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Social Media Managers Reveal the Biggest Challenges That They Face

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Ever wondered what goes in the mind of the person behind your favorite brand’s social media?

The person who spends hours and hours in front of a computer screen, curating content, finalizing ideas, writing copies, and also making sure to engage with the audience.

The life of a social media manager is never easy. From juggling tabs, posting stuff on every social media network all day, interacting with the audience, managing all the social accounts to all the ups and downs, social media emerges as a significant challenge.

If you are a social media manager, it will bring you utmost peace that you are not the only one feeling overwhelmed. Many others like you have the exact same job, hence the exact same issues.

This is why we decided to ask the social media manager’s community about the issues that they face in their daily tasks. Here is what they have to say!

brian chung
Brian Chung
CEO & Co-Founder of Alabaster
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Time Is Never Enough

I am aware. It makes no difference how much time you invest in a social media strategy; something will still distract you from the real job. Due to a lack of consistent deliverables, you’re continually required to justify why you’re not just surfing Facebook for a living. It’s not easy to plan social media campaigns directly on Facebook since there are often distractions.

Its Solution

One strategy for overcoming this social media obstacle is to use mind mapping. If you are a more visual person, this will aid in your memory and concentrate on the most pressing issues at hand. The structure is straightforward: draw a circle and write social media in the middle. Then, connecting a few lines to the circle, divide the primary field of interest into strategies content calendar, outreach, and Facebook advertising.”


tanya zhang
Tanya Zhang
Co-founder of Nimble Made
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Maintaining Contact With Customers

Social media is not a one-way street where you post and then wait for results. Social is also about social interaction. It’s about debating and exploring new ideas, engaging with customers, and sharing feedback on your product/service. Not to mention inquiring as to what prospects are seeking next and their wishes (which helps identify user personas). Due to the complexities of social media, the second most popular social media problem is being linked 24 hours a day.


Everybody should be able to contribute. You can effectively enhance your organization’s culture by including others in the life of your product or service. And what better way to do that than by facilitating direct communication with consumers and directly answering their concerns. It will make any aspect of your business feel more linked to the brand and company by identifying the primary needs of your customers.”


dusan stanar
Dusan Stanar
Founder & CEO of  VSS Monitoring
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Providing a Return on Investment by Social Media

Calculating ROI was cited as one of the most significant social media challenges in 2017 by nearly 59% of digital marketers. Converting followers to customers, earning money through social media marketing, and making large sales online are frequently discussed topics on the internet.


Maintain a link between the performance reports for your social media campaigns and your goals and key performance indicators (KPIs). Always keep an eye on the social media targets and make adjustments based on the budget spent versus the actual performance. Avoid generic goals; they are often customized for your organization, startup, business, or brand. Prior to initiating campaigns, identify both key performance indicators (KPIs) and expected outcomes in order to determine whether a campaign is succeeding or failing.”


tony kelly
Tony Kelly

Founder & CEO at CameraGroove
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How to Set Yourself Apart from Your Competitors

It’s difficult to stand out and develop your own identity in an environment where rivalry is constantly breathing down your neck. There are millions of businesses who are constantly attempting to demonstrate to their clients how they are different from X or Y. We all know from tradition and personal experience that some of these battles will never end: Pepsi vs Coca-Cola, KFC vs McDonald’s vs Wendy’s, or Zara vs H&M. They’ve all developed a digital brand tailored to their respective markets and audiences.


When attempting to create something superior to your rivals, it is important to consider the company’s personality. You will examine the founder’s blog posts, podcast appearances, presentations, online pitch decks, forum descriptions, and the way they talk about the organization and the issues they’re attempting to solve.”


chana charach
Chana Charach
Chief Financial Officer at
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Organic Reach Is Constantly Declining

Facebook continues to expand at a breakneck pace, surpassing 2.2 billion users in April 2018. With the insane amount of content generated on and social media channels, it’s difficult for brands to maintain engagement with all of their audiences. Especially because they must guess and win constantly changing content algorithms. Social media networks are increasingly being used by advertisers to market their goods and services on a pay-per-click basis.


It places a higher premium on partnership in 2018. For better content, brands must collaborate more closely with their digital agencies and social media teams. Collaboration enables you to quickly share suggestions, contribute ideas, brainstorm ideas, and learn how to prevent fuckups like the ones Pepsi experienced in the past. Working collaboratively with all of your team members will save you time and increase the brand’s ROI.”


Miklos Zoltan

CEO & Cybersecurity Researcher at Privacy Affairs
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No Follower Engagement

Without an audience to listen to what you have to say, social media marketing is pointless. Building a social media group is difficult, but keeping them involved is much more difficult. It’s important to remember that social media is a two-way street.


Asking questions is the easiest way to get users to communicate with you. Request your followers about their thoughts on a specific trend or something else relevant to your business. You can either ask your followers to leave comments or use the poll feature built-in most platforms.”


adam tompson (ssl securtiy)
Adam Thompson

CEO of Cheap SSL Security
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Decreasing Organic Reach. Every year, organic reach decreases, especially on Facebook, which has constantly changing algorithms. One of the main reasons why most social media outlets limit organic reach is to encourage advertisers to use their advertising services.


Choose Quality Over Quantity. Maintain a regular posting schedule, but don’t feel forced to post everything you publish. Only share the most engaging content to maximize organic reach.”


lynda le
Lynda Le

Founder of Polish Perfect
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“One of the important problems faced in social media marketing is inconsistent effort. Social Media Managers have this common problem. Many brands, particularly the small ones, are struggling with consistency in the key points of social media advertising, which include inconsistent posting, engagement, and analysis.

Sadly, the inconsistent effort results in inconsistent outputs which lead to uncertainties about the social media performance to be a feasible marketing channel.

How do you solve this?

Make a strategy in place and schedule your plan in a calendar. Plot out big picture activities and phases over a longer span of time (months or years). Schedule campaign initiatives for intermediate periods (from weeks to months), and short-term events in your daily calendar. In doing this, carve out the time consumed for research, posting, engagement, analyzing, and reporting.

It really takes discipline and consistency for one to succeed. Indeed, the inability to have consistent effort will lead to unwanted results. I appreciate your time to read this. I look forward to hearing from you soon.”


Yulia Safutdinova

Founder of MissTourist
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“Social Media Managers and business owners like me face a critical problem these days as we get less organic reach that translates to less visibility and engagement on our posts. The algorithm shifts implemented by Facebook and Instagram caused this lesser organic reach because users can now customize what they want to see on their feed according to their activities and preferences. While personalization was a great user-focused feature, it hindered us from reaching potential customers just because of their social
media activity.

A great recent addition to Facebook’s marketing options that I found effective for this continuous algorithm change is the interactive ad option. The ad included CTAs for following, messaging, and visiting our website, which helped our page create user relationships. We also found it an excellent tool for visibility campaigns and boosting engagement because users shared, commented, and reacted more.”


paul marlow
Paul Marlow

Founder of Never Alone
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One problem that social media managers face is creating a post that connects emotionally with the market audience for the brand but also has a chance to grab the attention of someone who might be on the outskirts of said brand. Creating a post that brings them into the conversation, and doesn’t push them away by making them feel like they don’t fit with the content. This is constantly happening in the mental health help realm, where there seem to be two types of people. Those who openly admit they are struggling and those who don’t, and will push away any conversation around the topic.


I have found that it is possible to connect with more than one group without becoming so broad that you lose the emotional connection altogether. You must create the idea of the posts around an everyday life event, something that anyone can relate with (let’s say lack of sleep.) By starting with an everyday emotion, you have created a crack in that wall of group two where you can then push your main focus mixed in with helpful answers to the sleep struggle.

Focus on everyday interactions and work back from there.”


jon torres
Jon Torres

Founder of Jontorres
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“When managing social media campaigns for our clients, a common challenge has been getting people to share the content we post. To solve this problem, we have been employing different methods, including requesting the audience to share, like, or comment; posting content on trending topics; increasing the length of blog content to over 2000 words; and posting more visual content.


miranda yan
Miranda Yan

Founder of VinPit
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“The most significant problem a social media manager faces is devising the content strategy. “ Content is the lifeblood of your marketing, and curating it to suit the various social media platforms and audiences is one backbreaking task. What can reach an audience on one platform might not even be acknowledged by ten people on the other. When we say content strategy, it is a broad spectrum of hundreds of different tactics that helps you optimize your content and present it in the form that attracts your customers or viewers. The pressure of constantly coming up with something new and unseen is on another level today.

The solution to this problem is observation. Do not just rely on demographics but observe your audience’s social media behavior and get to know them personally. Portray your brand as a human so that people attach themselves to it and give it a space in their life. Since each platform has a different age group prevalence, it has a multigenerational approach. If not possible, just target your audience and optimize the content as per their needs.”


paige arnoff
Paige Arnof-Fenn

Founder & CEO Mavens & Moguls
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“Be consistent — make sure you become known as a reliable source on all fronts. Have online profiles and personas that tell the same story. If you appear to be buttoned up on one side and a partier on another it can be confusing and dilute your brand. If you start a blog or newsletter then publish it on a regular schedule. Otherwise, you can appear flaky or random by sending out missives daily for a few weeks and then disappear for a month

Strike the right balance of educating, entertaining, promoting yourself and others with your outreach. If you become too salesy or self-promoting people get turned off and tune you out. Your goal with content marketing is to become a welcome invited guest into your prospects’ inbox. If you abuse that opportunity to connect it damages your brand and reputation.

To gain followers on social media share valuable content, be a regular and consistent source, know your target audience and match your message to the best platform to reach them, and always be generous and take the high road. Social media marketing is effective and beneficial by democratizing media because it reaches everyone with a connection, is free and you have a direct relationship with your audience. Everyone has a voice.”


hamna amjad
Hamna Amjad

Social Media Manager at Physicians Thrive
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“The most important problem that Social Media Managers face is developing a strong and distinct voice that distinguishes your client from other brands and makes you stand out from the crowd. You want to leave a memorable and long-lasting impression in your customers’ minds rather than being just another content factory.


Be consistent across all social channels. To ensure that all team members use the same voice for different social channels, you need to educate them about the brand’s values. You should document those values and clearly mention what impression you want to make along with what you don’t want others to say about you.

Another great exercise is asking clients about the adjectives that they think will best describe their brand. Give them a list so that they can pick the top 5 adjectives. This is what the vibe and tone of the channel should be!”


brittany herzberg
Brittany Herzberg

Marketing Consultant and Social Media Manager
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“I think one important problem social media managers face is getting the client to trust you.

My solution to this has been simply demonstrating whatever I’m suggesting to them. (i.e. I’d love to see you using IG Reels. Here’s the impact it’s had on my profile when I’ve posted x times in x weeks.)

Another way to building trust with the client (yes, even once they’ve already hired you) is by really listening to them when they articulate ideas or desires. Rephrase and repeat back to them what you’ve heard. The fact that you were really listening and not just passively paying attention (and occasionally nodding) will mean so much to your client!”


sharon van donkelaar
Sharon Van Donkelaar

CMO at Expandi
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“One of the major problems that Social media Managers have to deal with on a regular basis is staying up to date with the latest trends in the world of social networks. There’s arguably no industry that changes as often as the social media one and this definitely represents a challenge for those in charge of them.

Each platform is constantly changing or adding new functions and that can certainly be something difficult to keep up with; however, the solution to this problem is quite simple since, although it requires some extra effort, all you need to do is to keep yourself informed about everything that’s going on, preferably on a daily basis.

You can follow blogs, join groups with other fellow Social Media Managers, etc. There are many ways to stay up-to-date with the social media latest trends, not only regarding how the platforms work but also about the content that’s currently drawing clicks and people’s attention overall.”


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mika kujapelto
Mika Kujapelto

CEO and Founder of LaptopUnboxed
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“You don’t want to discuss the same things with your audiences. Coming up with fresh material can be a challenge for social media managers, especially when they have more than one account to manage. 

*Managing several accounts means you have little time to spare, so you can establish regular brainstorming sessions with your team. You can generate several unique ideas that maintain authenticity and remain fresh and intriguing with the audience. This saves you precious time as a social media manager since you’re focused on one distinct task, allowing you to be more efficient with other responsibilities.

*Reviewing similar accounts can be a source of inspiration for new content, especially when determining what’s missing and finding another angle that suits your account’s brand.”


chelsea cohen
Chelsea Cohen

Co-Founder of SoStocked
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“I find that the hardest problem for social media managing is to keep content fresh without having it seem like recycled material. *Try planning out a regularly posted series, such as having a Monday post that shows a weekly update or storytime on Fridays. This makes it easier for you to know what is required of you but allows you to use new ideas each week for that segment.


tatiana gavriliana
Tatiana Gavrilina
Content Marketing Writer at DDI Development
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“The biggest challenge social media marketers face is attracting a large number of subscribers to a client’s account while staying within the rules. In other words, you need to attract the audience only by legal means, the audience needs to be involved in the client’s theme, it shouldn’t be bots.

But another problem is convincing clients that it’s impossible to get millions of subscribers (or even hundreds of thousands, thousands) in a month or two by legal means.”


jessica traupe
Jessica Traupe

Senior Marketing Manager at Zammad
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“Truth be told, I always find that the different formats required for different social media channels are a true pain. (And they change all the time!)

Yes, you shouldn’t post the exact same content on all of your channels in the first place, but sometimes you might want to. In that case, you will find that, for example, the perfect image size for Instagram is different from the one for Twitter. Also, video lengths differ.

This means that you need to spend extra time cropping, cutting, and adjusting your files to the respective requirements of the channels.

Luckily, there are several cheat sheets and guides out there that tell you exactly what the current specifications are – and tools like Canva make it very easy to quickly edit your file.”


yasir shamim
Yasir Shamim

Digital Marketing Executive at PureVPN
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“In general, I believe some of the primary issues outside credibility are:

1. Cost – as social media algorithms continue to suppress organic content, we constantly have to pay for reach (reference: Facebook Zero)

2. Video – algorithms are prioritizing video in the news feeds, and they are more time-consuming to create relative to posts.

3. Ephemeral content like Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories, because it has a short shelf life, so there has to be an endless stream of content.

4. Complexity – both the creation of the social content and the ad creation workflows are multifaceted. It’s hard to keep up with the changes and ensure you produce quality social content.

5. Time – social media marketing is very labor-intensive.”


andrew raso
Andrew Raso

CEO & Co-Founder of Online Marketing Gurus
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One important problem that social media managers face is making clients understand that the results of social media management are not instant. This is most especially true when the social profiles are new and no previous social media management strategies have been put in place. To properly address this challenge, I present case studies plus timelines of my previous clients. This way, they see how the strategies work in action, and most of all, they see actual proof of success.


monique gesmundo
Monique Gesmundo

Outreach Specialist at Growth Rocket
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“Having consistent communication with customers engaging with social media posts is one of the social media manager jobs. Sometimes having a lot of likes, comments, and shares is overwhelming. Interacting with the customer’s comments, suggestions, and complaints is not an easy task for social media managers.

Managers can make it by having a schedule strategy. Customers love to see that their comments and suggestions are valuable. Managers can answer positive comments that right away complaints can be unanswered in the meantime, however, it still shouldn’t be left unanswered because it may reflect the business’s customer service. Consistent interaction with the customers is not an easy job for social media managers but, there is always a method that would make it work without sacrificing so much time.”


nathan sebastian
Nathan Sebastian

Content Marketer at Good Firms
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“Since the beginning of social media marketing and advertising, marketers face new problems every day and marketers have to work hard in dealing with them. There is no denying the fact that social media is a dynamic industry. So, one of the most important problems that social media managers face is the ever-changing algorithms of social media platforms. Each social media platform serves a different purpose that is unique to its respective audiences. There is no one-size-fits approach to getting the most out of various social media platforms.

Some of the common solutions to this problem are:

Subscribe to Social Media Blogs

Social media and technology blogs are among the most valuable resources to know about the latest changes in social media. Their job is to collect new information on the recent happenings and share the same with their audience. These blogs will not only tell you about the new updates but also offer pro tips to apply to the business.

Join LinkedIn & Facebook Groups about Social Media

There are thousands of groups on Facebook & LinkedIn dedicated to specific topics and social media is no exception. The best way to find the right group is to use that platform’s search engine. Type “social media” in the search bar of Facebook and you will be redirected to the results page. From there, go to the “Groups” section and select the one you want to join. Keep in mind that if there are less than 50 members in a group then there are low chances of you getting the latest updates. Only a sufficient number of interested members will guarantee fresh news.

Participate in Events

There are thousands of events being held across the globe by marketing specialists and social media lovers. It is worth it for the marketers to join at least one event in 6 months to stay updated. However, it is recommended to do some research before choosing a conference. There are many of them not good enough for the money paid to attend them.”


peter horne
Peter Horne

Content Lead at Geoff McDonald and Associates
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“One of the biggest challenges that Social Media Managers face is creating unique content that is still interesting to read. If there’s one thing that my university days taught me, it’s that almost no idea that you have is unique. This is because the world has become so saturated with content, that a lot of stuff has been done already. For Social Media Managers, this can be either a hindrance to their job or an opportunity. If you take it the wrong way, you’ll end up creating bad, repetitive content that your audience isn’t going to appreciate. But if you see the opportunity in it, it means that you can get inspiration from other content and make those ideas unique to your brand. This is something that we’ve been doing at our law firm. We know that there are many legal topics that have been covered by other firms, but we try to personalize topics in a number of ways and focus on providing value to our audience specifically.”


john bertino
John Bertino

CEO at The Agency Guy
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“One problem I believe that social media managers deal with is the restraint of working from a strict social media calendar without the freedom to be creative. I believe this hampers the social media strategy in general, but can also be frustrating for the social media manager who is not being used to their full potential.

The worst situation is when a Social Media Manager is practically handed an editorial calendar that they need to stick to without any option of being creative. This is not a good situation and can be quite frustrating!”


dimitris tsapis
Dimitris Tsapis

Social Media Manager at PlanM8
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The dilemma of choosing between quality and quantity.

It is quite challenging for Social Media Managers to have enough time to work on everything – from generating good content ideas to creative development and posting at the right times. There is a time-old dilemma of picking between quality and quantity. The challenge is even harder when working with limited resources to execute all the ideas in the media plan.

The question comes down to – How could you publish better content when well-researched articles from industry-related experts cost nearly 20 times as much? A middle way is rarely found between the two.

The solution we have found is Content redistribution – Create lots of long-form content such as podcast episodes or long series type of YouTube videos. From there on out you can transcribe the audio-visual content into written content that focuses on long-tail keywords. From the original long-form content cut out the best bits and redistribute this content for social media platforms, just adapt the content to match the platform. So from one long-form piece of content, you can create upwards of 15 different posts for multiple platforms and marketing channels. With this method, you don’t have to sacrifice the quality that we are always striving for. So you still can cut through all of the social media noise and assure its visibility.”


julia rubano
Julia Rubano

Sr. Content Strategist at Starship
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“ROI. Measuring return on investment within the confines of social media engagement is difficult. Why? Because metrics including “likes,” “re-tweets,” and comments are near impossible to assign a monetary value. Social is by no means a failure at monetization, though. Rather, it’s best viewed as a “soft” lead generator. By continuing to use social media to develop brand identity and provide valuable content, you will turn those soft leads into hard ones — driving clicks to your site and eventually, sign-ups.


shams abro
Shams Abro

Social Media Manager at Cloudways