape of burgeoning digital brands, where competition tightens with each passing day, the journey from business inception to online success is simple. In this digital frontier, the beacon of solution emerges in the form of True North marketing. An agency that focuses on providing a personalized relationship with every client.

True North Marketing (TNM) prides itself on developing relationships with our clients to understand their individual needs. There is no cookie-cutter formula for us; each client is unique, and so is their business. TNM achieves success when our clients achieve success! True North Marketing prides itself on the relationships we develop with our clients. Understanding the needs of each client is critical in understanding how to help best achieve their marketing goals. 

Mission Behind True North Marketing 

Our Mission is to give our clients a return on their investment through a clearly defined & strategic marketing plan. We believe that building strong long-term business relationships with our clients and our media partners is pivotal to our success.

True North Marketing’s Recipe to Success 

Our clients have been the key to our success for over ten years, and we will only achieve our goals when our customers achieve theirs. We will never compromise on quality. We are obsessive about results and committed to achieving the goals you expect.

With our 40 years of combined media/marketing/communication experience, we offer clients an immense network of affiliations and use those relationships to maximize your investment and save you time. We are True North Marketing, taking customers in the right direction.

TNM has three (3) major profit centers where we pride ourselves in building strategic, personalized marketing strategies; Social Media Marketing focused primarily on Facebook and Instagram; and Website Development and Management. With an electronic and print background, we can quickly identify which radio and print outlets you should target. Your target audience points us to the best Social Media outlet following the three main ingredients to be successful in any campaign: Consistency, Message, and Platform. 

Thoughts About Social Champ

Back in October 2021, we were looking for a new Cloud provider. TNM test-drove five (5) different Cloud suppliers, and Social Champ was by far the best solution for True North Marketing. Social Champ treats me as a small business person like a huge conglomerate. I am the only User at TNM and have about 12 different streams to take care of. If a post fails or there is an issue Social Champ may be experiencing, communication is key. Social Champ is usually in front of any issues that have occurred. My usual go-to person is Tah (Tahniat Alam); she is very accessible and extremely knowledgeable, she is a True Champ!

Unforeseen Benefits and Experiences, After Implementing Social Champ

I would highly recommend Social Champ and its Team of professionals. The Dashboard is easy to access and make changes; copying posts that have run to future posts and doing editing is very simple. For True North Marketing, Social Champ is a partnership that allows us to be more efficient and profitable!

Social Champ wishes the entire team of True North Marketing good luck and a successful journey ahead. 

Stop Juggling, Start Prioritizing​​ ​

Try Social Champ to manage and organize everything in a single tab. From posting to scheduling, replying to customers, to tracking numbers - get all done through single tab.
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