Instagram Nametags: Best Practices to Reach More Followers

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Instagram ranks as the sixth most popular network, with 1 billion active users all over the world. This is over a third of the 2.8 billion estimated social media users in 2019, and roughly 20% of the global digital population, which is around 4.5 billion.

Given its sizable user base, this photo-sharing social platform is a powerful tool for marketers and businesses. If you want to be discovered and reach more clients, you must include Instagram in your social media marketing strategy.

If you are not yet impressed by these initial figures, here are more statistics showing Instagram’s reach and value to businesses.

Impressive Instagram Statistics to Inform Your 2020 Instagram Marketing Strategy


  • Over a third (35%) of global Instagram users are aged 25-34, while a close 30% are 18-24 years old. In both age groups, the number of male users is slightly higher than female users.

Distribution of Instagram Users Worldwide (October 2019)

Instagram Users Worldwide


  • The U.S. has the highest number of Instagram users (116 million) worldwide in 2019. Also topping the list are India (73 million), Brazil (72 million), Indonesia (60 million), and Russia (42 million).

Leading countries based on the number of Instagram users (in millions)

(October 2019, in millions)

Instagram posts


  • During Instagram’s 2015 survey, 60% of users said they came across new products via Instagram.
  • Users are spending 80% more time watching videos on the platform.
  • Each day, Instagram users upload over 100 million photos.
  • In a survey, 87%of users shared they took steps after seeing a product or service on Instagram. They either looked for more information (79%), visited the brand’s app or website (65%), made a purchase online or offline (46%), dropped by a retail store (37%), or followed the brand online (31%).
Instagram Users Worldwide 3


  • Each month, 130 million Instagram users tap on shopping posts to get more details about the items.
  • Instagram’s engagement rate is at 1.60%, beating Facebook’s 0.09% and Twitter’s 0.048 %.

Below are a few more Instagram statistics and an infographic that shows why businesses must grow their Instagram presence and continue to engage with their users.

Instagram stats


Growing Audiences Faster Through Instagram Nametags

Launched in October 2018, Instagram Nametag looks and works like QR codes. Once you’ve generated the Nametag in your app, your potential customers can use it to quickly find your account, view your profile, and follow you.

What’s really great about this tool is that you can easily encourage people you meet offline to follow you online. All they need to do is scan your Nametag using their Instagram app camera.

But unlike most plain QR codes you see, Instagram Nametags can be customized to reflect your brand or convey a message. You can choose a background color (which automatically changes the text color). Another option is to pick an emoji as a backdrop or to experiment with the selfie stickers to create a distinctive visual.

But what benefits do Instagram Nametags really offer? Why must you have one?

How Instagram Nametags Can Help Grow Your Brand


The scannable image makes it more convenient for people and businesses to gain more Instagram followers.

Instead of typing your handle or username in the search box, users only need to click the Nametag tool then scan the image.

It bridges offline and online marketing events and materials. 

For example, you may be standing by your booth at an event, talking to prospective buyers and giving them your brochure or calling card. Those marketing materials are likely to be thrown away or forgotten, lost among other brochures they’d receive that day. In effect, you lose potential customers or at least the opportunity to connect with them until they’re ready to buy from you.

To increase your chances of capturing those audiences and nurturing them through digital marketing campaigns, you can use Instagram Nametags. While they’re at your booth, ask them to scan your Nametag so they can check out the offers you post on social media.

It minimizes friction during the buyer’s journey. 

When you’re using lead magnets or selling online, you want the sign-up or check-out process to be as smooth and convenient as possible for your web visitors or customers.

The same thing goes when you want more people to follow you online. Instead of asking them to follow you by typing a long username, you make the process simpler for them by scanning your Nametag.

Users get your account right the first time.

You may have a long, unique, descriptive handle that includes dots and underscores. However, you may have had to spell your username when sharing it during meetings, trade fairs, and other events. Plus, if there are other users whose usernames are quite close to yours, your customers may have had to browse several handles before they find the right account.

Instagram Nametags eliminates all these difficulties. When someone asks for your handle, you can just show your Nametag printout or an image of it on your gadgets’ screens.

It’s an additional marketing tool for businesses.

While some of your target customers have no problems typing your handle, others who are not yet as invested in your offer may feel like typing is too much effort. Instagram Nametag solves this by giving your target customers a way to quickly and conveniently find you and follow your account.

It’s visually more appealing. 

Many encourage their readers and viewers to follow them on Instagram by writing their handle either on marketing materials or showing it on their websites and videos.

Instagram Nametag provides a more artistic way of sharing your handle. Depending on how you choose to customize it, you can have a Nametag that reflects your brand or your personality. You can use graphics and striking colors to make it more eye-catching.

The combined visual appeal and convenience grabs your target customers’ attention, prompts them to act, or at the very least, it piques their curiosity about this tool and your business. Just be sure to give your customers simple, clear instructions on how to scan your Instagram Nametag.

It allows you to position yourself as a tech-savvy professional or business. 

Let’s say you’re providing digital marketing services. Using the latest tools and features to promote your own brand shows your current and potential clients that you stay up-to-date with the latest trends. You are unafraid to experiment and maximize marketing features that are at your disposal.

It shows them that you know your field and you practice what you preach. You start building the impression that you can provide them the same level of marketing skills and savvy you show for your own brand. In a sense, what you do for your own business becomes your “live” resume and proof of your competence.

isntagram posts


How to Design a Distinctive Instagram Nametag

Generating a basic Instagram Nametag takes just four clicks.

  • On your Instagram app, click on Profile.
  • Click the hamburger icon on the top right.
  • On the sidebar, select Nametag.
  • The tool then generates your Nametag.
Distinctive Instagram Nametags


Instagram also provides three options–Colour, Emoji, and Selfie–to customize your Nametag.

To change the background color:

  • At the top of the screen, make sure the button says Colour.
  • To change the background and text color, press any area on your Nametag.
  • Keep doing this until you find a colored template you love.
Nametag Style

To use emojis:

  • Click on the top button to move to the next customization option: Emoji.
  • Tap anywhere on the screen to display the emoji selection and the search box.
  • You can either scroll down to find an icon or type the description on the search bar.
Emojis 2
Emojis 3


To use a selfie:

  • Choose which selfie sticker you want by pressing on any part of the screen.
  • To save, click the X icon on the top left.


Once you’re happy with the design, click on the share button on the top right. You can choose from several options to share your Nametag:

  • Instagram Feed
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Facebook Newsfeed or Story
  • Set as Facebook profile picture
  • Bluetooth
  • Email
  • Convert to Doc, PDF, and Presentation
  • Save to Cloud
  • Upload to Photos
  • Save to Drive, and more.
Share nametag
Share name tag


How to Scan Another’s Nametag

If you come across interesting entrepreneurs or companies displaying their Nametags during live events, here’s how to scan these.

  • Go to the Nametag tool.
  • Select Scan a Nametag at the bottom of your screen.
  • Focus your app camera on the other person’s Nametag, whether it’s printed on paper or displayed on a screen.
  • Instagram pulls up the username’s account. You can immediately click the Follow button or view their profile.
  • If the Nametag is saved in your gallery/album, click on the Gallery icon on the upper and look for the image.
Instagram page


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5 Creative Ways to Grow Your Following with Instagram Nametags

There are so many ways you can further personalize your Instagram Nametag so it stands out and stays consistent with your branding. On top of that, you have endless options for promoting it, from offline materials to your online accounts.

To help you get started, below are some Instagram Nametag tips and tricks you can use to increase your audience following.

#1. Personalize your Instagram Nametag

Instagram provides you with several ways to customize your Nametag: choosing a color, emoji, or a selfie sticker.

Admittedly, these templates are limited. You may not find a hue that’s consistent with your branding, and none of the selfie and emoji selections may appeal to you. As more people start posting their Nametags, yours may not stand out as much as you hope.

What you can do is to personalize the image. Save your Instagram Nametag as an image and place it against a backdrop that shows your company’s name, online store, product, or a color that’s consistent with your branding.

Instagram name tag scan


#2. Include Incentives for your New Followers

Instead of simply flashing your Instagram Nametag and hoping people will scan it, why not give them a compelling reason to click the Follow button? You can organize contests for your new followers or buy Instagram followers. Or tell them they can learn more about your current and upcoming offers and discounts by following you on Instagram. You can even offer a free checklist or ebook when they join you on the platform.

#3. Provide Instructions

Not all Instagram users know how the Nametag tool works. Perhaps you even have prospective customers who have never scanned an image or QR code in their life.

Make sure your target users know exactly how to use your Nametag by including easy-to-follow instructions. See how @evergreen_credit_union went the extra mile by walking their potential followers through the Nametag scanning process.

instagram scan tag


#4. Leverage Offline Marketing Opportunities such As:

Your physical store or booth:

Display your Instagram Nametag in places where your customers can easily see it. If you’re running a food or beverage store, put the Nametag on your menu or display it on your tables so customers can scan it while waiting for their orders. You can also put an Instagram QR code on your menu, it will not only direct customers to your Instagram handle but will also provide you with analytics that will help you understand them better.

If you have special offers, display your Nametag beside the offer. Indicate that following you on Instagram will help keep them posted on your latest products and offers.

If you run an arts and crafts store, you can display your creative skills by designing unique Nametags. Check out these displays by @maggi.peach and @apwoodworkusa’s design for @marpynaturals.


Instagram scan


Near the Cashier:

People usually spend a lot of time in queues, staring ahead or using their phones. Place a copy of your Nametag in these areas, with easy-to-read and understand instructions for those who have never used this tool before.

Having nothing else to do as they wait for their turn, customers are more likely to read what’s in front of them, see your Nametag, and use it to check out or follow your business profile.

instagram name atg


Event screens:

If you’re hosting an event, the attendees are most likely already interested in your business. They may be your email subscribers or followers on other social media platforms, but they may not yet be following you on Instagram.

Take this opportunity to grow your Instagram account by flashing your Nametag on the screen. If you have a booth, save your Nametag on your tablet or laptop’s screen. After answering guests’ inquiries, encourage them to scan your Nametag to learn more about your business.

Business card:

Make it easy for your prospective clients to find you or browse your work by including your Instagram Nametag on your business card. If you’re a social media manager, clients can easily see how you manage your own account. If you’re creative, they can quickly check the sample works you uploaded on Instagram.

business card


  • Printed marketing collaterals (brochures, pamphlets, flyers, stickers): You can only pack so many details into your flyers or brochures. By including your Nametag in your marketing collaterals, you give your target customers an easy way to follow you online and learn more about your company and the quality of your work.
instagram scan the name tag


Company/business apparel:

If you are attending a networking activity or co-hosting an event, you can wear a company shirt to help people associate you with your brand. If your team is organizing an event, they’d most likely be wearing company shirts during the activity.

Give your company apparel an added function by printing your company’s Instagram nametag on the shirts too.

You can also print them on your mugs, T-shirts, sweaters, caps, and other accessories or event giveaways. Aside from your Nametag, you can add more designs, perhaps your favorite quote, to turn it into a statement shirt at the same time.

instagram scan


  • Phone lock screen or back cover: If you’re at social events, meetings, presentations, and trade shows, some people may ask for your handle so they can follow you on the spot.

Save your prospective fans the hassle of typing your account name. Instead, show your phone screen and ask them to scan it with their app.

Alternatively, you can print your Nametag on a sticker and place it at the back of your phone. If you run out of battery or printed materials, you can just flip your phone when someone asks for your handle.

instagram scan


Packaging and store cards:

One way to connect with your customers is to provide them with ways to engage with your brand. Including your Instagram Nametag on your product packaging is a gentle nudge to your customers to share more about their products.

Aside from increasing visibility, Instagram posts and tags by your satisfied customers help build trust in your brand. Customers often rely on recommendations made by their family, friends, and other customers. By encouraging user-generated content, and facilitating this through nametags on your packaging, you can generate reliable and free advertising. When they tag you on their post after they leave your store, you get another opportunity to nurture your relationship with them and their connections.

instagram scan

#5. Maximize your Online Presence

  • Other social media platforms: Right after creating your Nametag, Instagram gives you options to share it directly to your Messenger or email contacts.

If you’re only starting to grow your Instagram account but have a huge audience on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or LinkedIn share your Nametag on these platforms too.

  • Videos: If you’re publishing videos on YouTube and social media, you can flash your Nametag in these videos.
  • Website: An image of your custom Nametag on your website is harder to ignore, unlike the small Instagram icon or short “Follow Us” text you may be using. You can display the image on your website or blog’s footer, sidebar, contact form, or as a pop-up message.

This strategy increases the chances of turning your traffic into regular social media followers and clients. Just be sure to display it only on your website’s desktop version, as users will have to be able to scan the image using their phones.

  • Emails: If you’re running email marketing campaigns, you can include your Instagram Nametag in your signature. This allows you to gain followers from among email subscribers who are already interested in your work.

Final words

Increasing your business’s visibility and engagement helps you tap new markets and be discovered by your ideal clients. Find creative ways to incorporate your Instagram Nametag in your marketing strategy. Choose one or combine the tips in this post, and let us know what worked for you.

If you have other ingenious ideas and tricks for promoting your Nametag, share them below.

Author Bio:

Aaron Chichioco is the chief content officer (CCO) and one of the web designers of Design Doxa. His expertise includes not only limited to Web/mobile design and development but digital marketing, branding, eCommerce strategy, and business management tactics as well.

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Instagram Nametags: Best Practices to Reach More Followers

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