10 Hottest Content Marketing Trends That Will Rule the Industry in 2024

Content Trends 2024
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You might think writing’s all about churning out thousands of words each week. After all, the common perception for content writers is that we just repeat information, and our paragraphs get rephrased like tired jokes. Once all that is done, Grammarly works as the editor – all to appease the almighty SEO algorithm. And now, ChatGPT? You’d think they have replaced writers entirely, right?

(If that’s your take, my friend, you are barely scratching the surface)

We’re not word-vomiting robots. We’re storytellers, wielding words like magic carpets that whisk readers away. Sure, SEO matters, but we go beyond the basics. While you’re busy with cat videos, we’re analyzing content trends, crafting firebrand strategies, and making your content legendary.

So, as professional writers, we look out for yearly trends, and we’re ready to tell you all the latest ones in 2024. So, in this guide, I will walk you through the most talked-about and popular content trends that will be around us. Make sure to bookmark this blog so you can refine your strategies accordingly!


Before we unveil the trends, let me drop you a hidden secret. With the new evolving trends, the need for social media schedulers has just escalated. So, if you are still stuck using the same old manual posting methods, you definitely need to switch to smart automation tools.

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10 Content Marketing Trends That Will Shape 2024

Let’s take a closer look at the cutting-edge content marketing landscape in 2024, with these ten trends poised to transform the industry. From immersive AI experiences to the rise of voice search optimization, stay ahead of the curve and harness the power of these emerging strategies to elevate your brand’s presence and engage your audience like never before.

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  1. AI Will Be in Full Bloom

    And again, AI is leading the way in 2024!

    As machine learning algorithms evolve, AI tools are poised to transform the new content trends, offering businesses unparalleled efficiency and scalability.

    Users can effortlessly generate personalized blog posts, tailored social media updates, and engaging video scripts. The real credit goes to the AI for making things easier.

    For instance, a clothing brand could utilize AI to analyze customer data and create individualized product recommendations for its email marketing campaigns, leading to higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

    However, it’s essential to note that while AI can streamline processes, human creativity and oversight remain vital to ensure authenticity and resonance with audiences.

    Google’s Generative AI is the prime example of it.

    A snapshot of Google's generative AI
    A snapshot of Google’s generative AI

  2. Only Value-Driven Content Will Attract Followers

    Whatever the trends come and go, there’s one thing that never changes: value-driven content. As cutting-edge technologies continue expanding possibilities for personalized consumer experiences, businesses recognize the importance of building trust and credibility with their audiences.

    Gone are the days of old-school-d promotional strategies; instead, the focus is now on providing genuine value (I mean, the content that adds value to the users).

    For instance, you can publish insightful blog posts that add value to the user, such as a resourceful how-to guide that solves real problems. Or you can create case studies that subtly showcase a brand’s strengths.

    When you prioritize value-driven content, you can truly connect with your audience and stand out in a crowded digital space.

    Take an example of this fun-loaded holiday calendar for marketers in 2024

    A snapshot of Social Champ's Holiday Calendar for Marketers in 2024
    A snapshot of Social Champ’s Holiday Calendar 2024 for marketers
  3. Content is Content: Ditch the AI Label

    Who needs labels when your content speaks for itself?

    Those old days are completely gone when you ever feel compelled to label content as AI-generated. Instead, focus on the end result: compelling, engaging material that resonates with your audience. Whether it’s a captivating blog post, an informative video script, or personalized product recommendations, what matters most is the value it brings to your audience.

    With the introduction to Google’s Gemini (formerly Bard) and frequent updates, we can say it is pretty clear that Google isn’t against AI content.

    A snapshot of
    A snapshot of
  4. Social Media Turning into New Search Engines

    In 2024, things are changing fast online. More and more people, especially younger folks, are skipping Google and heading straight to social media for answers. This trend is picking up steam, especially as social platforms keep adding search features.

    Let’s take the example of TikTok. Research shows that 51% of Gen Z women prefer TikTok over Google for finding new stuff, as they adore its relatable content. And Google’s own data shows around 40% of young people start their searches on TikTok or Instagram.

    You can also see this shift in action on search results pages, with platforms like Reddit gaining ground after Google’s big update. As social media becomes the new search engine, it’s time for businesses and content creators to adapt and provide the helpful, genuine content users are looking for.

  5. Vertical Videos Are the New Trends

    Get ready to flip your phone!

    Because vertical videos are taking over as the hottest trend in content creation, as mobile usage continues to fly higher, especially on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat. These videos are becoming the preferred format for capturing attention and engagement.

    With more users consuming content on the go, vertical videos offer a seamless viewing experience that fits perfectly within the palm of your hand.

    From eye-catching ads to captivating storytelling, vertical videos are reshaping how we experience content.

    Have a look at the example below.


    View this post on Instagram


    A post shared by Vertical (@vertical.vln)

  6. Memes – The Future

    Trust me, Content fatigue is actually a real thing! And you may feel overwhelmed by the endless information on the internet. That’s why, fun, relatable content is stealing the spotlight.

    Even boring industries are getting a makeover with humor-packed strategies that actually work. Memes? Yep, they are not just for laughs anymore. They are the perfect blend of humor, striking the right balance between fun and professionalism, and this is actually helping businesses to connect and stand out. According to NYU, memes have a whopping 60% higher reach than a random static post. So next time you are stuck, remember: when in doubt, meme it out!

    For instance, here’s an inspiration from Ryanair.

  7. The UGC Revolution

    UGC – the mighty User Generated Content.

    As far as we can see, 2024 will not be limited to personalized content. I mean, people don’t really want straightforward and point-to-point content that only speaks about their needs and pain points. Instead, they want to be a part of the whole storytelling process and stay involved in the brand story.

    User-generated content is a big deal, and smart brands are finding cool ways to get customers involved.

    For example,  health brands collect video testimonials from users sharing their success stories or fashion brands challenge customers to show off their style with their products. It’s all about authenticity and creativity, giving brands a direct path to engaging their audience and building trust.

  8. The Future of Audio – Podcasts

    Podcasts and live webinars remain fan favorites even at the start of 2024, continuing their pandemic mighty streak. For content marketers, this means a budget-friendly way to create engaging, long-form content that audiences love. These formats seamlessly fit into larger marketing plans, providing ample material for social media posts and blogs.

    However, with millions of podcasts out there, standing out is tougher than ever. According to the resources, over 5 million podcasts are uploaded on Spotify alone, and this stat is enough to prove the immense power of podcasts in the upcoming years.

  9. Voice Search Optimization

    Your content must be optimized for voice searches, as 125.2 million people make search queries using voice commands.

    To do this, you must tweak your SEO strategy to match how people talk in everyday conversations. Unlike text searches, voice queries are now getting casual. Voice search optimization means adjusting to the common, sometimes grammatically incorrect phrases people use when chatting with voice assistants.

    For instance, instead of typing ‘weather forecast,’ people might ask, ‘What’s the weather like today?’ So, adapt your content to match these conversational phrases. This shift will help your business stand out in voice searches and cater to the growing number of people using voice assistants for info.

    Also, platforms like YouTube are harnessing the power of voice search. You don’t have to type the whole text in the search bar. You can simply use the ‘voice search’ feature and get your videos right away.

    A snapshot of YouTube's voice search feature
    A snapshot of YouTube’s voice search feature
  10. Create Content With a Strong Hook

    With generative AI churning out content at lightning speed, social media is flooded with information. According to Insider Intelligence, 76% of marketers leverage AI for basic content creation. In the sea of content, you need more than just good writing to stand out. You have got to have hooks that grab people’s attention and keep them interested.

    So, at any place, if you are searching for compelling hooks or angles, consider these strategies:

    • Take readers behind the scenes
    • Introduce mysteries or unresolved stories
    • Pose an intriguing question
    • Share impactful quotes
    • Engage your audience with a contest or challenge
    • Offer a glimpse into a personal story

    Remember to align your hooks with your readers’ interests and business objectives before selecting them. Finding that sweet spot where reader engagement meets your marketing goals is key.

Prepare for the Future of Content Trends

2024 promises to be an exciting year for content creators and marketers alike. With the continued rise of user-generated content, the rising popularity of podcasts, and the ever-important need for strong hooks, there’s no shortage of opportunities to engage and captivate audiences.

Preparing for such trends and staying agile will be crucial to success as we navigate through. So, whether crafting compelling stories, diving into the world of audio content, or perfecting your content hooks, remember to keep it fresh, relevant, and easy for your audience to connect with.

Here’s to a year filled with creativity, innovation, and impactful content!

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