Metricool Pricing 2024 – How Much Does It Really Cost?

Metricool Pricing 2024
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As a social media manager, you’re always on the hunt for the best social media management tool out there. One of them is Metricool, but is it really worth the hype?

While the Metricool pricing seems like a great fit for your budget, do its features justify the cost? In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at Metricool’s pricing and compare it with other top-rated social media management tools.

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Breaking down the Metricool Pricing Model

What things should you consider before selecting a plan for your social media? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Number of social media profiles you need to manage
  • How much content do you plan to schedule
  • The level of analytics and reporting you need
  • Your budget

Let’s see what Metricool offers to fit different preferences. Here’s a closer look at Metricool pricing:

Free Plan (Price $0)

This is a good option for freelancers or those managing just a handful of social media accounts. It lets you connect the social accounts of one brand and view basic analytics. So, for instance, you have two brands: a beauty product and a clothing brand; you can only set up ONE of your brands at a time on Metricool.

Leveling up to the paid versions would be your only option to set up both brands. Additionally, Metricool’s free version limits a few features like competitor analysis, advanced scheduling, and post suggestions, which can be crucial for growing your social media presence. Also, this plan does not include LinkedIn and Twitter Analytics, and you cannot download reports with the free plan.

Starter Plan (from $18/month)

This plan is a step up from the free version, allowing you to manage the social profiles of 5 brands. If you want to manage 10 social profiles, it will cost up to $38. This plan is ideal for small businesses or individuals managing multiple social media accounts. You’ll get access to features like:

  • competitor analysis
  • post suggestions
  • scheduling for up to 2,000 pieces of content per month
  • 1 User for managing the social media profiles

Advanced Plan (from $45/month)

This plan is for agencies or medium-sized businesses. It offers everything in the Starter Plan plus the ability to manage up to 15 brands, and if you want to manage up to 25 brands, it will cost $88. You’ll also get access to:

  • more in-depth analytics
  • reporting features
  • schedule up to 5,000 monthly content
  • unlimited users

Enterprise Plan (from $139/month)

This top-tier plan is designed for large enterprises or social media teams managing many accounts. For 50 brands, it’ll cost you up to $172, and managing more than 50 comes with custom pricing. Furthermore, it allows you to:

  • manage up to 10,000 posts per month
  • higher profile limits
  • Unlimited users
  • content scheduling
  • custom reporting options
metricool plans
Screenshot of Metricool’s Pricing Plans

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How Does Metricool Pricing Compare With Social Champ’s

Now, if we take a look at Social Champ’s pricing and compare it with Metricool pricing – here’s how it breaks down comparatively:

  1. Free Plans

    Both platforms offer a free plan. However, Social Champ gives you a slight edge by allowing you to manage three social media accounts compared to Metricool’s limit of one brand at a time. While both limit scheduled posts, Social Champ offers 15 posts per account, while Metricool offers 50 posts per month in its free plan.

  2. Paid Plans

    Social Champ gives you more value for your money as compared to Metricool pricing plans. With Social Champ, you can manage 2 extra social media accounts (12 vs. 10) and schedule unlimited posts. That means no more worrying about running out of “post-credits” each month, which is perfect for busy teams or people who create a lot of social media content. Additionally, Social Champ’s Champion Plan allows you to add 2 users, while Metricool does not allow you to add additional users in its Starter Plan.

  3. Advanced Plans

    Social Champ’s Business plan ($89/month) allows for 40 social media accounts, surpassing Metricool’s Advanced plan (25 accounts, $45/month). Both offer unlimited post-scheduling, but Social Champ includes 6 users.

  4. Enterprise/Agency plans

    Social Champ and Metricool require contacting them for custom pricing on their Enterprise plans. However, Social Champ gives a starting point by mentioning that it caters to agencies that manage over 100+ social media accounts. This can be helpful for budgeting purposes, especially for larger teams.

    In short, Social Champ offers a more competitive price point for users who need to manage more social media accounts and prioritize unlimited post-scheduling. However, Metricool might be better if in-depth analytics and reporting are top priorities, especially at higher tiers.

    Social Champ Pricing
    Screenshot of Social Champ’s Pricing Plans

Feature Comparison Between Metricool and Social Champ

Now that we’ve compared pricing structures let’s look at each platform’s features.

Free Plans

  • Metricool: A major disadvantage of Metricool’s free plan is that they have excluded LinkedIn and X analytics. Similarly, they have no hashtag search engine or option for downloading CSV files or social media reports. You just get access to basic analytics with three months of historical data.
  • Social Champ: The free plan includes LinkedIn and platforms like Mastodon and Bluesky, which Metricool doesn’t offer. Likewise, you can schedule in bulk, know the best time to post and have a sentiment analysis while scheduling. The best part about Social champ is that you get white-labeled analytics reports for all paid plans, including the FREE version as well.

Paid Plans

While both Social Champ and Metricool offer paid plans, Social Champ takes the lead for busy teams and content creators who prioritize scheduling and cost-effectiveness. Here’s why:

  • Unlimited Scheduling Freedom: You can easily blast off with unlimited post scheduling on Social Champ’s Champion plan (starting at $26/month), unlike Metricool’s Starter plan, which limits you to 2,000 monthly posts. You will never run out of “post credits” again!
  • Manage More, Pay Less: Social Champ lets you manage 12 social media accounts on their Champion plan, compared to Metricool’s Starter plan, which allows for 10. This can be a big win for agencies or businesses juggling multiple accounts.
  • Basic Analytics on a Budget: Social Champ provides essential analytics on all paid plans, giving you valuable insights into your social media performance. While Metricool boasts advanced analytics, you might not need them if your main focus is scheduling.
  • Integrations: Social Champ integrates with various tools, such as Bitly, Zapier, Canva, and more, all within its free plan. Metricool offers similar integrations but in its paid versions.
  • Supported Platforms: Both platforms cover major social media networks so that you can stay active on all your favorite channels.

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Top 3 Tools Like Metricool to Check Out in 2024

While there is a long list of social media management tools you can try, here are the top 3 tools we think are worth signing up for in 2024!

    1. Social Champ

      If you’re looking for a tool to keep your social media platforms on track, Social Champ is your choice!

      Specialties: Social Champ is great at rearranging your social media workflow through advanced scheduling functionalities. Its simple and sleek UI interface makes planning and publishing content across various platforms easy.

      Ideal for: Agencies, businesses, and content creators managing multiple social media accounts. Social Champ’s cost-effective pricing for high-volume management makes it an attractive option for agencies handling social media for several clients. If you’re a content creator, then the freedom of unlimited scheduling will allow you to plan and publish content in advance without worrying about limits.

Breaking down the Metricool Pricing Model

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  1. Agorapulse

    Specialties: Agorapulse is the best option for developing meaningful social media interactions. Its integrated inbox lets you manage comments, messages, and reviews across all major platforms, giving you a centralized hub for customer service and community management. It also offers a social listening feature to help you track brand mentions, identify industry trends, and engage with relevant conversations.

    Ideal for: Businesses focused on building strong online communities and prioritizing customer service. Agencies managing multiple social media accounts for clients will also appreciate the integrated inbox and team collaboration features.

  2. Buffer

    Specialties: Buffer remains a user-friendly and affordable option for social media scheduling. Its intuitive interface makes it a good option for planning and publishing content across various platforms. Buffer also offers a free plan with limited features, allowing you to test the waters before committing.

    Ideal for: Individuals with personal brands or small teams starting their social media journey. Buffer’s simplicity and free plan make it an excellent entry point for those looking to manage their social media scheduling without a complex learning curve.

In Conclusion

Don’t let social media management overwhelm you! While Metricool pricing offers may be worth exploring, Social Champ can be your potential choice. Their free plan lets you manage more accounts and schedule more posts, while paid plans offer unlimited scheduling and cost-effective management for high-volume teams. You can experiment with free trials of both to find the perfect tool for your social media needs and see the results for yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Metricool Pricing 2024 – How Much Does It Cost?

Metricool offers various plans, including a free option to manage five social media accounts and schedule 50 monthly posts. Paid plans start at $18/month and offer features like competitor analysis, advanced scheduling, and in-depth analytics. The price increases with more features and the number of social media accounts you can manage.

2. Social Champ vs. Metricool: Which is Better?

Social Champ is a strong choice for users who prioritize scheduling and cost-effectiveness when managing a high volume of social media accounts. In contrast, Metricool’s expertise is limited to analytics.  Ultimately, the best tool depends on your specific needs.

3. Is Metricool Cheaper Than Social Champ?

Social Champ offers more scheduling power and manages more accounts for a competitive price, making it a more affordable option than Metricool, especially for high-volume content creators.
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Ghazala Zaidi

Ghazala has a passion for writing engaging and informative blogs. She understands the art of bringing words together and conveying social media-related topics in a creative manner. With time, she has become a trusted voice in the world of content creation.
Metricool Pricing 2024

Metricool Pricing 2024 – How Much Does It Really Cost?

Picture of Ghazala Zaidi

Ghazala Zaidi

Ghazala has a passion for writing engaging and informative blogs. She understands the art of bringing words together and conveying social media-related topics in a creative manner. With time, she has become a trusted voice in the world of content creation.

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