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Another dominant digital marketing game this year is video marketing. Visuals carry the attraction point in your content and generate a lot of traffic. They prove to be on the statement of more appealing, effective, and fruitful. These visuals are not just limited up to image format including posts and infographics. It owns now more and the best of the visuals that possess creativity, objectivity, and a clear message.

As consumers, we aren’t after all the bells and whistles as much as the solutions they provide. In other words, we don’t want to know what brands are selling. We want to know what’s in it for us.

Psychologists say people are 39% more likely to share content distributed via video. Plus, videos make it easier for people to form emotional connections as compared to text. Our brain processes it 60,000 times faster.

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How Does Video Marketing Come on a Top-Notch?

Well, the answer is quite clear. A video is more compelling and engaging than text. Video consumption is on the rise than text consumption. It is not surprising that the marketplace has responded with an ever-increasing output of video covering every topic imaginable. The insatiable desire for more video is primarily driven by shorter attention spans and the continual rise of mobile device usage over the desktop.

Converting existing text content and creating a new video marketing campaign is not the massive undertaking it used to be. Consumers today prefer authentic, useful information over high-production glitz and polish. That removes huge barriers to cost and production time in expanding your video asset library.

“Videos are not the product. People are. Videos are just tool we use to reach them and impact their life.” Tim Schmoyer – YouTube Video Strategist Video Creators

There is a specific video marketing campaign you always have admired. Though you ignore casual written or image posts by these brands or limited to their essential announcements, We can say powerful video marketing that creates lasting impact has always been one of the critical branding strategies.  Video marketing seems as best of it this year.

How Does Video Marketing Create an Impressive Impact?

It’s a big question to know the science about the impression that is created on the audience. And to engage more of them in the best and compelling way. This mentality leads to the demise of traditional and old online marketing efforts. It has also set the stage for more human interactions between brands and consumers. Communications that don’t feel like marketing.

“We’ve heard that video is key, but if video truly is key, that means you’ve got a video editor in-house, that means you’re creating a video as your core content strategy, not something on the side.” – Dennis Yu

A Clear Approach to Audience

Video marketing is a clear approach to an audience that welcomes them.  Delivers a message or creates a situation about the upcoming message from scratch. It let the viewer pull from the very beginning, hence create a whole audience. Online videos are easy to share, and they appeal to a range of people.

Usually shorter videos with complete information are more effective. Longer duration with extra exaggerating of some steps in the tutorial can make a “boring” impact on others.

Giving an Authentic Story with Authentic Conditions

“People gaze 5x longer at video vs static content.” – Mari Smith – Owner, Mari Smith. Premier Facebook Marketing Expert.

Video marketing is about objectivity. To put some realistic element or someone beyond your brand, directly. It is about the connection of that moral or credentials of the story to your subject (or brand).

Think in terms of macro and micro in your video marketing. Evaluate the macro effect that your product or service is having on your industry or the world as a whole. Then set on someone’s micro experience to deliver a relatable and compelling story. When you are genuine with the struggles and own a motive, it’s easy to make people ‘yours’.  It will create a strong impression to provoke their loyalty.

The most important thing in video marketing is to express ideas in front of others. Let’s make it simple. Your write-ups have chances to be ignored by the reader. Either it’s some part of it or a little but essential part of it.

However, video marketing gives a smooth deliverance of your content that effects on audiences. The live experience a viewer see has more effect than your blog post. Video marketing is more convincing than just being present.

By summing it up, Video presents your ideas in a rhythm and catches attention from scratch.


“75% of business executives watch work-related videos weekly. 54% of business executives share work-related videos with colleagues at least weekly” – Viveka Von Rosen

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Tips for a Successful Video Marketing and the Perfect Tool for it

Either you want some video ad or content to be made, these few steps are always needed for purposeful, prosperous, and powerful results.

Ideate for your Objective:

The first step is to brainstorm ideas for your video marketing. Here are three quick ways to generate a ton of ideas:

  • Look at your top blog posts and evergreen content.
  • If you write a blog, you’ll likely have a treasure trove of content ideas on your blog. The blog posts that resonate with your audience is probably great content for your videos.
  • What can be the best way? Not just to send but to peruse your message and information pieces most stable?

Well for this these tools can give a hard hit!

1. ContentIdeator

This tool crawls the web to identify trending content so you can capitalize on the next big thing before the competitor. Although ContentIdeator is not specific to video alone. It allows you to filter a search so it can look only at YouTube to see what’s most popular there.

2. Placeit

Placeit offers over 2,500 media templates. Many of which are for videos—into which you can insert your logo or other images. The content is technology-themed. So if you’re thinking about making a YouTube clip about the world of tech, Placeit could help get your ideas flowing. And also confirm whether or not they are feasible.

3. Plan and Create

It’s time to work on your ideas and shape them practically. It includes high research from figuring out the purpose of video creation in the most effective way. Take out the points, script them and plan out the steps. Then all you need is just the creation of content. Well, here are a few tools and software that help to create a perfect video most finely.

4. Animaker

With five different video styles and 120 different types of animations, Animaker lets you make stunning explainer videos for your product. This Do-It-Yourself software is also to use. Their typography & infographic template styles could be useful for content marketers.

5. VideoScribe

Just like they claim, VideoScribe lets you create “Stunning, high-definition, whiteboard-style animation videos. And you can make whiteboard videos with no design or technical know-how”. It let you edit and make animated whiteboard videos using royalty-free images and music (over 1k of them). Customizing them wouldn’t get any more comfortable too.

6. Videoshop

Maybe you want to rely on videos to show clients your products or services in action like SpeedPro Imaging does here. Even if you don’t have a significant marketing budget or lots of video-based know-how, Videoshop is a user-friendly app that helps you get great results.

“Launch Videoshop and quickly make videos that feature subtitles, slow-motion effects, and more, all without going through unnecessary steps that could slow down the overall process. It’s also easy to share the finished products to social media feeds, increasing the likelihood your business will gain traction from the efforts. Videoshop also permits voiceovers. Using that feature could be helpful if you want to provide context beyond what subtitles offer.”

Because it’s so easy to rely on Videoshop to make videos, you might even do as Samsung did and create two different versions of a video that were different lengths. Interestingly, Samsung got good results via video while promoting a speaker.

After running for two weeks, the ad boosted awareness among consumers who saw it by 25 percent. That goes to show how effectively video can show how products work, even if they don’t intuitively seem like a good fit for the video medium.

Schedule to Perfection

Create, edit, design, and schedule eye-catching images and videos within the Social Champ’s content dashboard.

Edit Till it Comes to Perfection

A quality material that presents in a raw form as the final move sometimes is destructive. You always need to check again and again the content you have produced. And it should have edge perfection before airing on digital marketing channels. You should know what cut out and what to keep. In short, judicious editing has always been required and your video demands to be flawless. Here are some Video Editing tools that can be so helpful for perfection.

1. Magisto

Although Magisto is a tool for both creating and editing, its real strength lies in editing. Powered by algorithms, it selects the best parts of your films and photos and blends them all into a new piece of video marketing enhanced by music, effects, and themes you’ve chosen.

Think about using Magisto if your company has held a special event, been strongly represented at a conference, or taken part in an awards ceremony. If you want to make a video that highlights the most exciting parts of that occasion, give this a try. By editing videos and photos you’ve already gathered and turned them into something new. Magisto makes video creation a breeze.

2. YouTube’s Video Editor

Even if YouTube doesn’t heavily factor into your upcoming video marketing campaign, you can still depend on YouTube’s video editor to get your clip just the way you want it before going live. This Flash-based tool works directly in your browser and saves versions of your edited video on command. All the primary ways to make your video better are built into the tool, such as adding audio, still images, or titles.

Transitions can guide viewers through your video and denote the start and end of different sections. Creative Commons-licensed videos could beef up your content if the existing footage isn’t long enough or cannot a good the desired effect.

Because the editor’s feature set is relatively limited, it’s not realistic to rely on it for a large-scale video campaign. However, consider YouTube’s tools a worthy introduction to some of the cool things that are possible with purposeful editing tools. Eventually, you might be able to use the YouTube-edited material as leverage when making a case for a more capable tool.

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In a Nutshell

Social media marketing has dynamism and is becoming challenging every new day. It’s not just about managing your social media profiles and post a lot. It is a game of originality, authenticity, and smartness.

Create stories that show your brand in the context of an average customer’s daily life without making it feel like an ad. That way, the video gets its point across and moves the marketing needle while still delighting viewers.

Leverage a plot twist. When the audience cannot predict the outcome, they will be more likely to remain engaged throughout the entirety of your content.

Appeal to emotion. While you do not want to abuse this approach, emotion is an incredibly powerful driver that can influence the way people act and respond to your product or service.

Tools are to make life easier, incorporate them into the last limit perfection to your ideas and finesse of your purpose.

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