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Aligning the business with digital marketing techniques has become one of the mandatory requirements for businesses in order to compete with the competitive market brands. However, once you get in-depth into the execution of the best-suited marketing workflows for your business, you become aware of the chaos and complexity these tasks bring in. Repetition of activities makes creativity stagnant, and it is quite possible that you run out of productivity and motivation to give your best.

Hence, the best practice is to get hold of all the major aspects of your business and the channels that align the most with it. The ideal way to do this is to get your hands on a decent marketing automation tool to serve your business right.

But first, you must know the basics!

Marketing Automation: The Basics

Marketing automation refers to the use of software and tools to automate the monotonous workflows of marketing. These marketing workflows include email support, social media posting across all channels, scheduling, measuring analytics, and even ad campaigns. All these repetitive tasks can be automated and single-handedly managed by efficient marketing automation software on your side.

Hence, your business will likely experience a tremendous boost in lead generation and personalized customer experiences through the right use of marketing automation tools.

Marketing Automation Software: Usage & BenefitsMarketing Automation Software: Usage & Benefits

Well, the ability of marketing automation software is not limited to task automation only.

You can witness various benefits growing within your business once you let a top marketing automation software take charge. Below are some of the top-notch benefits that will convince you to get your hands on a marketing automation tool right now.

  1. Improved Business Efficiency

    Repetition in tasks not only results in blunders but also disturbs the progress of the business goals. However, integrating your business with a small business marketing automation software will improve the efficiency ratio.

    Since the tool will be taking care of the daily tasks, your team will be able to stay more productive and creative towards agendas that require more attention.

  2. Increases Conversion Rate

    You can expect top marketing automation software to track relevant leads and increase conversion rates more efficiently. Using the tools, you can even retarget the visitors to your website through personalized advertising.

  3. Personalized Marketing Strategy

    One of the most valuable perks of using marketing automation software is its capability of audience segmentation based on the results. It integrates personalized messaging for your leads and brings in diverse practices for your business.

  4. Advanced Reporting Abilities

    Efficient marketing automation software also helps to generate advanced reporting and measuring of performance with reporting tools. Hence, you will be able to analyze the loopholes within your marketing strategy and make improvements accordingly.

  5. Aligns Well With Integrations

    Expect your marketing automation software to align with a maximum number of integrations of different platforms to assist you with an ideal set of marketing tool kits.

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15 Best Marketing Automation Software & Tools in 2024

To gather all the best options for decent marketing automation software in a single place, here is a list of some great options briefly described for you.

  1. Social ChampSocial Champ

    Social Champ is one of the best marketing automation tools that enable business managers to revamp the entire marketing strategy. It supports nine social media platforms and creates a dynamic digital presence on each of them using its incredible features.

    The tool’s key features are post-scheduling through a publishing dashboard, analytics tracking, social media calendar,  and a social inbox to manage all conversations within a single place. You can also access advanced features of the AI Content Wizard and AI Imaginator within the user dashboard.

    No matter which business niche you belong to, be it a startup, small business, or agency, Social Champ is well-suited for any type of business. You can make use of its seamless integrations and content suggestions to stand out among your competitors with the least hassle. Put your trust in this tool and witness it automating your workflows for the best, driving a profitable business.


    The pricing starts at $29 per month. It also offers a free plan.

Automate Your Business Workflows With Social Champ!

Get your hands on the powerful features of Social Champ and automate post-scheduling, analytics tracking, and customer interactions, all with a single tool.
  1. Mail ChimpMail Chimp

    Email marketing is no doubt one of the most essential elements of a strengthened marketing strategy, and with MailChimp, this rigorous task becomes easier. This tool automates email procedures with its advanced features. It allows you to send personalized emails, welcome messages, engagement monitoring, segmented targeting, and a lot more.

    In addition, you can also make use of audience management and analytics features to streamline the workflows and explore new ways to improve your strategy.


    The pricing starts at $13 per month. The tool also offers a free plan.

  2. EngageBayEngageBay

    Next on the list is EngageBay, an efficient automated marketing platform known best for automating marketing workflows. The tool offers the formation of forms and landing pages, customized email sequences, and an email template builder to create emails targeting a specific audience.

    In addition, by integrating this tool, you can streamline the processes of marketing, sales, and support using a single software. Get your hands on the email sequences provided by the tool and integrate automated scheduling of the emails as per your defined schedule. The smart customer segmentation feature also enables you to know the preferences of your customers better and target them accordingly.


    The pricing starts at $14.99 per month. The tool also offers a free plan.

  3. SenderSender

    Popularly known as a small business marketing automation software, Sender is a powerful email and SMS automation platform. It offers features to personalize communication between the targeted audience and brand managers.

    This tool also allows you to grow your business using audience segmentation through lists, form/popup builders, and smart automation. Hence, if you are a business with goals to increase followers and grow sales revenue, and sales, Sender is an ideal marketing automation tool for you.


    The pricing starts at $10 per month. The tool also offers a free plan.

  4. MarketoMarketo

    Marketo is another considerable option among the marketing automation tools available for businesses. This tool falls in the category of adobe software products and hence, provides automation for a list of complex tasks. It consists of toolkit features such as email insights, performance insights, web personalization, design studio, coordinated sales journey, and much more to streamline the workflows.

    Hence, if you want your business to run on an all-in-one toolkit, Marketo has got the edge. Integrate it within your marketing strategy and give your business a pleasing direction.


    You may visit the website to check their pricing comparisons.

  5. EloquaEloqua

    Known for launching cross-channel marketing groups, Eloqua is Oracle’s top marketing automation services. The tool has an edge in providing personalized marketing and audience segmentation to generate potential leads and drive them to buy.

    In addition, you can also monitor analytics and track insights of a buyer’s journey with a few clicks using this tool. Hence, business automation to all possible levels can be achieved with this tool on your side.


    You can read about the pricing on Oracle’s website.

  6. OntraportOntraport

    Whether you own a small business or an enterprise, Ontraport can be the best marketing automation software for you. It offers efficient automation of daily workflows and helps the business grow better by integrating competent features of scaling.

    With Ontraport, you can automate your business with campaign automation, email, SMS messaging, email deliverability, tracking, attribution, and more. All you need to do is to integrate Ontraport within your business.


    The pricing starts at $29 per month.

  7. ActiveCampaignActiveCampaign

    ActiveCampaign stands out as one efficient automation marketing software with its flexible and diverse features. The tool offers in-depth automation of emails and tracking of contact engagement with tags, custom fields, analytics, and reporting. It also allows you to gather information from every digital and offline channel to automate the workflows as much as possible.

    You can also find your most engaged contacts within a database and integrate your favorite apps to automate marketing activities according to the requirements of your business.


    The pricing starts at $29 per month, paid yearly.

  8. KeapKeap

    Another considerable marketing automation tool for small businesses is Keap, a simple and consistent platform. You can improve your lead-generation strategy with Keap by allowing it to collect leads, organize customer records, and trigger the next action to optimize sales. Personalized marketing is also another valuable feature of the tool. You can use Keap’s curated templates, send them to segmented lists in your database, and enjoy smooth results.

    Hence, you can vouch for a totally win-win marketing experience with Keap rolling out its marketing automation solutions for business benefits.


    The pricing starts at $189 per month.

  9. GetResponseGetResponse

    GetResponse is a top marketing automation software that promises to build automated workflows based on the data and behaviors observed in the customers. The tool allows you to use prebuilt workflows for a specific campaign, capture potential leads, and convert them with the help of automated emails and personalized targeting.

    Additionally, the tool is trained enough to reach the cart abandoners and recommend related products they might feel interested in. It can also segmentize the audience by analyzing available data. Moreover, GetResponse can also serve as an efficient source of maintaining customer relationships with its personalized email and message-targeting features.


    The pricing starts at $19 per month. It also offers a free plan.

  10.  DripDrip

    Drip is the best-fitted marketing automation software for the e-commerce landscape. The tool specializes in implementing customer-driven strategies and ensures a personalized experience for each buyer. Saving business managers from the hassle of creating and designing emails, Drip can take over the business and increase revenue growth.

    You can also send personalized emails and messages upon segmenting the audience on the basis of their collected data. Moreover, you can also improve your marketing strategies by monitoring analytics and gathering insights tracking the performance.


    The pricing starts at $39 per month.

  11. OmnisendOmnisend

    Easy to set up and simple to use, Omnisend is a leading marketing automation tool that can help businesses drive sales through a single channel. You can create single email and SMS workflows using the drag-and-drop automation editor.

    Optimization of sales through A/B testing and automation split features can be also achieved with Omnisend as your automation solution. It also offers reporting tools to analyze performance and improve any loopholes. Hence, your business is likely to drive sales and potential leads using this all-in-one tool.


    The pricing starts at $16 per month. It also offers a free plan.

  12.  ManyChatManyChat

    As the name suggests, ManyChat is capable of automating each and every conversation within your business. This tool can be connected to your Messenger, Facebook, WhatsApp, and SMS to generate interactive conversations & improve customer relationships.

    You can also automate conversations on the platforms this tool offers integrations for. You can create chatbots using the ManyChat templates and simple interface. Moreover, the information accessed by the bit can be integrated into your CRM and other tools to take necessary actions. Hence, this tool is worth trying if your business mostly relies on conversations and one-on-one dealings with customers.


    The pricing starts at $15 per month. It also offers a free plan.

  13. MoosendMoosend

    Moosend is another simple-to-use marketing automation tool offering reliable automation features for brands. The tool offers a flexible and automated marketing stack and ready-to-use templates. All your campaigns can be put on autopilot with Moosend sending timely reminders to execute necessary tasks.

    Other features include user onboarding, lead scoring, recurring emails, and audience segmentation. Hence, you can create unique workflows that can enhance your conversion rates and enjoy a less chaotic marketing experience using Moosend.


    The pricing starts at $9 per month.

  14. OrttoOrtto

    Ortto is a visually appealing social media automation software that offers dynamic features to automate day-to-day workflows easily. The tool offers advanced features of email marketing, SMS marketing, in-app messages, pop-ups, forms, surveys, and more to personalize conversations with the audience and yield better results.

    Using the tool, you can also find relevant leads and measure performance metrics to analyze insights into your progress. Hence, streamlining repetitive workflows and generating new leads for business opportunities can both be managed by Ortto.


    The pricing starts at $99 per month.

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Summing It All!

Taking a new business to greater heights is tricky until you are well aware of the direction you must head to. A well-suited marketing automation software will ensure to lead you in a direction that will be profitable for your business. It will not only take over the repetitive tasks but will also create a credible reputation for your business by generating cordial customer relationships. Hence, make a wise choice. List the requirements and expectations from the tool, try the available options, and pick the one that best suits your business.

Check these marketing automation recommendations and let us know which tool made it to your business desk as an ultimate savior.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CRM marketing automation software?

Ans: No, both of them serve different purposes. The primary difference between CRM and marketing automation software is that CRM is used for sales purposes, while marketing automation software deals with marketing.

Is marketing automation in demand?

Ans: Since marketing automation yields greater results and profits within a business, they are in demand and quite popular among business marketers.

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