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Social media marketing really took off when big brands started investing more in their digital ads than other conventional marketing methods. Since the results were terrific, the trend soon became an essential marketing tactic for businesses of all sizes.

Today, all small and big companies invest heavily in social media marketing. So much that despite the global pandemic, social media ad spend jumped almost 50% in the third quarter of 2020 and is expected to increase even more in the upcoming years.

social media ad spend in US


Since social media is super important now, it is pretty helpful to have a social media marketing checklist to tick off all the tasks that make up an effective social media marketing campaign.

A Social Media Marketing Checklist Is a Marketer’s Best Friend

As a marketer, you are always thinking in one million different directions, and you have SO much on your plate that it is humanly impossible to remember everything!

This is why checklists exist.

Marketers rely on checklists to get things done according to an established lineup of tasks. We can bet that you have a checklist for everything, even for hosting a party (cue Monica from friends).

A social media marketing checklist is a similar list of all the important tasks you should carry out to keep track of your social media marketing efforts.

At Social Champ, we have a checklist for managing our social media activities that help us stay on the same page and track how well our strategies are panning out. In fact, the checklists that you will go through later in this article are based on how we structure the tasks and take care of our social media marketing campaigns.

Here are a few other reasons why every marketing should have a social media checklist!

  1. A social media checklist ensures that you don’t miss out on any task for the week, day, or month.
  2. A checklist helps you stay organized and streamline all your tasks to achieve the business objective of the quarter.
  3. A social media checklist allows you to be consistent with your daily and weekly tasks. Marketers can follow a consistent workflow that doesn’t burn them by working on less productive tasks.
  4. It helps you align tasks on a priority basis to make the most out of your day.
  5. A checklist allows you to assign essential tasks first and assure that the team is getting work done.

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Social Media Marketing Checklist For 2022

In any marketing team, the schedules are pretty jam-packed, and it is human nature to forget a task. This is why we have a comprehensive checklist to follow at the Social Champ HQ.

To make things easier for us, we broke down the checklist into daily, weekly, and monthly tasks according to their priority, frequency, and association with project milestones. Feel free to tweak or edit this checklist to make it suitable for you and your teams.

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Daily Social Media Marketing Checklist

A social media marketer has multiple small tasks that make up their day. Having a list helps them check off all the things and divide their time accordingly.

Daily Social Media Marketing Checklist

Here are the primary tasks of the day:

  • Reply to all direct and private messages
  • Check all mentions and react to them
  • Check out all comments and reactions to posts
  • Schedule posts for the next day
  • Check out all social media profiles
  • Follow back those who follow you
  • Connect with at least one crucial person/influencer
  • Answer queries on forums
  • Keyword monitoring

Reply to All Direct and Private Messages

Replying to all messages is as essential as it gets. No one likes it when their query is left un-seen or even worse if the message is left on seen for days on end.

So even if you have a million things going on in the background, always set apart a few hours of your day to clear out the inbox for all social media channels.

Check All Mentions and React to Them

This is related to the first item on the checklist. Check out all the brand mentions for the day and react appropriately to them all. Check out all Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram mentions first at the end of each day. Reshare all Instagram mentions on your story, re-tweet a few mentions on Twitter, and react to all Facebook negative and positive mentions.

Turn on push notifications so that it is easier for you to keep track of the mentions.

Check Out All Comments and Reactions on Posts

Again, keep your push notifications on so that you get real-time updates for comments and reactions. Try to engage with all comments on official channels, Facebook and LinkedIn groups, communities, and Twitter threads.

Schedule Posts for the Next Day

It is good practice to schedule posts in advance using a social media scheduling tool. Make sure all regular and planned posts are scheduled at least 24 hours before.

Check Out All Social Media Profiles

We tend to miss out on multiple things throughout the day, which is why this task should be on your checklist. It is a good practice to catch chats, a follow request, a mention, or a potential partnership opportunity that slipped your attention.

Follow Back Those Who Follow You

Take out a small chunk of your time to follow back all the new people who follow your social channels!

On channels such as LinkedIn and Twitter, you can easily connect and follow back everyone. It might be a little challenging on other social channels, so even if you can’t follow everyone back, you can most definitely follow those who are from your industry or niche.

Connect With at Least One Important Person/Influencer

Building a solid community is the most critical challenge of social media marketing.

For this, plan on connecting with at least one important influencer, startup, or person of interest in your niche. You don’t necessarily have to engage with them right away, but you are at least building a strong network one connection a day.

Comment fun GIFs, leave a quirky reply, offer support, or re-tweet or re-share a post!

Answer Queries on Forums

Make it a habit to answer as many queries as possible on forums such as Reddit, Quora, and HARO. It helps increase brand awareness and establish you as an authentic source. This small activity helps you grow both professionally and personally.

Keyword Monitoring

Monitoring keywords across all social media channels is an essential activity that can be done using a digital marketing tool. Here are a few keywords that you should aim to track each day;

  • Brand name; such as “Social Champ”
  • An alternative name for your tool; for example, “Social Champ scheduling tool”
  • Name of the most active social media person of your company; such as “Sameer Ahmed Khan”
  • Any campaign that you are running; such as “#ChampsTalk”

Scheduling Made Easy With Social Champ!

Get a grid view of all scheduled and published posts via the social media calendar and use drag & drop feature to edit, delete, or reschedule!

Weekly Social Media Marketing Checklist

Weekly social media checklists are super important for an individual marketer as well as a big team. It helps everyone keep up with each other and align their tasks accordingly.

Weekly Social Media Marketing Checklist

Here are the important items on the weekly social media marketing checklist:

  • Check weekly stats for all social media profiles
  • Connect and engage with industry influencers
  • Weekly goals check-in
  • Hold a brainstorming session
  • Attend a (virtual) event, session, or a chat
  • Check up and update social media ads

Check Weekly Stats for All Social Media Profiles

Now this one is entirely your call. You can either check stats daily or weekly, based on what you and your team prefer. At Social Champ, we track social media analytics weekly and website analytics daily.

This enables us to focus more on content creation and engagement. It also gives all the posts a chance to propagate on the platform for some time and gain traction.

Connect and Engage With Industry Influencers

Most of the daily checklist items are audience-centric. However, the weekly checklist encourages you to reach out to people who are not a part of your circle, especially those who can bring value to your business or can help you enter untapped communities.0

Weekly Goals Check-in

While tracking your weekly stats, also quickly check if you are hitting your goals. Ideally, it is super helpful to have a sheet to update the percentage of goals you have hit per week.

You can also create sub-columns for all the teams and ask them to take the responsibility to update them once a week.

Hold a Brainstorming Session

A weekly informal brainstorming session is one of the most important things to check off your social media marketing checklist. It helps keep the ideas in rotation and gives everyone an equal chance to speak up and share their inspiration!

Attend a (Virtual) Event, Session, or a Chat

Talking to people outside of work with similar interests helps us see perspectives that might have slipped our attention!

Listen to a podcast, attend a social media summit, sit through a session once a week to become an integral part of the community, and learn new ideas!

Check up and Update Social Media Ads

Depending on the number of ads that you run, this one is very important. If you run only a few ads at a time, checking in with it weekly is enough. Just track;

  • The engagement
  • How well it is doing
  • The business that it brings in

Monthly Social Media Marketing Checklist

Let’s now check out the essential items on the monthly social media marketing checklist.

Monthly Social Media Marketing Checklist

  • Perform a social media audit for all profiles
  • Adjust monthly goals
  • Monthly check-in with the team
  • Plan for the upcoming month
  • Plan upcoming social media campaign(s)

Perform A Social Media Audit For All Profiles

In each audit, there are a few things that you should check out;

  • Appearance; if the display picture, cover image, bio, or description needs any update
  • Post frequency for each platform
  • The change in the number of followers
  • Leads generated from each platform
  • Average engagement and clicks on each post

Adjust Monthly Goals

Even though you have a set of goals that you aim to achieve by the end of the quarter, it is very important to see how far off you are at the end of each month.

For example, if you aim to get 2000 clicks on each platform, check how much you are currently getting and what tweaks you need to make to hit the goal!

Monthly Check-in With The Team

Gather around the team once a month and talk to each other about how well you all are doing. Exchange ideas and see if anyone is facing a roadblock or a creative block. Help each other and plan for the month ahead!

Plan For The Upcoming Month

Create a social media calendar for the upcoming month and schedule at least the basic posts. You can continually update and tweak your calendar and add new features and other such posts later on!

Use Social Champ’s scheduler to schedule all posts!

Plan Upcoming Social Media Campaign

Check next month’s calendar and see if any important dates are coming up. For example, if the holiday season starts next month, plan the entire campaign and get the marketing emails, visuals, and captions ready.

Schedule everything via a tool and get ready to track the results.

Now it’s your time to shine! 

What are your daily social media checklist items? Let us know in the comments below!

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