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Twitter for Customer Service: Why Brands Should Use It in 2024

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Gone are the days when customer service was only limited to talking to the agents and waiting long hours for your turn on phone calls. Customers don’t expect to wait longer; no queues and no prolonged email responses.

All they want right now are quick replies and stress-free customer service. With the ever-changing social media landscape, brands have paved their way to popular platforms, even for customer services.

However, big brands like Apple and Nike have developed a strong social media presence, turning their accounts into exceptional customer service. Platforms like Twitter are a significant source of it. According to the survey, around 92% of the top brands on Twitter at least tweet 12x times per day.

Twitter Customer Service - Apple Support

As a brand working behind the screen, you use millions of tips and tricks to entice the customer to buy your product, but this isn’t enough at all. The right interaction between you and the customer can keep your customer hooked to your product. So, as a brand, if you are not acknowledging your customer needs via Twitter conversations, then there is no point in having such a huge following.

Twitter, the bluebird platform, is popular for connecting like-minded individuals, either through the Twitter community or by simply responding to tweets. The platform has the ability to direct customers to their favorite brands. A simple response from your favorite brand can cheer you up, making a delightful conversation; it makes you feel important and special.

Thankfully, those old days are gone, when your favorite brand only shows up when they are running a marketing campaign. Now huge brands interact with their customers via Twitter for customer service.

I know, as a brand, how challenging it can be to manage all your Twitter conversations, especially when you have multiple accounts. To make things easier, tools like Twitter Management can do the job for you. All you need to do is to connect your Twitter profile and get all your conversations under a single roof.

Why Use Twitter for Customer Service

Have you ever noticed that these high-end brands have multiple Twitter accounts? Yes, these brands have another separate account to handle all customer queries and feedback.

The bluebird platform is only limited to 280 characters. Still, it is considered as one of the ideal platforms for customers to turn to when they need quick assistance related to the products or share their feedback. The platform is fast-paced, with huge Twitter communities, where customers can go and make their voices heard.

I know there are a few misconceptions about customer service via Twitter. This customer support process is just not limited to responding to quick queries or resolving support requests. Replying to the most frequent questions, simplifying the purchasing features, promoting discounts, and interacting with your customers also count in customer support.

One thing that sets Twitter apart from competitors when it comes to customer service is that it offers real-time communication, which is both public and transparent.

Customers can reach out to their favorite brands on Twitter and receive a quick reply. The best part is that other customers can see the conversation, which can build trust and accountability.

Twitter is considered the central point when it comes to bringing like-minded people from around the world. Of course, people use it daily to get the latest updates, but the platform ensures to make it is a convenient way for customers to contact businesses.

Small or huge businesses use Twitter to monitor and address any complaints or issues that customers may have and respond promptly to feedback or suggestions. This level of engagement can help businesses build stronger relationships with their customers and create a more positive brand image.

Jaw-Dropping Twitter Customer Service Statistics

Just in case you are still not convinced about Twitter customer service, here I have rounded up a few statistics to prove how important it is to prioritize customer service on this bluebird platform. From response time to customer satisfaction, these stats will show you why Twitter is the go-to platform for customer service.Jaw-Dropping-Twitter-Customer-Service-Statistics

  1. Over 74% of customers follow brands on social media and reach out to their customer support on these platforms.
  2. Around 75% of customers on Twitter expect fast responses, ideally within 15 minutes.
  3. Twitter’s customer care interaction generates over 58% of favorable attitudes toward brands.
  4. Around 64% of people on Twitter feel that brands with dedicated support handles are doing more for their customers.
  5. 1 in 4 people publicly tweets to get fast replies from brands.
  6. Over 63% of Twitter users who tweeted for a brand’s customer service have gotten a response within 24 hours.
  7. Around 77% of Twitter users feel more positive about their favorite brands when they receive a reply from them.

Bring Your Twitter Conversations Under One Roof

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Benefits of Using Twitter for Customer Service

Think of yourself as a customer with an issue; you know how frustrating it can be. Waiting in a long queue, late responses, and when you get a chance to talk to the representative, you are trying to explain your problem to someone who just doesn’t seem to understand. The whole scenario can be super annoying!5-Best-Tips-for-Customer-Service

Thankfully there is a better way for such situations. While Twitter might not seem like the most obvious choice, the platform offers several benefits when it comes to customer service. From increased user satisfaction to faster response times, using Twitter for customer service is an incredible way to improve your customer experience.

  1. Pocket Friendly

    When it comes to customer service, Twitter is a pocket-friendly solution. It’s the go-to platform for companies to provide quick answers to customer inquiries and complaints.

    The platform is an affordable way for businesses to provide quality support to their customers. Compared to other traditional customer services methods, such as phone calls and emails, Twitter allows businesses to respond to customer inquiries and concerns promptly.

    Twitter offers real-time communication, which can help businesses quickly address customer complaints, resolve issues, and provide personalized assistance while staying within a budget. Moreover, the platform holds a strong power that allows businesses to showcase their commitment to customer satisfaction, building brand loyalty and trust with their audience. Twitter benefits businesses of all sizes, helping them provide top-notch customer support while keeping costs low.

  2. Fast Replies

    Well, those old days are gone when Twitter was considered a platform for sharing your thoughts and memes. It has turned out to be a powerful platform for customer service. With more than 353.90 million active users, Twitter is a place that offers fast replies to customer inquiries. But the key to success is not just about responding quickly. It’s about offering personalized, helpful, and timely responses.

    Yes, you read it right; the platform is well-known for its fast and efficient customer service. Brands are able to respond quickly to customer inquiries and complaints. This can help build trust with customers and improve overall satisfaction levels.

    Take an example from Xbox Support.

  3. More Reach and Potential Leads

    I know, Twitter is often overlooked as a customer service tool, but it shouldn’t be. The platform has the ability to provide your business with more reach and potential leads than ever before. Not to mention, customers are gradually turning to social media outlets like Twitter to get their customer service questions answered. Hence, it’s important to ensure you use the bluebird platform to its fullest potential.

    Twitter can offer more reach and potential leads for customer service compared to other platforms. While researching, I figured out some major reasons; here’s why:

    • Public visibility: It is a public platform, which means that when a customer reaches out to a brand on Twitter, their message is visible to everyone. This can be a golden opportunity for businesses to showcase their customer service skills and respond publicly to customer inquiries or complaints.
    • Hashtag usage: Twitter users often use hashtags to find relevant content and join conversations, and of course, the platform favors hashtags. Brands can leverage social media hashtags to monitor customer feedback and respond to inquiries.

    Another example from Adobe Care.

  4. Builds Brand Reputation

    The world of customer service has changed drastically over the past few years, and one of the key drivers of this change is Twitter. For businesses, it’s an invaluable platform for engaging with customers, building relationships, and improving brand reputation.

    The best part, Twitter conversations between brands and customers are public, which means that other users can see how the brand interacts with its customers. When providing helpful and timely responses to customer queries and complaints, brands can demonstrate their commitment to customer satisfaction and build a positive reputation.

    Moreover, the platform can be used for collecting feedback from customers. Monitoring Twitter conversations can help brands to get insights into what their customers like and dislike about their products or services and use this information to improve their offerings and build a better reputation.

    Here’s an inspiration from Social Champ.

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Twitter’s Customer Service Feature

Twitter has rolled out some amazing new customer support features that will make your customer service process a breeze. The new features will enable brands to connect easily with customers, respond quickly to customer inquiries, and even track customer feedback. Let’s have a look at some important Twitter customer service features:

Provide Support Feature: Twitter offers a ‘provide support’ feature, it pops up below the username when you are searching for a brand’s customer service handle. The platform has made it easier for both brands and customers. This way, customers can contact the customer support handles, and brands can organize their customer-centric tweets within a separate account.Evernote Helps

Moreover, sometimes for brands, it can be pretty challenging to look out for every tweet. To bring all your conversations under a single umbrella, Social Champ offers a Social Inbox feature to get real-time inbox updates, including mentions and comments.

5 Best Tips for Twitter Customer Service

Twitter has become an important customer service channel for many brands out there. The platform plays an incredible role when it comes to reaching out to customers and providing quick, helpful responses to their queries. If you are just starting out with Twitter’s customer service, here are the top 5 Twitter tips that will help you to get the juice flowing, keep your customers happy, and ensure you get the most out of the platform.

  1. Respond Quickly

    Of course, we all know that customer service is the key when it comes to running a successful business.

    With its fast-paced nature, you can quickly respond to customer inquiries and complaints, as well as respond to brand mentions and build relationships with your customers. If you are using Twitter for customer service, you know how important it is to respond quickly. After all, if someone tweets you with a question or complaint, they are expecting an answer immediately. But how do you make sure you are responding quickly enough?

    Well, the answer is pretty simple, use the power of the tweet. With Twitter’s built-in features, you can set up notifications so you will be alerted whenever someone tweets at you. That way, you can respond quickly and provide the best customer service possible.

  2. Analyze Common Issues

    Sometimes, it can be a little frustrating when many customers experience a similar issue. Responding to the same query can be pretty challenging. So, it is important to address common issues that customers may face to ensure that they have a positive experience. Just to provide personalized attention, you can use Twitter’s Direct Message feature to have private conversations with customers that eventually allows you to address their concerns in a more personalized manner.

    You can use tools like chatbots to provide quick and efficient responses to customers, reducing response times. Make sure to communicate clearly and concisely, using easy ways to ensure customers can understand the information provided.

  3. Set up a Separate Account for Queries

    Twitter is ideal for finding new clients, engaging with potential customers, and building relationships with industry fellows. But it can also be overwhelming, especially when you are getting many queries from people looking for help or advice. That’s why it’s a good idea to set up a separate account just for answering queries. This way, you can keep your main account focused on content and Twitter engagement, while your query account can be dedicated to responding to inquiries quickly and efficiently.

    It’s a simple but effective way to stay organized on Twitter and make sure that all your followers’ questions are answered in a timely manner.

  4. Don’t Ignore Feedback

    If you are an avid Twitter user, you know the platform holds strong power when it comes to engaging with customers, building relationships, and driving leads. But did you know that it’s also a great way to get feedback? Too often, brands ignore feedback on Twitter, but that’s a huge mistake. The insights and ideas you get from feedback can help you to make better decisions and improve your products or services.

    Sometimes, it’s easy to overlook the occasional tweet or two. But if you don’t pay attention to what people are saying about your brand on Twitter, then you are missing out on valuable insights.

  5. Monitor Brand Mentions

    Monitoring your brand mentions can help you to stay on top of the conversation and respond to people in real time.

    Whether you are a business owner or marketer, understanding how people are talking about your brand is essential to building relationships and protecting your reputation. Staying on top of what people say about your brand online is important as a business. This is especially true when it comes to Twitter, where people can quickly and easily share their thoughts and opinions. Knowing what people are saying about your brand is invaluable, as it can help you identify trends and adjust your strategy accordingly.

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Customer Service Tweets from Top 5 Brands

To give you a little inspiration from huge brands, here I have rounded up the top 5 brands that are setting the standard for customer service on Twitter. From clever comebacks to creative responses, these brands know how to craft a tweet that will make you laugh, smile, and leave you feeling heard.

  1. ClassPass

    Customer service tweets can be both entertaining and informative. Take ClassPass, for example. They have mastered the art of customer service tweets with their witty responses to customer inquiries. Whether they are helping customers find the right workout or simply making them smile, ClassPass is a prime example of how to make customer service more enjoyable.

    Whether you are looking for help with a class booking, a promotion code, or just want to chat about your latest workout, they have got you covered. Their tweets will keep you informed and entertained, from helpful tips and tricks to light-hearted banter.

  2. Zappos

    From funny memes to helpful advice, Zappos knows how to make its customers smile. They understand that customer service isn’t just about solving problems; it’s about creating relationships and building trust. And they do it all with a little bit of humor.

    They are well known for their exceptional customer service, and they take to Twitter to show it off. From funny conversations to heartwarming stories, Zappos’ tweets show that customer service is more than just a department; it’s a way of life. So, let’s take a look at the best customer service tweet from Zappos and see what you can learn from the customer service experts.

  3. Chewy

    Have you ever been so delighted with customer service that you just had to share it with the world? Here I am highlighting one of my favorite customer service tweet threads from the brand Chewy. Chewy has always gone above and beyond to provide excellent customer service, from their dedicated customer service team to their adorable pup mascots.

    From playful banter with customers to responding to customer inquiries creatively, Chewy knows how to make customers feel heard, seen, and valued. If you are looking for some inspiration for your customer service tweets, take a look at some of our favorites from Chewy.

  4. Glossier

    Have you ever heard of a customer experience where you felt heard and valuable? That’s what strives to provide its customers. This beauty brand has mastered the art of customer service tweets with its playful and creative messaging. From witty queries and customer inquiries to sharing helpful tips, Glossier has found a way to make their customer service more enjoyable. Whether it’s a question about the product or customer suggestions, the beauty brand ensures to respond quickly with a personal touch.

    The brand usually blends the knowledge with a little bit of humor to provide their customers with an informative and fun experience.

    Let’s look at their customer service tweets and see how this inspiration can help you use Twitter for customer service.

  5. Starbucks

    Are you a fan of Starbucks? Well, I am too; I love the way they respond to their customers. The coffee giant has millions of loyal customers who love its products and service. Starbucks is quite trained and knows the drill to make their customers happy. They know how to respond to customer issues with a friendly, humorous, and helpful tone that ensures their customers feel heard and valued.

    From funny replies to clever puns, these tweets are sure to make you smile. Let’s take a look at some of their best customer service tweets and learn a thing or two about how to provide great customer service on social media.

Twitter Customer Service for Everyone!

Twitter can be an incredibly effective platform for customer service when used properly. It allows businesses to engage with their customers on a greater scale, build relationships and generate new leads.

The key is understanding your audience, ensuring you have clear guidelines and making certain that conversations are handled with professionalism and care. Twitter for customer service can measure up your company’s reputation in the eyes of your customers while also ensuring that they feel heard, valued, and important.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Twitter Good for Customer Service?

Twitter can be an ideal platform for customer service because it is a platform where customers can go make their voices heard.

How Do I Get Customers on Twitter?

The best way to get customers on Twitter is to interact with other users.

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