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WebWork – A Time Tracking & Monitoring Software for Remote Teams

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As people start to transition to remote and hybrid ways of working, they require tools that will allow them to make the transition as smooth as possible. They use different tools for different purposes, one for task management, one for chatting, one for video meetings, one for time tracking, and more. As a result, software companies have started incorporating new features into their tools to make them more appealing to users. Some even include all of these features in one, making the tool more convenient and time-saving for users.

WebWork is a similar tool that started out as a time tracker and gradually grew into a bigger tool. It is now a time tracking and task management tool with multiple side features for different purposes.

Let’s take a look at the journey it took to become the tool it is today.

How It All Started

It all started when we were searching for ways to improve time management at the office and couldn’t find the right tool that met our expectations. That’s when we had the idea of WebWork, a tool that helps improve productivity, time management, and more. Then we released it to the public, making it free for small teams. Later we expanded the scope of WebWork’s functionalities, making it more than a time tracker. Now it has not only time tracking features but also task management and communication.

Starting Small & Making It Big

The main challenge was starting such a big idea with a very small team and limited resources. However, with that small team’s dedication and hard work, WebWork grew into the big software it is today, with a much much bigger team.

Another challenge has always been the high competition, especially in the beginning. When WebWork was just starting out, the market was full of well-known time trackers that seemed impossible to beat. Obviously, it was hard to compete with them, but with hard work, we managed to get to their level. Now that we are in the competition, we are able to offer more than our competitors with much better conditions.

Making Most of the Opportunities

Our biggest achievement was entering a market with a high level of competition and actually succeeding in it. Adding the fact that we are from a small country with limited opportunities is another thing that we’re proud of. Moreover, we’ve always been different from our competitors, as other than time tracking, we offer other unique and useful features as well, thus making WebWork more than a time tracker.

The Team Behind WebWork

We started WebWork with one developer, designer, marketing specialist, and product owner. Now WebWork has a team with 25 members.

Listening is Their Superpower

The biggest lesson we’ve learned is to listen to our users. During the MVP stage, we understood the importance of listening to users. That way, we realize what works best for them and what is useless. As developers, we might look at the product from a different angle, but it is the users who know what works best for them. Now we release every feature as a beta version first, let users test them, do our research and listen to their feedback and only then finally include it in the product.

Giving Back To The Community 

WebWork cares about and caters to its community. We worked on WebWork considering the wants and needs of our users and are still doing so. Now we also do all types of discounts and deals to encourage and motivate our users even more. That’s because we care about them and their satisfaction.

Our recipe of success contains the following ingredients:

  • Hard work
  • Aspiration for heights
  • Teamwork
  • Belief in your work
  • Rest
  • Fun
  • Luck

Strategic Plan for Future

WebWork has gradually grown into a different tool from what it was in the beginning. It is on its way to becoming a tool that covers more functionalities and appeals to a larger customer base. We want WebWork to become a tool that has everything a user needs for doing their work. As the need for remote and hybrid work rises, we want users not to worry even a bit about being away from the office. We want to provide them with everything they need to work from anywhere they want and use as few tools as possible, in this case, even only one tool – WebWork.

And this is not the end. We will continue to improve WebWork to make it the ultimate tool for work management.

Customer-Centric Approach To Feature Addition

Our users are our priority. We are always in touch with them and listen to them. They share their suggestions, wishes, and comments, and we keep them in mind. Their wish is our command. In fact, WebWork became the inclusive tool it is today due to the requests of our users. We added features like task management and a chat because our users wanted them. Soon we will add video calls and HR tools as well.

Social Champ wishes the entire team of WebWork good luck and a successful journey ahead.

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