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Social Media Round-Up
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Social media is an unstoppable place. Here we are back with another weekly round-up.

With every sunrise, a ton is happening in the Social Media world, and it is quite challenging to capture every story. In this edition, we are bringing the highlights of the top trending news from your favorite platforms from this week. Let’s bring it on.

Before diving into the world of Social Media, let’s take a quick headshot of what’s happening around the world. Take a look at Google’s new features. YouTube has just launched its new parental control feature. Google Calendar now makes your work more manageable, and TikTok released its latest transparency report.

Let’s take a look!

Google Announced Its Gaggle of New Features Coming to Android Before Version 12

Google new feature

In the race of social media, Google ranks on number 1. Since Google is working hard on its 12th version, it seems like Google couldn’t wait to announce its latest feature before launching the 12th version. Yes, it’s confirmed Google released its six new features for Android users. Let’s have a sneak peek at Google’s new features.

  • Google upgraded its texting app by adding a new ‘Schedule’ feature. Now you can easily schedule your text and send it to your specific time.
  • The second feature is Password Checkup Tool that will notify you if your password has been exposed previously on the web.
  • To all the dark mode lovers out there, Google Maps is now getting a proper dark mode. Change your theme and come to the dark side of Google maps.
  • Google is now making things easier as it just upgraded its ‘TalkBack’ Get rid of looking at your Android’s screen, and experience the new progressed ‘TalkBack’ feature.
  • Next, here we have ‘Google Assistance,’ Use your phone’s handsfree to make calls, play music, and set your alarm.
  • Lastly, Google announced Android Auto’. No need to get bored while driving when you have android auto. Entertain yourself with voice-activated games and customize your car’s display Google’s new feature.

Have you tried these Google’s new features? If not, try it now and tell us whether these features will make it better or worse!

YouTube Is All Set to Launch Parental Control Feature for Teens and Tweens

Undoubtedly, parents should have control over all the things their kids watch. YouTube is a platform where you can explore and discover bazillions of videos for all ages.

Parental Control Feature Youtube

After the successful launch of ‘YouTube Kids,’ YouTube will soon share the new experience specially designed for teens and tweens. This feature is for those who are now too old for the youTube kids version. Now they can explore the new side of YouTube but are still restricted to explore the whole platform all at once.

According to YouTube, this new feature will soon have beta testing, allowing the parents to grant limited access to their children through a ‘Supervised’ Google account. Moreover, personalized ads aren’t allowed to run over this new feature. YouTube’s latest feature is all prepared to launch in the coming months in more than 80 countries worldwide.

Google Calendar Splitting Your Work Into Segments

Google comes again in the list with its other upgraded feature. Google Calendar is an essential part of everyone’s professional life now. As many things have been changed in the past year and people experience the changes in their work environment, their schedule and duties vary. Google just upgraded its calendar with the addition of two new features.

  • Create repeating out of office entries
  • Chop up your working hours into multiple segments.

Here’s an important thing to add, repeating out-of-office entries is only available on the web and android devices, but the working hour segment is only available on the web for now. Google calendar makes your work even more manageable now!

Tiktok Releases H1 Global Transparency Report

Tiktok just released its Global transparency report for the second half of 2020. This report gives an insight into the videos removed from Tiktok for violating the community guidelines or terms of services. Around 89,132,938 videos have been removed, which is less than the 1% of the videos uploaded on, and TikTok removed a million accounts.

global transparency report tiktok

TikTok stated further,

This is our most comprehensive report to date, and we’re proud of the progress we’ve made to increase transparency into our content and moderation practices. We’ll continue to listen to feedback from our community and share our progress as we work to earn the trust of our community.’

Twitter Practising on New a ‘Safety Mode’ Feature

Safety Mode Feature

Twitter is now working on a ‘Safety Mode.’ This would be a new feature where a user will be notified if Tweet is getting negative responses. All you need is to tap over the notification, and Twitter will take you to the new safety mode, and there you can choose to auto-block and mute’. This will automatically stop any account that tries to send you abusive replies. ‘Safety Mode’ is suitable for all those people who are experiencing trolls or bashes.

This new feature is still in progress, and Twitter hasn’t confirmed when this ‘Safe Mode’ will be sent in the development cycle.

That’s all for this edition! See you all next week with yet another roundup and some more exciting updates!

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