Weekly Social Media Roundup: Facebook To Roll Out New ‘Social Skills’ Business Tips Video Series And Much More!

Weekly Social Media Roundup
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We are back again with another weekly roundup. Although the world has now been practicing social distances, there is no distance between us and social media platforms. Social media networks are gradually adjusting their platforms, algorithms, and new features, and none of our favorite networks is staying behind when it comes to rolling out new features.

On the other side, we are on our toes spying over every social media network. We try to bring out the best weekly social media news to keep you updated with these changes as they leave out a significant impact on marketing efforts.

Stay in the loop and never miss out on the happenings around the world. Be the first one to check out your favorite trending news and try it out. So, buckle up, sit back and hold your cup of tea to take a look at what this week has brought us.

Highlights for this week;

  • Facebook is coming out with a business tip video series
  • Instagram’s new safety guide for parents
  • Clubhouse turns one
  • TikTok is in search of adding a new feature
  • LinkedIn to Inaugurate ‘Do Business Where Business is Done”

Facebook To Roll Out New ‘social Skills’ Business Tips Video Series


No more wasting your time searching for the best tips for your business when your fingers are right on Facebook.

Facebook is now going to roll out a new ‘Social Skills’ video series that provides all the social media managers with all the skills and insights they are looking to boost their performance.

According to Facebook, this new series will interview a bundle of experts from the social media world who built up their own business and credibility on Facebook. These experts will share their experience and tips on how you can maximize your reach, boost your engagement, and community building.

The first episode is going to feature Sana Javed Kadri, CEO of Diaspora Co. She will share her side of the story about building up her successful spice brand from the ground level.

If you are a budding marketer or even an entrepreneur, you should follow this update religiously!

Instagram Continues To Make Itself Safer For The Young Members

Instagram Continues To Make Itself Safer For The Young Members

Instagram is gearing up to make it safer for all teens and young users. It has just rolled out some new features specially designed for a particular age group protecting them from the ill-intentioned adults.

These new features include safety tools and privacy settings, which will prevent adults from sending messages to the under 18 who don’t follow them.

“When an adult tries to message a teen who doesn’t follow them, they’ll receive a notification that DMing them isn’t an option. This feature relies on our work to predict peoples’ ages using machine learning technology and the age people give us when they sign up.”

One more thing, all those children under 13 years aren’t allowed to create Instagram accounts, and restrictions would be made if anyone tries to enter false age. Seems like Instagram is strict as it is implementing some serious detection tools to catch out all those who are using Instagram.

Well, everyone should have a safe and supportive experience on Instagram. These new safety features are good initiatives.

The Clubhouse Is Celebrating Its First Anniversary

There is a party room out there! Yes, it’s the Clubhouse’s first anniversary, an exclusive iOS app. Hard to believe, right?

In only one year of its existence, the app already has bagged 13 million downloads. But somehow, Clubhouse has maintained its quality and earned popularity in such a little time. But wait, it’s not an end yet, Clubhouse is still gaining momentum, and it seems now nobody can stop it.

Let’s wish good luck to the clubhouse team, and we hope it continues to maintain its momentum throughout the years. Happy birthday, Clubhouse!

Tiktok Is In Search To Add New Auto-reply Messaging Option

Four images displaying the steps for auto replying messaging

Want to show your followers that you care? TikTok has just found out the fix for it. As per the reports, TikTok is looking out for auto-reply messaging options for business accounts, which is easier to manage common queries or provide relevant information.

Social media expert Matt Navara just shared out this new TikTok option. Simply go to the ‘message settings’ and then enter a keyword and create a new welcome message. Make sure your keyword must include in your auto-reply message. However, this option is only available for the TikTok business accounts.

Don’t overwhelm your inbox. Just simply turn on your auto-reply messaging option. This new option from TikTok helps you maintain a strong connection and provide quick responses to the people.

Linkedin To Inaugurate ‘Do Business Where Business Is Done’ Campaign

A costumed pug on a campaign banne

Ever noticed the sudden, gradual rise of non-business posts on LinkedIn? Sharing family life, cracking jokes, or extra light-hearted material not related to the business interest. These posts earn more engagement than the others but are these posts good enough to share on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a hub of professional activities, and some updates don’t fit the spectrum. Since these posts were gradually rising, LinkedIn has launched its new campaign, ‘Do Business where Business is done. The campaign title clearly says that LinkedIn is not a suitable place for all these non-business types of posts.

Hence, this campaign’s message focuses on business-minded people and posts rather than off updates and memes.  LinkedIn is a job hunt platform, so don’t be a fish out of the water and avoid posting the non-business type of content on LinkedIn.

That’s all from the weekly roundup. See you next week! Till then, try out these new features, share your experience in the comments, and don’t forget to maintain social distancing.

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