Best Time to Post on LinkedIn in 2023 – A Solved Mystery

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LinkedIn – a dynamic ecosystem where passion meets expertise.

While you can post a funny short video on TikTok, a cute cuddling video with your pet on Instagram, or a snap of your vacation on Facebook, dynamics on LinkedIn are quite different. Of course, you just can’t post a morning selfie from your bed on LinkedIn; instead, you need to act professional, share your milestones, or something that can connect you with like-minded individuals on the platform.

Let’s make this clear, this professional platform is the home to around 930 million members in 200+ countries and territories worldwide. These million people exactly know what to look for on the platform, either a career-centric post, a business one, or expanding their network.

With the bounty of content being uploaded to the platform, there are possibilities that it might get buried under the sea of posts and may go unnoticed. Just spilling the facts, LinkedIn has optimal post frequency, I mean, if you want to catch your audience’s fragile attention, you should post at least once in a business day.

This can be challenging because you need your one precious post to be seen.

I know you can relate to this,  you may have posted a ‘Hiring’ post but still got 3 likes with 0 comments and shares. Possibly, you have posted at the worst hours of the day.

Similarly, if you are looking to switch your job, you posted an engaging job post, mentioning the relevant companies, but still, you got 2 comments. Chances are high that you posted at an odd hour of the day, and probably your audience overlooked it.

Again, the question is if there’s the best time to post on LinkedIn? A global time that actually works and escalates your engagement levels instantly?

If you ask me, there is no surefire formula for the best time to post on LinkedIn because it depends on your target audience. In such cases, a universal time zone can do wonders, but I will suggest you analyze the time your audience is most active on the platform, and LinkedIn scheduling tools like Social Champ can do the job for you.

Let’s dig deeper and unveil the secrets of the most frequent question, ‘When is the best time to post on LinkedIn?’

The Best Times to Post on LinkedIn

You probably think that LinkedIn is a free space and you can post whenever and whatever you can, but if you need to establish a strong reputation on the platform, you should implement a strategic business approach.

Honestly, the optimal time to post on LinkedIn is obviously unclear because it differs day to day based on your target audience and time zone. So, if you want to get more eyeballs rolling on your post, figure out the ideal time your audience will most likely be active and interact on the platform.

Of course, I understand how challenging it can be to determine one golden hour when your audience is online. To make things pretty much easier, I have done the homework and collected the universal best time that may help you improve your engagement and earn more leads.

Since every audience is unique, so time difference may vary.

Here’s a quick rundown of the best time to post on LinkedIn, according to Social Pilot:

Best Times to Post on LinkedIn

Since LinkedIn is a professional social media platform, it sounds well if you post more on weekdays during business hours. Wondering why?

Because LinkedIn users usually scroll their feeds during working hours, it can be either in the morning when they are having their coffee or during lunch breaks. So, if you ask me, it can be worth posting your content on weekdays rather than putting it up on weekends.

Also, there is one more thing to keep in mind, posts on LinkedIn have typically prolonged longevity than any other platforms. And the reason is quite simple!

So this is because the LinkedIn feed is a mixture of company updates and user activities. For instance, when your follower likes, comments, or shares your post, your content is visible to their followers and remains on their feed for days and weeks.

linkedin image

Posting on LinkedIn Is Changing – How & Why?

LinkedIn posts revolve around the LinkedIn algorithm, and let’s be honest; the platform has a complex one, and it’s pretty hard to crack. The algorithm has implemented a four-step process that distributes the content across the platform, reducing the risk of spammy and inappropriate content.

LinkedIn has displayed a visual workflow that represents how it works.

How Linkedin Algorithm Works?

This happens behind your screen to ensure a positive user experience and prevent spam. So, when you share an update on LinkedIn,  the algorithm categorizes your content into three types, each serving a specific purpose.

Basically, the ultimate goal is to have your post fall into the ‘clear’ category while avoiding any indications of spam. Along with credibility, the algorithm also evaluates the usefulness and relevance of your post. Once you publish an article or post, LinkedIn’s bot classifies it into one of three categories such as:

  • Spam
  • Low Quality
  • Clears
  1. Clear Category: The ideal outcome for your content is to fall into the “clear” category. This indicates that your post is deemed authentic, trustworthy, and aligned with LinkedIn’s guidelines. Posts in this category are more likely to gain visibility and reach a broader audience.
  2. Spam Prevention: LinkedIn’s algorithm employs various mechanisms to identify and prevent spam. The algorithm can detect potential spammy behavior by analyzing factors such as content quality, frequency of posting, and user engagement. It ensures that users are not overwhelmed with irrelevant or low-quality content.
  3. Low Quality: These posts refer to content that does not meet the platform’s standards or fails to provide value to the professional community. These types of posts include personal updates unrelated to professional growth or content that belongs more on personal social media platforms.

Now, you may be looking to maximize the impact of your LinkedIn posts. Here I have got a few strategies to consider while posting engaging content on LinkedIn.

  1. Quality Content

    Focus on creating valuable, well-crafted posts. I mean, create such posts that offer deeper insights, expertise, and relevant information. High-quality articles, engaging visuals, and thought-provoking discussions can help your content shine better.

  2. Authentic Engagement

    Foster meaningful interactions with your connections by responding to comments, initiating conversations, and sharing valuable perspectives. Let’s be honest; authentic engagement holds the power to spark discussions and increases the reach of your content.

  3. Consistency and Timing

    Regularly posting relevant content can help you stay visible and engaged with your audience. Experiment with different posting times to determine when your connections are most likely to be active on the platform.

  4. Connect With the Right Audience

    Establish the right connections with professionals in your industry or niche to expand your network and increase the chances of your content reaching a relevant audience. Engaging with their content and building relationships can lead to reciprocal engagement.

  5. Stick to LinkedIn Guidelines

    It’s important to familiarize yourself with LinkedIn’s policies and guidelines to ensure your content meets the platform’s standards. Avoid any behavior that may be flagged as spammy or inappropriate.

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Best Time to Post on LinkedIn Based on Days of the Week

LinkedIn is a powerhouse for all professionals where they can showcase their expertise and build meaningful connections. Yet, in the large pool of networking and connections, timing is a crucial key factor in maximizing your reach and engagement.

Understanding the best time to post on LinkedIn based on the days of the week can help you to unlock a whole new world of endless possibilities. Here I have broken down the best time to post on LinkedIn into days of the week.

Let’s dig deeper!

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Best Time to Post on LinkedIn on Mondays

If you ask me, on Mondays, as the workweek unfolds, professionals are eager to kick-start their productivity, making it an ideal day to share thought-provoking insights that inspire and motivate. So, according to the research, the optimal time to post on Monday is at 11 AM.

This is the time when people on Mondays are likely to start their daily tasks, and before getting into the tasks, they move on to professional networking.

Best Time to Post on LinkedIn on Tuesdays

Getting into the other day, Tuesdays follow in the footsteps of individuals settling into their work routines and actively looking for informative content to fuel their professional growth. An ideal time to post on Tuesdays is 6 AM – 8 AM.

This range has detected a good amount of engagement rates on Tuesdays.

Best Time to Post on LinkedIn on Wednesdays

Let’s get into the midweek, the hump day, and that’s Wednesday. Honestly, the midweek presents an opportunity to inject some excitement and intrigue into the LinkedIn feeds, captivating the attention of professionals seeking a midweek pick-me-up. So, if you are thinking of posting on Wednesday, try scheduling your LinkedIn posts at 12 PM.

Typically, lunch breaks have witnessed the highest engagement rates on Wednesdays.

Best Time to Post on LinkedIn on Thursdays

As the week winds down, Thursdays offer a chance to showcase your expertise and establish yourself as a trusted industry thought leader. So the best time to post on Thursday is at 2 PM.

The early afternoons of Thursday have seen a hike in engagement rates.

Best time to Post on LinkedIn on Fridays

Finally, as professionals eagerly anticipate the weekend, Fridays become a prime time to share engaging and digestible content that sparks conversations and lingers in their minds throughout the weekend. Mostly, we have seen a huge surge of meme content on Friday because every individual is excited to welcome weekends happily.

If you are posting your milestone or meme content on Friday, try posting it between 5 PM – 6 PM, when it’s the time to wind up the week’s workload.

Best Time to Post on LinkedIn on Saturdays

Many LinkedIn users check the platform early in the morning, even on weekends. Posting at this time, you can capture their attention before they get into their weekend plans. Posting on LinkedIn between 4:00-5:00 AM on Saturdays can be a great strategy.

Also, being the first one to post increases your visibility and helps your content stand out.

Best Time to Post on Post on LinkedIn on Sundays

Users often catch up on LinkedIn during their leisurely Sunday mornings before starting their day. By posting during this time frame, you can increase the visibility of your content and engage with your target audience while they are actively browsing the platform.

The best time to post on LinkedIn on Sundays is typically between 6:00 AM.

Reminder: The above suggested best times to post on LinkedIn are universal; they can sometimes work in your favor and sometimes not. If you ask me, I will suggest you figure out the best time to post based on your target audience and time zones.

You can try out the universal schedule for LinkedIn posting, but for better results, try Social Champ’s advanced Monitoring Analysis feature that suggests the best time to post on the platform based on your analytical history.

What Is the Best Day of the Week to Post on LinkedIn?

When it comes to the dynamic landscape of LinkedIn, where professionals bloom and career paths intersect with each other.

At such a platform, you know you have to give the best, and the right time emerges as a vital ingredient in a secret recipe.

Let’s be honest; no surefire answer holds the secret to capturing the audience’s attention and leaving a long-lasting impression. But according to the above universal best time to post on LinkedIn, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday have relatively witnessed a good hike in engagement levels.

Here’a pro tip for you: Finding an ideal day to post your content is all about striking the right balance between timing and engaging content.

Is Monday an Ideal Day to Post on LinkedIn?

So, are you already wondering if Monday can be a good day to post your content on LinkedIn? Mondays are quite curious for everyone. According to the universal schedule, it turns out that for many B2B brands, Mondays don’t always bring in the engagement they are hoping for. Users tend to be busy bees during working hours, especially on Mondays.

People are often caught up in catching up to client calls, preparing for the weekly meetings, and running a brand new campaign, which eventually leaves little time to browse and engage on social media. It’s like the day has its own agenda; unfortunately, it doesn’t always align with LinkedIn activity. But how about trying the other weekdays? So, while Mondays may not be the ideal day to post on LinkedIn, there’s a whole week of possibilities ahead.

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Right Time to Post Articles on LinkedIn

This may sound like an old-age query, but still, it’s important to know the right answer. Let me shed some light on this for you. The sweet spot for posting an article on LinkedIn is generally between 10 am to 12 pm. This is because, during the early hours of workdays, users are in search of inspiration, news, innovation, and insightful opinions that resonate with their work lives.

For instance, they are looking for the latest news about ChatGPT, Google Bard, and Generative AI; it can be anything, making them look for authentic LinkedIn content. So, it’s high time to seize the opportunity and share your thought-provoking articles during this timeframe to captivate the minds of professionals who are eager to consume valuable information. Remember, timing is everything, and when it comes to LinkedIn, the right time can make all the difference in your content’s success.

Right Time to Post Ads on LinkedIn

So, when is the right time to capture the attention of your target audience? The correct answer lies on the weekdays and during business hours because users are often most active during their workday. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to schedule your ads on working hours on weekdays. This way, you can catch users during their productive hours when they are more likely to engage with content.

Of course, it’s essential to consider your specific audience and industry, as there might be slight variations in optimal posting times. Placing your LinkedIn ads strategically during the right hours can significantly increase their visibility and impact. So, captivate your audience during their professional journeys and watch your ads flourish on LinkedIn.

Worst Time to Post on LinkedIn

Let’s talk about the not-so-ideal days to post on LinkedIn. If you want your content to shine, it’s best to avoid Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays. As I have mentioned above, on Saturdays, people are busy enjoying their weekends and not really scrolling through LinkedIn. Sundays are all about relaxation and mentally preparing for the week ahead, so LinkedIn engagement tends to be low.

Now coming to Monday, we all know Mondays can be chaotic with meetings and catching up, leaving professionals with little time for social media browsing. So, if you want your posts to make a splash, it’s wise to steer clear of these three days. Save your best content for the weekdays when LinkedIn users are more likely to be in work mode and actively seeking valuable insights.

How Many Times a Week Should You Post on LinkedIn

When it comes to the frequency of posting on LinkedIn, striking the right balance is essential. Experts recommend posting on LinkedIn at least 3-4 times a week. Consistency is key on LinkedIn, as it helps you to establish your presence and keeps you at the top of your connections.

However, one thing should never be compromised, and that’s quality posts, as it is said that quality over quantity. It’s important to prioritize posting valuable and relevant content that resonates with your audience rather than simply meeting a generic posting schedule.

An Ideal Time Can Make All the Difference!

Finding the best time to post on LinkedIn is essential for anyone looking to maximize their reach and engagement on the platform. However, it is important to note that this may vary based on your industry and target audience.

Experimenting with different posting times and analyzing the results can help you find the optimal time to reach your target audience and achieve your marketing goals. Keep in mind that consistency and quality of content are also key factors in building a strong presence on LinkedIn.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is midnight a good time to post on LinkedIn?

You can post on Tuesdays from 11 am to midnight. These hours can bring a good amount of engagement to your posts.

2. Does Hootsuite Offer a Free Plan?

Yes, you should use hashtags on LinkedIn as it increases visibility and overall engagement levels.
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