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Craft LinkedIn posts like a pro with Social Champ’s FREE LinkedIn Post Generator!

From announcing events to updating your content calendar or launching a new product, it takes just moments to produce the perfect post. Give it a try today!

    Full Disclosure: This tool may feature offensive or inappropriate themes that do not align with Social Champ’s views. By using this tool, you agree to maintain full responsibility for using any of the content generated. This includes, but is not limited to, compliance and applicable laws, as well as third-party rights.

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    What Is the LinkedIn Post Generator?

    LinkedIn post generator is an AI-based tool that creates professional LinkedIn posts for you. Simply input necessary details such as language, style, description, and keywords, and the tool offers a variety of options for your LinkedIn content— making it easier for you to pick the best one.

    Why Use This Free LinkedIn Post Generator?

    Why spend extra time thinking about a post when we can ease your job? The LinkedIn post generator by Social Champ utilizes AI technology to craft personalized posts tailored to your needs, and the best part is that it’s completely free! You can save a huge amount of time that will otherwise be spent of framing and editing content drafts. 

    How to Use This AI LinkedIn Post Generator?

    We have made sure the process is easy to navigate. You simply need to add your account details and the type of post you want to generate. Our AI-powered viral post generator LinkedIn will recommend some of the best options, and you can proceed to pick one. See? It’s super easy!

    How Does the AI LinkedIn Post Generator Work?

    Here’s a step-by-step guide to using our LinkedIn AI post generator.

    Step 1: Tell us the nature of the account you want to post on. This will inform the algorithm about the type of post you want. The algorithm can then recommend something style-appropriate. For example— professional or casual!

    Step 2: Our tool also needs to know the language you are aiming for, so mention that as well.

    Step 3: Write the description of your post. For example, what is the post about? What specificities do you want to add, and how long do you want it to be?

    Step 4: Lastly, mention the keywords so the tool knows your audience. Press the Generate button, and here you go! You have the best LinkedIn posts ready to be posted!

    How Long Should a LinkedIn Post Be?

    LinkedIn provides a generous limit of 3,000 characters per post, but we don’t think it’s a good idea to use all that capacity. After all, no one has the time to sit through such a long post. Additionally, only the first 140 characters are visible on the feed, requiring users to click “read more” to see the full content. We recommend you keep your posts up to 25 words because if you have any more than that, the viewers might not click on read more.

    What Type of Tone Can I Select for My LinkedIn Post?

    Our viral LinkedIn post generator is limitless! You can choose a variety of tones, such as professional, casual, conversational, humorous, engaging, creative, inspirational, and more! Just tell our LinkedIn AI post generator what’s on your mind, and it will work accordingly.

    Is There a Limit to the Number of Posts I Can Generate?

    There’s no limit to creativity, and we strive to be as efficient as possible. This LinkedIn post generator is a free and effective AI-powered tool that creates as many posts as you want. Don’t worry about the count, and trust our tool to deliver quality with every click on Generate.

    How Many Characters Can My LinkedIn Post Include?

    LinkedIn permits up to 3,000 characters for each post. However, a short and precise post is recommended to ensure engagement. Aim to keep your posts within 140 characters to ensure your entire message is visible without requiring users to click “read more.”

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