Benefits of Team Management In Social Media
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Benefits of Team Management In Social Media – CASE STUDY


Benefits of Team Management In Social Media – CASE STUDY

Management is the act of getting people together to accomplish desired goals and objectives using available resources efficiently and effectively. Since organizations can be viewed as systems, management can also be defined as human action, including design, to facilitate the production of useful outcomes from a system. This view opens the opportunity to manage oneself, a prerequisite to attempting to manage others.

Management functions include Planning, organizing, staffing, leading or directing, and controlling an organization (a group of one or more people or entities) or effort for the purpose of accomplishing a goal.

Good managers drive their employees and their organization to success. They juggle a wide range of tasks and deadlines; know how to effectively manage people, their performance, and the business itself; and help others achieve their potential.

What is Team Management?

A good starting point is the Warren G Bennis quote that

“Leaders are people who do the right things; managers are people who do things right.”

Leadership involves creating a compelling vision of the future, communicating that vision, and helping people understand and commit to it. Managers, on the other hand, are responsible for ensuring that the vision is implemented efficiently and successfully.

Of course, these two roles overlap – and, to be fully effective, you need to fulfill both roles. However, the focus of this article is on the specific skills and responsibilities of managers, and on the tools available to them. After all, there’s no point energizing people to work towards a fabulous vision of the future, only to fall flat on your face when it comes to implementation.

Problems Around The Globe

As it becomes increasingly common for companies to utilize remote workers, these businesses are discovering an influx of unique and new challenges related to managing virtual teams.

While hiring remote workers comes with benefits as well—according to Global Workplace Analytics, this includes higher employee productivity, increased employee satisfaction, and annual savings of more than $10,000 per company—there are definitely hurdles to overcome.

hurdles to overcome as well.

So, what are the challenges of managing a team that’s potentially spread all across the globe, and, more importantly, how can remote managers overcome these issues?

  • Scheduling Difficulties

    • Working with a remote team does offer the potential for increased productivity, but managers must also overcome some virtual-related inefficiencies. For example, one of the most difficult challenges is managing workers across several time zones.
  • Communication Problems

    • When communication falters, a number of problems arise. Work progress, of course, suffers, but employees can also feel isolated from the team and company. As interactions fall off, this tends to lower morale. It’s crucial, therefore, to prioritize communication in any office, but this becomes essential when dealing with remote employees.
  • Collaborating on Projects

    “Unity is strength…when there are teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” ~Mattie Stepanek

Another issue with remote teams is lack of coordination and collaboration among team members. This is obvious because they are sitting thousands of miles away from one another.

  • Time Management If Team Members Are From Different Time Zones

    • If you are managing a remote team with team members located in different parts of the world, then you will have to adjust according to different time zones.
  • Difficulty Tracking Employee Performance

    • One significant challenge of managing employees remotely is ensuring they accomplish all their job duties—on time, efficiently, and up to standard. For some remote employees, this will just be a matter of ensuring all their projects are completed and turned in on schedule.
  • Lack of Trust and Cohesion within Your Team

    • This means a couple of things for remote teams. One, team-building and trust-establishing exercises are particularly important, and two, remote managers must be comfortable trusting their employees and giving them a lot of freedom.
  • Personal life and work-life imbalance

    • The concept of virtual teams involves tasks being accomplished from the same physical space, where most team members go about their personal lives. That one of the challenges faced by virtual teams means work will affect team members’ personal life, or the other way round. Harmonizing personal life and work life is therefore crucial to the success of any virtual work.
  • Rights Of Social Media Profiles

    • Being the owner of an agency, social media profiles or pages, brings high level on inconvenience to distribute the page roll or the employees, granting them access is one of the main issues that is encountered.

What We Find In Our Community?

Social Champ Community ranges from Solopreuners to digital agencies working on large scale products and projects, team feature was one of the most demanded features, often required by marketing maestros who wish to manage their work more efficiently and manage more projects alongside new products

  1. To make a product gain better rankings in search engines, teamwork is required which leads to productive marketing attracting leads and prospects
  2. Usually, social media influencers, digital agencies, advertising hubs and marketing personnel work hard to get their content on top of every search, every social media network, but it does not perform well when time management creates gaps in posting, scheduling isn’t on point, and social media network strategies fail as it’s not possible for one person to manage every action required.
  3. Open communication and positive feedback – efforts carried out by made by team members indicated that they were inconsiderate of their role and problems, and were not able to coordinate to discuss problems, as they would only attract criticism and negative feedback. This resulted in team members not communicating freely or discussing their problems that had potentially damaging effect on the team;
  4. Commitment to team processes, leadership & accountability – the project manager happened to be the youngest in the team and didn’t command the respect needed. Team members often complained about team meetings being a waste of time, and also of team members being late or contributing effectively. One team member felt that he was not included in decision-making and did not receive all communication regarding the progress and development of the project from the project manager. The overall management of this team was perceived to be ineffective by most of the team members;
    Virtual team management becomes harder!

Further research needs to be considered on how best to implement these strategies in a methodological fashion to ensure marketers and their team to acknowledge and understand the importance of how to implement each task.e. a template outlining implications for best practice when executing and implementing constructivist branding strategies which incorporate teamwork activities.

Possibilities and Chances

But before that, Along with its huge upside and inherent value, digital transformation brings a unique set of risks and security challenges. Enable your IAM solution to be a catalyst for your strategy rather than an obstruction. When done right, a digital business can help organizations become more agile, more connected, more informed and more secure, as well as lower the cost of security and compliance.

  1. Start with the overall corporate strategy and an understanding of the gaps between the organization’s current state and the end goal. Duesbury recommends starting with a strategic revenue goal of generating 50% of total company revenue online.
  2. Teams are made up of individuals who have different outlooks and abilities and are at different stages of their careers. Some may find that the tasks you’ve allocated to them are challenging, and they may need support. Others may be “old hands” at what they’re doing and may be looking for opportunities to stretch their skills. Either way, it’s your responsibility to develop all of your people.
  3. Your skills in this aspect of management will define your long-term success as a manager. If you can help team members to become better at what they do, you’ll be a manager who people aspire to work for, and you’ll make a great contribution to your organization, too.
  4. In light of the lackluster reputation of teambuilding, you probably aren’t surprised to read that research from Citrix has shown that 31 percent of office workers say they can’t stand teambuilding activities. This negative association is a shame, because, as discussed in this Harvard Business School publication, a connected team is a motivated team. Further supporting research from the American Psychological Association (APA) finds that team building activities can help employees feel valued, and those that do are the most motivated to do great work.
  5. According to that study, “Almost all employees (93 percent) who reported feeling valued said they are motivated to do their best at work.”
  6. A 2009 study from MIT’s Sloan School of Management found that virtual teams working for software companies were regularly outperforming on-location teams, as long as they had the proper systems in place.

What systems are required? According to the MIT study:

Those processes can be classified into two categories: task-related–including those that help ensure each team member is contributing fully; and socio-emotional–including those that increase the cohesion of the group.”

  1. Content Development creates non-campaign and non-marketing or editorial content for the site, including articles, instructions, and FAQ or helps content. Their job is to create content that’s easy to understand and consistent with the brand or voice of the product or site.

What We Did Then?

Business teamwork is important because it enables companies to achieve their goals are quickly and efficiently. It is necessary to work as a team if you want to achieve your goals quicker as a company. If you encounter some kind of problem and all the members contribute to solving the problem, a solution will be found in a shorter time. Social Champ makes it convenient for you to keep in touch with your teams and give them access to your business accounts with approval features, admin rights, and more team members.

Social Champ has introduced its new “Team feature” !! You can now add all your team’s profiles and pages to one single account and manage everything single-handedly! It’s the perfect platform to keep a check on your business marketing strategy while staying in touch with your entire team! Having a team of people helping with your social media strategy can be a crucial asset in achieving your social media goals. You’re able to invite team members to our Awesome Business Plans

Why Do You Need The Team Feature?

Workflow Feasibility

With Social Champ’s brand new and easy-to-use Team feature, you can avoid errors and rogue posts by managing approval workflows and user levels. Grant employees access to only the profiles, permissions, and networks they need to ensure a steady flow of work and completion of tasks online by every particular teammate.

Task Assignment

Assigning social media tasks to the appropriate teams, departments, or regions was never this easy! Social Champ’s team feature lets you boost efficiency, accuracy, and response times which collectively help you create a strong impact on your audience.

Detailed analytics

Social Champ tracks the record of multiple kinds of responses on your content posted on the associated social networking sites and traces the number of likes, comments, and shares of your post in a simple and an easy-to-understand tabular representation, which helps you to analyze your brand’s/service’s growth trends and plan accordingly. With the new Team feature, Social Champ offers detailed comparison features that help you with sorting data and get aggregated stats.

Save Time, Increase Productivity

When your team has access to your business accounts, you can easily make sure that everyone’s on board with you without having to communicate to them individually. You can give team members access to a shared library of on-brand social content and assets, saving time and improving the consistency of responses.

10 accounts for Agency Plan

If you have a big business with a large number of clients, try subscribing for the agency package which allows you to add up to 10 team members in your account that can help you manage your business accounts and pages.

5 accounts for Business Plan

If you are using Social Champ’s Business plan, You can easily add up to 5 teammates to have access to your account. This is preferable when your marketing campaigns are focused on a relatively smaller number of clients whom you need to keep in touch and sustain strong client relations with.

Keep Your Brand Alive!

With these amazing features and unbelievable packages to facilitate your social media marketing strategies, Social Champ promises to keep your business pages and accounts alive and active in the eyes of your clients and customers and guarantees a mesmerizing online presence of your brand on social media 24/7!

Concluding The Above Points

The optimal structure for digital teams varies from organization to organization.

Digital operations can provide increased opportunities for organizations to increase market share and sales capacity through a greater ease of doing business; however, few businesses are able to properly organize their digital strategy to overcome several challenges that accompany the digital age.

As digital becomes part of every line of business, effective marshaling of digital capabilities is a critical competency.

Management is often maligned (sometimes for good reason!), but strong management is an important differentiator in both digital delivery, social platforms management and in aligning that delivery to strategic goals.

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people. “

Steve Jobs

Jibran Yousuf

Jibran is the Community Manager at Social Champ. He is a student of Software Engineering at UBIT-University of Karachi. His vast experience in the field of marketing along with his technical skills makes him a great social media marketer and a very sociable person. He is also a public speaker, web developer, and a travel enthusiast. you can follow him on twitter @JibranYKhan or email at Jibran@socialchamp.io.

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