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Intelus – A Marketing Agency for B2B LinkedIn Companies

LinkedIn has quickly become one of the most used platforms for professional purposes. LinkedIn has proven to be a win-win platform for both parties, be it the recruiter or job searcher. But since the pandemic, LinkedIn has become a place to seize the opportunity to market your business.

Here, Intelus agency can help you with LinkedIn marketing services. It is an agency that has made marketing on LinkedIn relatively easy and effective with a suite of on-demand services for the platform. Quality services from Intelus agency would help drive awareness and attract qualified leads with LinkedIn content creation and posting. Incorporating the services of Intelus agency would help your business improve LinkedIn outreach with enhanced engagement and better reach with the network. We got a chance to cover the success story of the Intelus agency, and here it is for you.

How the Journey Began

We started as a full-service marketing agency in 2011, then in 2018, regeared the entire company to focus solely on B2B LinkedIn marketing. There are three reasons why we made this change:

  1. LinkedIn generated more leads and sales for us than any other channel.
  2. B2B is the space we have the most experience with.
  3. 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn.

Intelus Agency Breaking Grounds With Premium Services.

We offer LinkedIn profile optimization, content creation & posting, outreach, and LinkedIn ads.

Ins & Outs of LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is the only platform that allows companies to target specific companies and decision-makers with its platform precision.

Challenges Made Intelus Stronger & Tougher

We were bootstrapping and bounced back and forth between sales, marketing, and fulfillment, making it difficult to scale. We’ve since then optimized all of our processes, hired the right people, and stayed consistent with revenue-generating activities that help us grow.

Our Secret Sauce to Set Social Media Campaigns

We focused on maximizing our client’s ROI by combining existing content assets they’ve already invested in with a data-driven content strategy aligned with all stages of the customer journey.

Wins Down the Path

We won an award for Clutch Top B2B companies in 2021.

Intelus Agency Believes in TeamWork

It started out as a one-man show being run by Chris Mitchell. As the agency grew, Chris began creating processes and hiring a team.

Learning Throughout the Journey

Stay consistent. Slow and steady wins the race.

Our Recipe for Success

Setting goals. Defining them, so they are as specific as possible. Using the goals as our true north star.

Intelus Agency Will Continue to Shine

We’ve already been approached by investors and companies looking to acquire us, so that’s a possibility potentially. One of our big goals is to be recognized as one of the top remote workplaces.

Token of Appreciation for Social Champ

Tools like social champ are game-changers when it comes to streamlining the workflow for content creation and publishing.

Social Champ wishes the entire team of Intelus Agency good luck and a successful journey ahead.

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