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Krista Mashore Discusses Digital Marketing for Realtors, and Why Video Is the Best Format

In this episode of the Champ Life series, we have Krista Mashore.

She is an amazing person who successfully used social media to market her real estate business with some great results. The best part – she now uses her knowledge to coach others in her industry to become better at what they do!

In this interview, she goes into the details of the digital marketing tactics that helped her build a successful business. She also discusses the strategies that everyone can apply to see some great success in their industries.

Let’s start the interview.

Fahad: Hi Krista, thanks for being part of our Champ series. Please share some highlights of your career with our readers.

Krista: I have been in the top 1 % of realtors nationwide for 20 years, and have personally sold over 2,200 homes, with an average of about 100 homes a year.

I am the author of four best-selling books focusing on my digital marketing strategies. I have been named Yahoo Finances #1 digital marketer to look out for in 2021 and I have been featured in Forbes, Inman News, The Wall Street Journal, NBC, Fox, and more 🙂

I recently took my fairly new business, from zero to 15 million dollars in just 37 short months using online digital strategies. I am now on my way to hitting 20 million in the next few months! I am the recipient of seven Two Comma-Club Awards and one Two Comma Club X Award.

Fahad: When did you discover the world of social media? What made you transition from being a successful teacher to a realtor and author, and now finally a coach?

When I became a real estate agent, I was DETERMINED to make it work for me 100%.

I had just recently gone through a divorce and had no choice but to make sure my two daughters had the amazing life they deserved. I knew in order to become a successful realtor, I needed to stand out… I needed to show up differently than any other competing realtor in my area.

So I took to social media, I stopped wasting time and money on cold calling, door knocking, and holding open houses. Instead, I spent my time creating video content, value graphics, digital brochures, 17-minute video listing presentations, all distributed through my social channels.

I chose to opt for serving not selling. I provided value value value via social media ads and organic posts in order to ensure I was the top of mind agent for everyone living in my area! This led me to become a top 1% agent nationwide for 20 years, led me to write 4 best-selling books based on my strategies, prompted me to start coaching other real estate agents to utilize social media and digital marketing in the same ways!

Fahad: What are the different ways realtors could leverage social media to promote their business and increase revenue?

Krista: I could speak on this for an entire week straight and I couldn’t get through it all but here’s a fast-tracked guide!

Start creating value videos for your audience (post these on all platforms and repurpose them). Consider creating a podcast or YouTube channel about the area in which you sell real estate. Stop spending your time doing open houses and participating in cold calling; instead spend that time and money putting Facebook ads behind your listing videos, value videos, Facebook Live sessions, etc.

Create a TikTok and Instagram page using hashtags local to your respective area!

Fahad: What strategies would you recommend for generating leads from social media?

Krista: In order to generate leads, you need to ensure your target audience KNOWS LIKES AND TRUST YOU! To be seen (and to get leads) you have to be known, you have to be seen, and you have to be heard.

So I always recommend clients begin by learning the ins and outs of video marketing, grab your iPhone and create some community-based content, whether that’s checking out a restaurant in your local area, going live, and giving some tips on how to ____ (something related to solving a problem your clients may have) the opportunities are endless!

But you want to provide an extreme amount of value to your list and your followers before you ever ask them to opt-in to a paid offer! This way you are known, liked and trusted before you even make an offer, making them a hot lead and much more likely to invest in you.

There’s so much more to generating leads when it comes to properly distributing your video content, utilizing Facebook ads, Instagram Reels, and more! But if you are creating video, you are already ahead of 70% of companies failing to market their business properly!

Fahad: What’s the importance of marketing automation tools for business owners? What do you think about Social Champ for automating social media management?

Krista: Marketing automation is 1000% KEY in creating and sticking to a monthly plan, while also allowing you to save hours and hours of repeating the same steps over and over again.

Marketing automation is essential to streamlining your marketing efforts in order to WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER! Social Champ is an amazing social media management tool for smart marketing! You can simply upload, schedule, and repeat posts on multiple social accounts all at once and so much more!

Fahad: Can you share an image of your workplace with our readers?

Krista: My company is completely remote 🙂 but here I am holding one of our most successful digital events from home!

Krista Mashore Coaching

Fahad: Who inspires you in both personal and professional life?

Krista: Tony Robbins, I aspire to take my coaching business and mindset training to the lengths and capacity that he has over his years in coaching! Within every decade of his work, he has used the most up-and-coming digital marketing tactics to ensure his coaching business maintained continual success time and time again.

This is what I teach in my coaching business, and what I plan to continue doing as technology evolves!

Fahad: Aside from work, how do you like to spend your free time? Any particular activity that might fascinate our readers?

Krista: My husband is a race car driver and I absolutely love attending his events on the weekends! He’s a rockstar! I’m also a bit of a digital marketing nerd and love investing my free time in the most up-to-date training sessions taught by other top professionals and peers in the industry!

Fahad: Now it’s time for our Rapid Fire Round!

Rapid Fire Round

Your favorite social media platform?Facebook
Tea or Coffee?Tea
Social Media or Social NetworkingSocial Networking
Your favorite vacation destination?Hawaii
Your favorite food?Lasagna


Social Champ is thankful to Krista Mashore for taking the time and sharing her secrets with the champ community. We are sure that our followers loved hearing from you!

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