Madalyn Sklar

In Conversation With Madalyn Sklar About Twitter Marketing Strategies

Even though Twitter is a platform where people focus more on socializing and building connections rather than marketing and advertising their products. This is mainly because Twitter marketing can be pretty tiresome and time-consuming if the strategy is not planned to perfection.

However, it can be super fruitful if you do it right. To help you out, we invited Madalyn Sklar to share her expert opinion on how to do justice to Twitter Marketing this week on #ChampsTalk.

Madalyn Sklar is a pioneer in digital marketing with 25+ years of experience under her belt. It is safe to say that she was there through the changing landscapes of all the leading social media platforms.

She is also a Twitter marketing expert and runs multiple Twitter spaces every week.

Let’s see what she has to say!

We would like to thank Madalyn Sklar for taking the time for us and giving our audience exceptional advice!


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