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11 Pinterest Statistics Every Digital Marketer Should Know in 2022

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Looking for some numbers, why consider Pinterest in your marketing strategy in 2022? We’ve got some Pinterest statistics you can’t ignore.

Pinterest helps its users stay up-to-date about the latest trends. There are over 175 billion pins about virtually anything. This platform now has hashtags and sorts of trends by themes. For example, some of the most popular themes are style, health, home, travel, family, food, and beauty. Pinterest also attracts users because of lots of information that can be used in our everyday lives. For example, people often use this platform to find how-to instructions.

Pinterest offers many opportunities for brands of any kind. However, many marketers may underestimate the benefits of Pinterest for their campaigns. That’s why we recommend you check out some Pinterest statistics so that you can see how useful it can be for your marketing efforts.

Pinterest Statistics: Active Users

1.     459 Million Monthly Active Users

Monthly Active Users

After Pinterest was created in 2010, it only took two years to reach 10 million monthly users in the United States. Not only did Pinterest gain such popularity faster than any other website in history, but it has also continued to grow since then. Today, Pinterest has over 459 monthly users.

2.     38% Increase In Monthly Active User

38% Increase In Monthly Active User

Pinterest saw an exceptional increase of 38% monthly active users worldwide from 2019 to 2021. One of the major factors for this increased percentile is the coronavirus pandemic. Billions of people were stuck in lockdown, working or studying from home, resulting in the increasing number of social media usage.

Pinterest Statistics: For Purchase Inspiration

3.     89% People Use Pinterest For Purchase Inspiration

For Purchase Inspiration

This platform is not only about beautiful photos. For many users, Pinterest is a source of valuable information when planning their purchases and big events. 86% of them use Pinterest to plan their big and small moments in life.

People use Pinterest to research and compare products, adding them to wishlists. Thanks to the theme-focused approach, posts from brands are more visible than content posted by users’ friends, as users are more interested in products. 89% of people on Pinterest use it for purchase inspiration.

Pinterest Statistics: Audience

4.     77.1% of Pinterest Audience Is Female


Pinterest is most popular among women. There are twice more female users than male users. Seven out of ten Pinterest users are women.

During the survey of the distribution of Pinterest users worldwide as of January 2021, 77.1 percent of Pinterest audiences were female and 14.5 percent were male.

5.    83% of Women Use Pinterest to Plan Life Moments

Women Use Pinterest

Women use Pinterest to set goals and to visualize their plans. 83% of women use Pinterest to plan life moments. For instance, many fewer women use Facebook and Instagram for this purpose 53% and 44%, respectively.

70% use this platform when searching for jewelry and accessories, and 52% of Pinterest users look for food and drinks. They are also interested in beauty products.

6.    1 Out Of 2 Millennials In The U.S. Uses Pinterest Monthly

1 Out Of 2 Millennials In The U.S. Uses Pinterest MonthlyWith demographics, it’s also essential to consider users’ age. The second largest group includes users aged 18 and 29, making up 34% of the audience. Pinterest is especially popular among millennials. 50% of millennials use this platform every month. On a monthly average, one-out-of-two millennials in the US use Pinterest. Millennial Pinners are up 35% year to year.

7.    85% of Pinners Use Mobile App

85% of Pinners Use Mobile AppIt’s no secret that the use of mobile devices has increased significantly during the last few years. For instance, Americans spend 51% of their overall time online on mobile devices. 40% of people search only on their smartphones. Pinterest users also choose mobile access, as 85% of people use Pinterest on their smartphones.

What does this mean for marketers? Optimize your Pinterest visuals for mobile. You should make sure that your Pinterest content is easy to comprehend when viewed on small screens. Use high-quality images and consider the mobile interface’s specifics to design your pins in the right way. Your goal is to make people stop scrolling their feed and focus on your brand’s content, exploring it in more detail.

8.    100.75 Million Users Are From the U.S.

100.75 Million Users Are From the U.S.

Pinterest has most of its audience living in the United States. There were around 100.75 million users from the U.S. as of January 2021. If you’re a brand based in the U.S., Pinterest is the perfect social network that requires your attention. It also has a larger audience outside the United States.

If you sell your products internationally, you shouldn’t focus on the users from the U.S. only. Instead, modify your marketing strategy to target people from other countries, as well.

Pinterest Statistics: Time on Pinterest

9.    32% Pins Are Posted On Mondays & Tuesday

32% Pins Are Posted On Mondays & Tuesday

Most pins (about 32%) are posted on Mondays and Tuesdays, while only 7% of pins are posted on Saturdays and Sundays. However, if you think that the best solution is to post on Monday and Tuesday, we recommend you think again. The thing is that Pinterest users show a surge of engagement on Mondays, while on Tuesdays, they are less engaged. Mondays and Saturdays are the best days to post your brand’s content, as these days have the highest engagement rates, the most significant numbers of likes, and the most re-pin per pin.

Schedule Pins For Better Engagement​​

Schedule your pins on the best time to post with Social Champ and get more reach and engagement on your Pinterest boards.

10. People Spend 14.2 Minutes on Pinterest Every Day

People Spend 14.2 Minutes on Pinterest Every Day

Pinterest users spend about 14.2 minutes on the platform every day. This is less time than people spend on Facebook or Instagram (58.5 minutes and 53 minutes, respectively). However, it’s crucial to consider the value of this time. For instance, Pinterest users are two times more likely to be satisfied with the time they’ve spent on the platform.

14.2 minutes on Pinterest is just enough to interact with your audience effectively if your content is engaging enough. The major goal is to make your content worth pinning it. If users pin your posts, they will likely come back to them repeatedly. They may also share your content with other users, as well.

Besides, Pinterest is the most popular mobile social network in the U.S. An average mobile app session lasts 5.29 minutes, while for Facebook, this figure is 4.96 minutes. People also spend less time on Twitter and Instagram apps: 3.39 minutes and 3.07 minutes, respectively. Therefore, we recommend you consider these Pinterest statistics when planning your mobile commerce marketing strategy.

11. Pinterest Ad Revenue Grew 363 Million Dollars in 2020

Pinterest Ad Revenue Grew 363 Million Dollars in 2020The overall value of the platform demonstrates steady growth. Pinterest generated more than $363 billion in ad revenue in 2020, including more than $500 million in the U.S. alone. This is a 43.8% increase compared to last year. The average ad revenue per user also grows every year. Although the platform still makes less money than Facebook or Instagram, it has already caught up with Snapchat, as it generates about $9.54 per user.

Let’s hope these Pinterest statistics can help you in strengthening your Pinterest strategy in 2022.

Top 5 Pinterest Features For 2022

These were some Pinterest statistics that you should keep in mind to strengthen your marketing strategy. Now, let’s have a look at what Pinterest new features you should be using.

1.    Story Pin

Last year, Pinterest introduced the most significant feature update for the creators, i.e., ‘Story Pin.’ It allows you to create stories directly on Pinterest. The feature is currently in beta and isn’t available for everyone. Pinterest story pins are just like Instagram stories, which you can create for your followers to engage with them more effectively. You can also react to story pins.

2.    Notes to Yourself

Do you have a bad habit of forgetting things, then this feature is precisely for you? Pin a note that reminds you of the things you have saved. The best-fixed solution for those who are obsessed with pins. Organize your board with additional creative ideas, and never miss out on something important. Stay on the top of the content with this Pinterest new feature.

3.    Addition of a Date

Are you planning for your next get-together? Pin your dates to your post and go with the timeline. Organize your board, schedule your important event, and archive the board once you are finished.

4.    Suggested Templates

Looking out for new and productive ideas? Here’s an auto-suggest new feature generated by Pinterest. If you are planning a birthday party and you have searched for it, then Pinterest will show you some great suggestions with the results. Explore news ideas and get your hands on Pinterest with the new feature.

5.    Group Your Pins

Is your pinning board messy and haphazard? No more mess when you have Pinterest on your fingertips. If you have saved many pins and are random, then group them and organize them accordingly. Create a group and pin all your matched posts in that group. Organize your board and make it look cool with the new Pinterest feature.

Using Pinterest via Social Champ

Social media managers, digital marketers, and small business owners use social media scheduling tools for their content posting on Pinterest. A scheduling tool can help you keep your Pinterest profiles active and save you a lot more time. Pinterest is one of the leading social platforms in Social Champ. On average, 3k to 4k posts are posted on Pinterest through Social Champ monthly.

To find out how we grew our Pinterest numbers organically by scheduling pins via Social Champ you can read this blog.

You can also be the part of the community who believes in being ahead of time and saving all the extra efforts by scheduling content through a Pinterest scheduler like Social Champ.

Social Champ gives you the power of posting and scheduling, analyzing your pins’ performance, adding links and descriptions into pins, all through a single tool. We also have a media library and image editing tool for you to make your pins visually attractive. To grow your brand presence through Pinterest, try Social Champ now.

Final Thoughts

Although Pinterest is still less popular than other such platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you shouldn’t ignore its potential. This platform has millions of users worldwide, and most of them use Pinterest specifically to buy something or discover new products. Pinterest users are interested in content from brands. This is an excellent platform for niche brands that can help you reach out to the right audience.

We recommend that you check out these impressive Pinterest statistics and don’t miss out on an opportunity to use Pinterest for marketing purposes. Pinterest users are dedicated shoppers, so the right marketing strategy will undoubtedly increase your sales and bring you loyal customers.


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