Meta Verified: How to Get the Blue Coveted Tick in 2024

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Every transaction, message, and click centers on a basic question: can I trust this? This question is never more critical in this world where misinformation, identity theft, and cyberattacks are behind every hyperlink.


Meta Verified is a groundbreaking innovation designed to be your digital compass in this sea of uncertainty. It is not only a subscription bundle it is a game changer. It helps social media users know that it’s really you with the coveted blue tick.

Meta verification, when paired with the right social media marketing tools, can ensure that your online interactions are genuine. You can manage your verified accounts within a single dashboard. So explore the world of Meta Verified, where every click will become a confident step into online security.

What Is Meta Verified

meta verified home
Meta Verified Home

Meta Verified is a subscription service for all the creators on Instagram and Facebook. It offers different exclusive features to subscribers, such as:

  • Expand reach
  • Account impersonation protection
  • Account verification with blue check badge
  • Exclusive access to human support agents

Currently, Meta Verified is only available to individuals, not brands. However, the landscape of social media verification is gradually changing. It is possible that Meta Verified will be expanded to brands in the future.

Previously, Instagram and Facebook offered the original verified badges tailored primarily for public figures, celebrities, and notable brands. The Meta Verified and original verified badges have the same blue checkmark but differ. The original verified badge is free and does not have the extra benefits as compared to the paid one.

If you have a notable profile and the original verified badge, you can apply for Meta Verified for more features, like proactive account protection and direct support.

Who Can Get Meta Verified

To get Meta Verified, you must meet certain requirements. Here are the most important ones.

  • For a meta-verified badge, one must represent an individual identity, not a company or a brand.
  • The eligibility criteria for a Meta verified badge is 18 years or older.
  • To earn the blue coveted meta badge, you must be a United States, New Zealand, and Australian resident.
  • Following the community guidelines and terms of service is important. You must avoid violating the Terms of Use and Community Standards on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Your profile name must align with your legal identity as indicated on your government-issued identification.
  • Your profile picture must match your government-issued ID photo for verification.
  • You can boost your account security by enabling two-factor authentication.
  • The Meta Verified journey is unavailable for brand-new accounts; it requires an established posting history.

The Benefits of Getting Meta Verified

get meta verified
Get Meta Verified

Becoming Meta Verified ensures your account protection and increases your audience’s credibility. You will get various subscription bundles, making it more than a verification plan. Here are the benefits you will receive to become verified.

These badges for Facebook and Instagram accounts will increase the reliability and worthiness of your profiles.

  1. Protection From Impersonation

    According to Meta, they include;

    More protection from impersonation means proactive monitoring for accounts impersonators who may target people with growing online audiences.”

    Meta is vocal about their efforts to combat the fake Instagram and Facebook accounts:

    “Our investments in machine learning technology are critical to helping us detect faster … We balance machine learning with a trained team of experts who review and take action on violating content.”

    It means that the platform ensures the protection of your account. After verification, your account will be distinguished from others.

  2. Access to Human Support Agents

    The Meta Verified accounts can get easy and direct access to real human support agents with live chat. It is an amazing feature as this support helps you address your frequent issues.

  3. Stickers and Stars

    Meta Verified users have exclusive access to the story stickers on Instagram and Facebook, with exclusive reel stickers. Furthermore, you get 100 stars for supporting other creators

    Moreover, all Meta verified accounts get 100 stars each month to reward other creators. For each star you share, the Meta group rewards them with $0.01!

  4. Increased Reach

    The participants of the Meta verified program will enjoy more visibility and prominence in the comments, recommendations, suggested accounts, and search for Instagram and Facebook accounts.

    You can expand your reach if you get a subscription to this program. It will greatly help you and make a big difference if you don’t have enough followers. Moreover, understanding Instagram algorithms and Facebook algorithms helps maximize your reach.

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How to Apply for Meta Verified

Steps to apply for Meta Verification
Steps to apply for Meta Verification

To apply for Meta verification, you may need to be situated in certain cities, such as New Zealand, Australia, United States of America, United Kingdom, and Canada. If you are not from these regions, you can join the Meta waitlist to get notified about the latest updates about your region.

If you reside where the services of this program are available, follow the below steps to apply.

  1. Using Facebook App

    Open your Instagram or Facebook profile and go to ‘Setting & Privacy’

    meta verified app 1
    Meta Verified App 1
      • Go to ‘Settings’
    meta verified app 2
    Meta Verified App 2
    • Find “Accounts Center” and tap on it.

      meta verified app 3
      Meta Verified App 3
    • Tap on the “Meta Verified” option.

      meta verified app 4
      Meta Verified App 4
    • Select the account you want to verify and click “Get Meta Verified.”
    • After this, tap “Pay now” and start the payment process.

    Once you complete the payment, you may have to ensure the following requirements:

    • Activate the two-factor authentication set up on your account
    • Match the account details to your ID.
    • Match the profile picture to your ID picture.

    After this verification, upload a picture of your government-issued ID. It is for the confirmation of your identity.

    Once you enter your payment details, you may need to confirm your identity, which may take about 48 hours. If Meta rejects your verification, then don’t worry. The platform will refund your payments within 60 days.

    The last step to verify your identity is to provide a picture of your ID. You can record and submit a selfie video if you cannot fulfill the ID confirmation requirement.

  2. Using Facebook Web Interface

    Here are the steps you can use to get verified using the Facebook web interface.

    • Go to your Facebook profile, which you want to verify and then go to ‘Settings & Privacy’.

      meta verified 1
      Meta Verified 1
  • Next go to ‘Settings’
    meta verified 2
    Meta Verified 2
    • Find “Accounts Center” and click on it’

      meta verified 3
      Meta Verified 3
    • Click on ‘Meta Verified’

      meta verified 4
      Meta Verified 4

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You can see the eligibility status inside your Facebook and Instagram profiles if your account fulfills the above requirements. Tap the verified button to see if these services are available in your region. If your area is not eligible for Meta-services, you can join the waitlist to receive a notification when available in your region.

Here is the Adam Mosseri reel about the availability of Meta Verified in different regions.


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How Much Does a Meta Verified Subscription Cost

The subscription cost depends on the region and the services you require for signing up. Here is the current subscription cost list for certain regions and services.

United States

  • $11.99 monthly for desktop or mobile web (only for Facebook).
  • For Android devices, the cost is $14.99 per month
  • For iOS devices, it is $14.99 per month.


  • 99 AUD for mobile or desktop web (only for Facebook).
  • For Android devices, the cost is 24.99 AUD per month.
  • For iOS devices, it is also 24.99 AUD per month.

New Zealand

  • 99 NZD for desktop or mobile web ( only for Facebook)
  • For Android devices, it is 29.99 NZD.
  • For iOS devices, the price is 29.99 NZD.


  • £9.99 for mobile or desktop web (only for Facebook)
  • For Android devices, the cost is £11.99.
  • For iOS devices, the cost is £11.99.


  • $15.99 for mobile or desktop web (only for Facebook)
  • For Android devices, it is $19.99.
  • For iOS devices, the price is $19.99.

X Premium vs Meta Verified –  Which One Is Better

Well, X Premium and Meta Verified both serves similiar purpose to different social media platforms. It all depends on your needs. X Premium might be better if you use X (formerly Twitter) a lot and want extra features.

If you are concerned about proving your identity on Facebook and Instagram, Meta Verified is the way to go. All in the end, it’s about which platform you use more and what you value most in your social media experience.

Let’s compare them in simple terms here:

X Premium

  • X Premium subscription cost: $8/month or $84/year
  • Offers features like Undo Tweet (edit button), Bookmark Folders, and Reader Mode
  • Focused on enhancing the X experience

Meta Verified

  • Meta Verified Cost: 14.99/month for app
  • Meta’s (formerly Facebook) verified badge
  • Free to get (only if you are eligible)
  • Indicates that your account is authentic
  • Doesn’t come with additional features
  • Useful if you want to prove your identity on Facebook and Instagram


As technology evolves, online interaction shapes our lives and understanding consistently. Knowing that Meta verification can help someone by equipping them with the tools to respond to digital engagement.

You can stay informed and leverage the advantages it provides to contribute to a reliable online system. It is a place where you can consume information and share it with a sense of confidence. In short, Meta verification summarizes the spirit of progress and leads to a safe and reliable digital world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Meta Verified?

Meta Verified is the latest subscription bundle that involves account verification with impression protection and provides improved access to support and your content visibility. It makes it easy to establish the presence of creators by building communities on Facebook and Instagram.

2. What Does Meta Verified Mean on Facebook?

SMeta Verified means on Facebook that you will get verification with your ID, protect your account, get easy access to direct account support, and more. Meta Verified protects your account and discriminates it from fake accounts.

3. What Is the Cost of Meta Verified?

You can get these exclusive benefits on Facebook for $11.99 when you use the web subscription. But if you subscribe to this offer in the app, it will cost $14.99 monthly on Android and iOS systems.

4.What is Meta Verified Badge on Instagram?

Instagram introduced a Meta-verified badge system where accounts can belong to notable figures, organizations, brands, and celebrities. You can verify it with a blue checkmark badge, and it helps users identify your account’s authenticity.
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