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Zen Media

Zen Media – A PR & Marketing Digital Company for Tech-Driven B2B Brands Increasing Their Visibility

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Zen Media

In today’s competitive world of digitalization, every brand must stand out on social media. Since businesses have gone entirely digital, it has become essential to incorporate the right social media platforms with smarter automation tools. This way, brands can strengthen their online presence and witness improved ROI, conversions, and sales.

One such digital marketing company is Zen Media, a PR agency that delivers promising results to the growing brands. Businesses can use Zen Media to increase their PR, boost their content marketing, and elevate their social media presence. We got a chance to cover the success story of Zen Media and its founder Shama Hyder, who shared the journey of launching this startup in a highly competitive world.

How the Journey Began

Zen Media began as a startup by graduate and CEO Shama Hyder. The thought behind it was to create one of the world’s first social media marketing agencies. Shama had a vision for how tech and digital marketing would play a massive role in the future.

Zen Media offers:

  • Public Relations
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Virtual CMO/ Virtual Marketing Partner

Challenges Made Zen Media Stronger & Tougher

CMO Stephanie Chavez says, “We grew so fast — and we didn’t have time to put in processes first before our rapid escalation. So we had to figure out how to manage the influx of new business, deliver great results, then, at the same time, go back and work on processes to streamline. My advice…PUT IN PROCESSES FIRST. it makes rapid expansion way easier.”

Our Secret Sauce to Grow Other Businesses

At Zen, we follow the Mixed Marketing Model, which sets us apart from other agencies. Our model uses paid, shared, earned, and owned media to get our clients’ attention and help their social media campaigns succeed.

  • Paid media (Promoted posts, paid ads, branded content)
  • Shared media (User-generated content, social media engagements, influencer posts)
  • Earned media (PR placements)
  • Owned media (A brand’s blog posts, web content, social posts, and any other content the brand creates for itself)

Wins Down the Path

Zen has had many achievements, and one of the biggest has to be the connections made with modern-day customers along with our experimental and digital storytelling, which has allowed us to work with clients such as The US Navy, Chase Business, and Tupperware.

Zen Media Holds the Power of Team Play

Zen Media’s leading players include the force behind the company and CEO Shama Hyder. Since the beginning, CMO Stephanie Chavez has been around and plays a huge role in running day-to-day operations and making sure everyone is happy and meeting their goals. Idan Shnall, VP of SEO and PPC, is another major player at Zen for a decade and has played a massive role in transforming the agency from a startup to a frontrunner in digital marketing. Since then, the team has grown exponentially and continues to grow as we speak.

Learning Through Lessons

The biggest lesson learned is to never back down! If there’s one thing we can take from Zen and CEO Shama Hyder, I think that the sphere of digital marketing and PR is rapidly growing as tech advances. The one thing we can do is continue to learn, grow, and not be afraid to take on new challenges. As they say, knowledge is power!

Zen Media’s Recipe for Success

Zen Media’s recipe for success is definitely the Mixed Marketing Model paired with a great team that genuinely values their clients’ success.

Zen Media Continues to Thrive

I see Zen continuing to grow in the upcoming years, both in terms of the team and clients. I see the agency advancing and becoming an even bigger player in the digital marketing and PR sphere. I also see Zen staying true to its roots and continuing to be successful and innovative when it comes to helping clients. Shama Hyder shared how Zen Media rose to the heights of success and is now helping other businesses/ startups to grow.

Social Champ wishes the entire team of Zen Media huge good luck and a successful journey ahead.

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