Zero-Click Content: A Practice to Implement in Your Content Strategy

Zero Click Content: A Revolutionary Change in Marketing
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Imagine writing content so good, so packed with juicy info, that people don’t even need to click to get their fix. That’s the magic of zero click content, and it’s about to change your online game!

Forget clickbait headlines and dead-end links; with zero click content, your goal is to create content that snags attention faster than a cat video, all without forcing people to leave their precious social media rabbit holes.

The concept of zero-click content might seem novel, yet it’s something many of us have been unknowingly experiencing across various social media platforms. This term gained traction thanks to Amanda Natividad, VP of Marketing at SparkToro and an avid marketing aficionado. In 2022, Amanda’s insightful blog introduced the world to this concept, encouraging content creators to strategically incorporate it into their digital strategies.

Zero-click content cuts to the chase. It delivers answers and sparks interest instantly, all within the platform. This keeps users hooked, feeds algorithms, and builds trust by providing direct value. Think of it as a captivating snippet that leads viewers deeper into your content.

Let’s take an example.

Here, I have searched for Tom Cruise’s height, and without having to click on anything, the search engine has given me the required answer.

Google Search Result
Google Search Result

Now, if I was more interested in Tom Cruise’s height details, I would click on the link to learn more. But since I just wanted one simple detail, I got the answer without having to visit another website, thus saving time.

What is Zero Click Content?

Forget clickbait. The internet’s new buzzword is “staybait,” which is content that captivates users within a single platform, eliminating the need for clicks. Zero-click content offers exactly this. It is a marketer’s dream, as it focuses on providing valuable content, which ultimately does wonders for SEO and social media engagement.

Social media platforms are leading the charge on using zero-click content. Think about LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, or any other social media platform. Have you tried pasting a link on them and directing people to visit the site?

It doesn’t work!

  • Instagram doesn’t allow you to paste a link in the captions.
  • Links in YouTube Shorts and descriptions are made unclickable.
  • TikTok also doesn’t allow you to paste a link in captions, and so on!

This is because all these social media platforms promote zero-click content.

Considering this, content creators are now taking this into account when creating their content strategy for social media. Let’s check out this example by @theshamelessbookclub. In this video, they’re providing all the necessary information in a minute without forcing viewers to visit the website. This information is an extract from their podcast, accessible to viewers who wish to learn more about it.


Why Create Zero Click Content?

Regardless of the problems zero-click content creates for marketers, it is still a common practice today. If we look at the core purpose of it— providing value to the audience without wasting any time, it should be something all marketers should aim for.

Here are three reasons why you should create zero-click content.

Infographic of Why Create Zero Click Content
Infographic of Why Create Zero Click Content
  1. It Impresses the Algorithm

    We can talk about different platforms, but they all have one thing in common: the algorithm’s requirement to keep the audience engaged. Whether you search on Instagram, X, or TikTok, it is evident that posts that don’t include links have a better engagement. The platforms have allowed users to post links that help them navigate their websites, but that doesn’t mean the algorithm supports it. So, it is better to be in the good books of the algorithm and stick to zero-click content.

  2. It Benefits Users

    Besides being content creators, we are also all social media users. So, it would be a lie to say we enjoy bouncing back and forth between platforms. No one likes to do that, which means zero-click content is a lifesaver for users.

    As humans, we have a short attention span (8.25 seconds, to be exact), and in today’s fast-paced world, people want to consume more content quickly. Creating zero-click content can be an excellent addition to your content strategy; try it yourself, and you will see the difference!

  3. It Helps You Build Your Brand

    You might think that zero-click content only benefits users, but that is not true!

    When you provide value to your audience, they will also reward you by staying loyal to you.

    Posting zero-click content will increase engagement in your content, and better engagement means better audience growth. This doesn’t mean that every post should be zero-click content. Find the right balance between your content and include zero-click content in your strategy.

Elements of Engaging Zero-Click Content

Infographic of Elements of Engaging Zero Click Content
Infographic of Elements of Engaging Zero Click Content
  1. Punchline Upfront

    The length of zero-click content is generally longer than link-based content. Since you are not relying on links and providing all the information in a single content, you must keep your audience engaged until the end. The key to acing zero-click content is using the punchline upfront. With your punchline, you can let your audience know the value your content holds for them.

  2. Short Length

    Zero-click content is usually longer, and that’s not necessarily bad. When you provide the correct information, the length of your content doesn’t matter— just keep your audience engaged. However, for more engaging content, try to keep it as short as possible because some users might not have the time to sit through it.

  3. Editing

    The need for well-edited content is constant on all platforms. Whether you are trying to build a community on Instagram or TikTok, you need stand-out editing skills. Long-form content needs even better editing to engage the audience until the end. Check out this video to understand the importance of editing in zero-click content.

  4. Storytelling

    Several types of content garner attention on social media platforms, but one thing that has worked for many creators is the storytelling aspect of their content. When creating zero-click content, you will need a complete story so the users get the entire value from your content. Your story should have a proper beginning and a satisfying end. Make sure you create all the essential details so the user doesn’t look anywhere else.

    Want to grab attention on social media? Storytelling is key! Don’t just throw out random facts. Instead, you need to tell a complete story.

    Think of it like a mini-movie:

    • Hook them from the start: Grab attention with a compelling opening that draws viewers in.
    • Weave an engaging narrative: Take them on a journey with a clear beginning, middle, and end. Don’t leave them hanging!
    • Fill in the details: Make sure your story is rich and immersive, providing all the information they need within the platform.By crafting a captivating story, you’ll keep users glued to your content, build a connection, and leave them wanting more. Remember, in the age of attention overload, a good story is your secret weapon to stand out!
  5. Active Voice

    Using active voice in zero-click content really changes the game. It makes sure your message is clear and easy to understand. When you’re writing longer content to explain something, it’s important to be clear. Active voice helps with this. It also cuts out repeating things that aren’t needed. This is great for zero-click content because it keeps things simple and straight to the point.

How to Create Zero-Click Content?

Infographic of How to Create Zero Click Content
Infographic of Elements of Engaging Zero Click Content
  1. Repurpose Longer-Form Content

    Thinking about creating zero-click content but don’t have new ideas? We have all been there!

    We don’t expect you to have countless ideas whenever you want to post content on your social media platforms. We believe in smart work instead.

    One way of creating zero-click content is repurposing your long-form content and making it shorter for audiences across all platforms. For example, if you have a long-form blog written on your website but want to provide the same information on social media platforms, you can take

    the crux of it and share it with the audience.

    Check out this YouTube short by @lowbal

    ljim that he has taken from his long standup video and reshared with the audience so more people can enjoy it.

  2. Make it Easy to Read

    No one would want to go through zero-click content if it is not easy to understand. The attention span of people is shorter than you can imagine, so if your content is asking for too much critical thinking, you need help here.

    Zero-click content needs to be easy to understand so the audience doesn’t feel disconnected at any point. Imagine seeing a book review and not understanding whether the book is good or not. You will feel like reading that post was a waste of time. Making your content easy to read saves your audience from feeling that way.

    Take this Instagram post as an example of what easy-to-read content looks like!

    A snapshot of an Instagram post
    A snapshot of an Instagram post
  3. Strike a Balance With Content and External Links

    Despite what the name suggests, zero-click content doesn’t necessarily mean that the post shouldn’t have ANY links at all— just to be clear, there can be links in zero-click content.

    However, you must strike the right balance of external links and content to make an effective zero-click post. The goal is to provide all the needed information in a single piece of content while ensuring your audience wants more of your knowledge.

    Take this post by @jayclouse on Linkedin, where he’s telling his audience how emails can be a strong element of their content strategy. In this post, he has given all the essential information that is enough for his audience to make them enroll in his email-based course. In the end, he has linked his course so the users can find their way to it. That’s what the right balance is!

Say Bye to Clickbait

Over 50% of internet users have fallen victim to clickbait. It’s a pandemic plaguing content creators and viewers alike. Remember that enticing YouTube video with the cryptic title that promised juicy secrets but delivered lukewarm oatmeal? Yep, we’ve all been there.

It’s time to sound the alarm on clickbait. This toxic practice, once a shameless money grab for creators, has left viewers drowning in a sea of misleading headlines and unfulfilled promises.

You know how sometimes you see a title that’s so catchy that you just have to click on it? That’s clickbait. Creators use these eye-catching, often misleading titles to draw us in and get more views. It’s like they’re throwing out a lure, and we bite!

We’ve all been there, clicking on a video only to find out it’s nothing like what the title promised. But by then, they’ve already got another view from us, even if the content isn’t what we expected.

Here’s an example of a clickbait video title.

A snapshot of a YouTube video
A snapshot of a YouTube video

Thankfully, this trend has died, and zero-click content (or should we say staybait), has gained popularity. This content requires you to be transparent and honest with your audience about the topics your post will cover. While this may not get you as many views, it will definitely grant you some loyal followers.

In Conclusion

In our experience, zero-click content works, but we aren’t oblivious that everyone has a different journey on social media platforms— your experiences matter!

You need to be open to experiments while creating content strategies for your social media handles. Nothing is a sure-shot way to success on the Internet. What is working for us might not work with your audience. Hence, we recommend experimenting with your posts as much as you can. Once you find one strategy that works wonders for you, you will see a new light in the day!

Zero-click content might be a difficult concept to grasp, but once you have excelled at catering to the right audience, you will see the true benefits of this content strategy— we have tried it, and now it’s your time to taste the success!

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  1. Really insightful read on integrating zero-click content into our strategies. A game-changer for engaging audiences!

  2. Really insightful read on integrating zero-click content into our strategies. A game-changer for engaging audiences!

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