Top 10 Most-Liked Instagram Posts of All Times

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Instagram, the visual platform holding a magnetic force, always pulls us in for one more scroll. It’s a hub where celebrities and those with mighty IG business accounts shine, and we find ourselves liking, scrolling, and liking again – a never-ending loop, but glad we are all in it together.

Among the sea of posts flooding Instagram, some stand out—drawing attention, evoking emotions, and gaining admiration from millions worldwide.

The best part is those mighty photos that have earned more ‘LIKES’ than random cat photos; those most-liked Instagram posts are worth celebrating. I am specifically talking about the happy stuff: baby news, weddings, wild hair makeovers. Sure, they have got professional photographers and a million dollars.

Curious about the most-liked posts on Instagram? This article discusses the top 10 most-liked Instagram posts.

What’s even more exhilarating for football enthusiasts is when two giant football legends totally own this list? And guess what? Even a random egg photo (yep, you read that right) has kicked expectations to the curb and left an epic mark.

Most-Liked Instagram Posts: The Top 10 Contenders

Brace yourself to delve into a world where Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, are not just football leaders but also social media titans, so let’s take a moment and have a look at their bright moments of victory, camaraderie, and personal milestones.

From exhilarating tournament victories to off-field chess games, these athletes enchant football fans and the global Instagram community.

Let’s unravel the stories behind the most-liked Instagram posts that have captivated hearts, garnered millions of likes, and etched their place in Instagram history. Also, I’ll tell you why you need an Instagram scheduler if you want to schedule your social media posts like a champ.

  1. Christiano Ronaldo Eulogizing Pele

    Cristiano Ronaldo Eulogizing Pele
    Cristiano Ronaldo Eulogizing Pele

    Starting with the first post among the most-liked Instagram posts. Here we have a Cristiano Ronaldo’s
    Instagram post eulogizing Pele has garnered immense popularity and has become one of the most-liked posts on the platform. Fans and followers, driven by nostalgia and a shared love for the sport, are drawn to this rare glimpse into the personal and respectful side of the competitive football world, making it a standout post on Instagram.
    Ronaldo’s emotional depth and authenticity in his tribute to Pele resonate with fans worldwide, creating a powerful connection beyond the game itself.

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo’s Twins Announcement

     Cristiano Ronaldo’s Twins Announcement
    Cristiano Ronaldo’s Twins Announcement

    Cristiano Ronaldo’s announcement about the arrival of his twins was a deeply personal and heartwarming moment. It showcased his excitement as a father, a feeling that countless fans resonate with.

    In that Instagram post, Ronaldo didn’t just share news; he invited the world into a cherished chapter of his life. His words and the accompanying photo were like a peek into his heart, revealing his joy and love for his growing family.

    Imagine the feeling of anticipation and overwhelming happiness that Ronaldo must have experienced. It wasn’t just a celebrity announcement, it was a father’s pure expression of love and joy, shared openly with the world.

    When he shared such a personal milestone on a public platform, Ronaldo humanized himself in the eyes of his fans. He became more than just a football legend; he became relatable, a father overjoyed by the arrival of his children. That moment touches the hearts of people who admire him for his sporting prowess and the values he holds dear.

    This post was a reminder that amidst the spotlight and fame, there are moments of pure, unfiltered happiness that everyone can relate to—moments of family, love, and the simple joys of life.

    Lesson to learn: such photos on Instagram teach us that social media is more than just glitz and glam. A digital space to let people peek into your genuine life, creating a connection with your audience that’s as real as it gets.

  1. XXXTentacion’s Photo

    XXXTentacion’s Photo
    XXXTentacion’s Photo

    Here’s another one in the list of most-liked Instagram posts everXXXTentacion, known for his emotional and raw music, cultivated a close connection with his audience, and this sentiment extends to the engagement on his Instagram account. The posthumous nature of XXXTentacion’s Instagram account adds a layer of nostalgia and reverence.

    Followers engage with this Instagram post to celebrate his talent and not keep his memory alive. The comments and likes become a collective way for fans to express their ongoing admiration, keeping the artist’s legacy vibrant and demonstrating his enduring influence on the music and cultural landscape.

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo After Portugal’s Elimination

     Cristiano Ronaldo After Portugal’s Elimination
    Cristiano Ronaldo After Portugal’s Elimination

    Cristiano Ronaldo’s post after Portugal’s elimination from a tournament profoundly reflected resilience, grace, and the true spirit of sportsmanship. The post captured a moment that resonated deeply with his fans and admirers worldwide.

    Picture the scene: the disappointment of a hard-fought match resulting in Portugal’s exit from the tournament. Despite the crushing blow, Ronaldo’s response wasn’t one of bitterness or despair. Instead, he chose to address the loss with a sense of dignity and sportsmanship that defined his character.

    In his Instagram post, Ronaldo’s words were a testament to his resilience. He didn’t dwell on the defeat but rather focused on gratitude and encouragement. His message echoed a profound belief in perseverance, highlighting the lessons learned from defeat and the motivation to rise stronger from setbacks.

    What we learn: life isn’t always a highlight IG Reels. In moments of defeat, he showed the world that authenticity matters. Using Instagram to share the highs and the lows resonates with audiences, fostering a genuine connection. It’s a reminder that imperfections are part of the journey, and being real on social media can create a deeper bond with your followers.

  1. Messi Celebrating Victory in Argentina

    Messi Celebrating Victory in Argentina
    Messi Celebrating Victory in Argentina

    The Instagram post capturing Lionel Messi’s jubilant celebration after a significant victory for the Argentine national team was a window into Messi’s heart—a testament to his unwavering passion for the game and his profound love for his country.

    Surrounded by teammates, Messi’s face lit up with an infectious smile, his arms raised in triumph. It was more than just a celebration; it was a moment of sheer joy and pride, a culmination of hard work, dedication, and unyielding commitment to representing his nation on the football pitch.

    In that post, Messi wasn’t just a footballer basking in victory. He was an embodiment of the hopes and dreams of an entire nation, channeling the collective emotions of fans who cheered for him and the Argentine team. His celebration reflected the culmination of a journey filled with sacrifices, struggles, and unwavering dedication to the sport he loves.

    Sharing moments of success on Instagram, like Messi celebrating victory in Argentina, highlights the joy of success. It’s a reminder that celebrating achievements, big or small, with your audience can create positive connections and spread happiness.

  1. Ronaldo Joins Al-Nassr FC

     Ronaldo Joins Al-Nassr FC
    Ronaldo Joins Al-Nassr FC

    Here’s again our Football superstar’s name popping up in the list of most-liked Instagram posts. Cristiano Ronaldo’s announcement of joining Al Nassr FC was more than just a career move; it was a pivotal moment that showcased the evolution of a footballing icon and the start of a new chapter in his illustrious journey. His decision to join Al Nassr FC wasn’t just about football but about embracing change, seeking new adventures, and inspiring others to pursue their ambitions fearlessly.

    Ronaldo’s Instagram post wasn’t just about changing teams; it showed his deep love for the game and his never-ending quest for challenges. Beyond the screen, you see a guy motivated not only by winning stuff but also by a strong desire to keep improving and trying new things in his career.

    By sharing this moment with his followers, Ronaldo offered a glimpse into the mindset of a man constantly striving for greatness.

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  1. Ronaldo and Messi Playing Chess

    Ronaldo and Messi Playing Chess
    Ronaldo and Messi Playing Chess

    This is the same post that Lionel Messi posted on his Instagram account. We can only assume that Cristiano’s post garnered more likes on Instagram due to the fact that he has more followers than Messi – (615 million vs. 496 million).

    That aside, this post showcased that beyond the competitive nature of the two players’ professional lives, they shared common interests and enjoyed moments of friendly competition outside of football. It was a testament to the fact that, like all of us, they seek leisure and enjoyment beyond their careers.

    The post also acted as a bridge between their fans, fostering a sense of unity among followers of both players. It allowed fans to see beyond the rivalry, appreciating the mutual respect and friendship that exists between these football titans.

  1. Messi with FIFA Trophy

     Messi with FIFA Trophy
    Messi with FIFA Trophy

    As the world slept, Lionel Messi shared a remarkably human and touching moment on Instagram—an image of himself asleep, cradling the coveted World Cup Trophy beside him. Among all the most-liked Instagram posts this post wasn’t just about football glory; it was a glimpse into Messi’s personal quest, his dreams, and the heartfelt yearning to achieve a pinnacle many believed was destined for him.

    Picture the vulnerability and raw emotion captured in that serene moment—the trophy nestled close, almost as if it were a cherished companion on Messi’s quest for footballing greatness. The post revealed the desire for victory and the vulnerability behind the untiring pursuit of a dream.

  1. An Egg

    An Egg
    An Egg

    This post on Instagram might seem simple, but it’s actually one of the most-liked. It’s just a picture of an egg on a plain background. What’s fascinating is that it became super popular, showing how people can come together and make something go viral, even if it’s just a basic egg picture. It wasn’t fancy or deep, it was just an egg. But somehow, it got millions of likes by bringing people together and challenging the usual way things happen online.

    Beyond the likes and the hype, this post highlighted a universal truth—that in a world filled with complexities, sometimes the simplest things can spark joy and bring Instagram creators and users together. It showcased the essence of human connection, shared experiences, and the unifying power of humor in a digital landscape.

  1. Messi Celebrating World Cup Victory

    Messi Celebrating World Cup Victory
    Messi Celebrating World Cup Victory

    Another one on the list of most-liked Instagram posts is a picture of Lionel Messi celebrating winning the World Cup. It’s a big deal in football history and means a lot to millions of fans. The photo shows Messi super happy, lifting the trophy above his head. It’s not just a party picture; it’s like his lifelong dream coming true. Messi, his teammates, and fans all dreamed about him achieving this big win.

    This post gives us a glimpse of Messi’s personal side. Even though he’s a global football star, he stays down-to-earth and loves the game and the happiness it brings to fans worldwide. Behind that shiny trophy is a guy who worked hard, gave up a lot, and really loves the game.

    Also, the most liked Instagram posts showed Messi as someone like us, enjoying winning moments, celebrating the good times, and staying humble when he succeeds. It’s a reminder that success isn’t just about what one person achieves but also about the feelings and connections we all share. It’s about the human spirit that brings us together.

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Final Thoughts!

Ever wondered what makes those most-liked Instagram Posts truly irresistible? It’s like stumbling upon a treasure trove of moments that captivate hearts and draw smiles across the globe. These posts aren’t just about picture-perfect scenery or flawless poses; they’re about genuine connections, raw emotions, and unfiltered authenticity.

But here’s the secret sauce – it’s not always about being picture-perfect; it’s about being real. It’s about sharing stories that resonate, laughter that’s contagious, and moments that tug at our heartstrings.

From heartwarming tales to spontaneous snapshots, these posts with the highest likes on Instagram remind us that behind every screen, there’s a person yearning for connection, seeking inspiration, or simply wanting to spread a little joy.

So, why not borrow a leaf from the above 10 most-liked Instagram posts? Embrace authenticity, share your journey, and spread positivity. You never know whose heart you might touch or whose day you might brighten and even get more likes on Instagram.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes a post popular on Instagram?

A post becomes popular on Instagram when it strikes a chord with audiences through a combination of engaging content, visual appeal, relevance, authenticity, and community engagement.

2. How often do the rankings of most-liked posts change?

The rankings of most-liked posts on Instagram can change frequently, especially with the constant influx of new content. Viral trends, significant events, or unexpected moments can quickly garner high likes, impacting the rankings. However, some highly iconic or milestone posts might maintain their positions for longer periods.

3. Are there any common themes among the most-liked posts?

Among the most-liked posts on Instagram, several common themes often emerge, transcending diverse content types. Personal milestones such as announcements of life-changing events like engagements, weddings, births, or major achievements tend to garner immense attention. Heartwarming moments that evoke emotions showcase acts of kindness, or highlight impactful stories also resonate deeply with audiences.
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Top 10 Most-Liked Instagram Posts of All Times

Picture of Daniel Clark

Daniel Clark

Daniel is a guru of B2B marketing and professional networking. His in-depth knowledge of LinkedIn's unique environment has paved the way for business success.

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