“We found the most suitable solution for us in Social Champ,” Says Gábor Nagy Marketing Agency

Starting a new venture and then working hard to grow it beyond the initial stages is a serious challenge. NOw add the COVID pandemic to the mix and you face seemingly insurmountable odds.

These were the odds that Gábor Nagy faced when he launched Gábor Nagy Marketing Agency in 2019.

The idea was to set up a shop that helped clients build their brands. The service lineup includes graphic design and social media marketing. With persistence and a lot of hard work, Gábor Nagy was able to sustain the business through the very tough 2020. He is now confident about the growth of his agency.

To better understand what he does and how Social Champ benefited his agency operations and client relations, we asked him two questions that we believe could explain his success the best.

How You Got the Idea for Your Business? What Services Do You Offer?

I’ve been involved in marketing all my life. I gained experience in several industries and then set up my own marketing agency. The Gábor Nagy Marketing brand was launched in 2019.

Our agency had just started and COVID-19 immediately cut off further development opportunities. We got into a difficult situation, but we didn’t stop. We worked a lot on our Linkedin communication during this period.

We offered a consultation opportunity to businesses in difficulty, and this work paid off. This investment helped us get through this period and laid the groundwork for expanding our client base.

Our agency basically works on brand building and design tasks.  Our clients include innovative startups, training companies, and consulting firms. Our clients are usually from the SME sector, but we already have a large corporate partner with 1,100 employees.

We actively use social media and produce content for our customers regularly.  We plan and manage our clients ’social media communications. We handle social media communications for multiple clients, so we started using social media scheduling tools early on – this is how Social Champ came into play.

How Social Champ Helps You Deliver Value to Your Customers?

Social Champ is an invaluable help to us because the software frees us up to several business days a month, and we can spend that time getting customers and building the agency.

The scheduling of social media posts plays an important role in our workflows. We can perfectly cover the different needs of our customers with the help of Social Champ.

If we didn’t use Social Champ, we probably wouldn’t be able to provide such an accurate and reliable social media service to our customers.

Everyone in the marketing agency sector knows that regularly publishing customer social media posts without automation is a real nightmare.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Linkedin, Google Business Profile, Pinterest. Managing so many types of social media platforms is already a challenge even for one customer.

Handling social media posts in the case of multiple clients quickly becomes untraceable without using advanced social media scheduling software.

We found the most suitable solution for us in Social Champ. We can make good use of the content calendar, post scheduling, Bulk Schedule, and repurposing content function as well.

Our clients love that we can reliably manage their social media presence. It is a great help not to miss or forget to publish a post because Social Champ does the job in the background.

Social Champ is very pleased to be a part of the ongoing success of the Gábor Nagy Marketing Agency. We continuously add new features to ensure a smoother workflow for our users.

We invite you to give Social Champ social media monitoring tool a try and see for yourself the value it adds to your client relations and management.

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