15+ Amazing Facebook Tools for Marketers and Social Media Managers

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Even after the launch of TikTok and Snapchat, Facebook is still on the top, both in terms of user base and popularity. With a massive audience of 2.89 million users worldwide, the social media network always releases new and advanced Facebook tools for easy marketing.

This, along with the acquisition of Instagram, has transformed Facebook into an unparalleled source of connecting people worldwide and communicating seamlessly. Facebook is an excellent way to market your business and increase brand awareness.

However, even after billions of users and excellent integrations, you still need to perfect your marketing techniques, and for that, you need Facebook marketing tools.

Why Do We Need Facebook Marketing Tools?

Facebook marketing tools are quite handy when you are swamped with work and are trying to automate as many things as possible. Here are a few other benefits of using Facebook tools:

  • Facebook tools help save time.
  • Facebook tools enable you to make better data-driven decisions.
  • They help streamline essential tasks according to priority.
  • The tools help you auto post to Facebook without any hassle.
  • Facebook tools can make it super easy to share progress and stay on the same page as your team members.
  • Facebook tools for advertising are also super helpful in optimizing your Facebook ads.
  • Facebook social media management tools also help plan and schedule content calendars in advance.

How Can Facebook Tools Help Social Media Managers and Marketers?

Social media managers and marketers have so much going on in their lives at all times. This essentially means that they need to declutter their minds and employ as many tools as possible to make their lives easy.

Here are a few of the essential functions that Facebook tools can help with:

  • Social media management
  • Analytics and tracking
  • Advertisement and optimization
  • Creating visuals, including images and videos
  • Carrying out competitive analysis
  • Keeping a check on followers
  • Page optimization

However, it is imperative to remember that not all Facebook tools will make your life; some can even add to the already present workload.

15+ Must-Have Facebook Tools

With the influx of Facebook tools in the market, finding authentic ones and providing value for money is super challenging. Then comes the challenge of sorting them according to need and functionalities.

However, with us, you never have to worry about it. Here is a breakdown of some of the most impressive Facebook tools with their operations and functionalities:

Facebook Tools for Advertising and Optimization

  1. Facebook Ads Manager

    Facebook Ads Manager

    You don’t really have to steer away from Facebook to access super cool and valuable tools. The platform has an influx of amazing Facebook marketing tools that can really help all marketers!

    One of such Facebook tools is the Facebook Ads Manager, which is honestly a godsend for small and big businesses. The tool enables you to create, edit, and view the results of all your Facebook ads.

    With the help of Facebook Ads Manager, you can also design how you want your ads to look and choose the audience. You can also pick your preferred ad space on the site. Honestly, it is one of the most comprehensive tools, which helps you manage multiple campaigns, edit audience segments, set budgets, and do much more!

    Oh, and they also have an app.

  2. Facebook Pixel
    facebook pixel

    Facebook Pixel is another one of the Facebook tools that precisely measures Facebook ad performance and creates custom audience groups for remarketing or retargeting.

    Facebook Pixel is a small part of code that you can integrate within your website to optimize all your ad campaigns. You can also use the tool to get valuable insights about website traffic and learn more about user behaviors.

  3. AdEspresso


    AdEspresso is another excellent external Facebook tool that can let you design and test as many ads as you want (hundreds in a few minutes). Their testing feature allows you to find the most effective ads in real-time. This also takes the guesswork out of the process of designing an ad campaign for your brand on Facebook. And it also makes it so much simpler to get the most out of a sponsored ad campaign on Facebook.

    Last, you can also find a library with over 500 examples of the best Facebook ads with impressive performance rates to inspire you on Ad Espresso.

  4. SharpSpring Ads

    SharpSpring Ads

    SharpSpring Ads frees you from the restraints of cobbling together tools and data and allows you to divert all your attention to growing your brand on Facebook and offering your customers the best experience. So, how do SharpSpring Ads help you to get the most out of your marketing campaigns?

    For starters, it lets you use automation to build a customer base, trigger automated actions according to your ad engagement, view your leads’ ad interaction, attribute your leads to your ad campaigns with just a few clicks.

    You can quickly generate long-lasting, quality leads and win more customers with lead nurturing, targeted communication, dynamic content, and personalization by doing all this.

  5. Adscook

    Adscook is a Facebook and Instagram ads management platform that allows you to stay on top of your ads from start to finish, spend less time on routine tasks and focus more on building creative content.

    Powerful ad creation will allow you to publish up to 500 unique ad variations with just a few clicks that target different audience groups.

    Once the campaign launches, you can set up Automation rules to monitor your ads 24/7. Apply ready-made strategies or create your own rules based on 100s of available metrics.

    Adscook’s multi-account dashboard will analyze the aggregated data from all your ad accounts within seconds. What’s more, you can visualize your business funnel right in the dashboard and identify which touchpoints need improvement.

    Further still, you can automatically boost your best-performing Facebook and Instagram posts which is the most recent release. The next venture is making TikTok ads available on Adscook!

Streamline Facebook Marketing With Social Champ

Facebook marketing tool within Social Champ streamlines all social media management processes and provides a hassle-free experience

Facebook Tools for Social Media Management

  1. Social Champ

    Social Champ

    Social Champ is a social media management tool that allows enterprises of all sizes to seamlessly manage their social media accounts. Facebook is one of the oldest integration of Social Champ and is also one of the strongest.

    With Social Champ, you can curate or create, edit, design, and track all Facebook posts, check them from the social media calendar, identify the best-performing one, repeat posts to make the most out of them, and do so much more.

    Social Champ also has a pretty strong workspace feature that can group all similar profiles together for an even more hassle-free and streamlined experience.

  2. FS Poster

    FS Poster
    FS Poster is one of the best WordPress to social media auto-posting plugins. With the help of FS-Poster, you are able to publish your post on up to fifteen distinct social networks. These websites are Facebook, Vkontakte, Reddit, Telegram, Plurk, Medium, Tumblr, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google My Business, Medium, WordPress, and Ok.ru. With various features, FS Poster lets you do all post automation processes from one plugin and save your time.

    Create your blog post in the same manner that you normally would, and after it is finished, you can choose to publish it straight away or schedule it for a time in the future. When you schedule your post, you will have the opportunity to choose the social networking websites on which you want to distribute the content you have recently written.

  3. Chat-Fuel


    Chatfuel is a no-code bot-building system that allows marketers to make AI conversational chatbots by offering them a single and centralized platform. Thanks to Chatfuel’s simple editing tools, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), seamless third-party integration, multi-user accounts, and analytics technology, you can quickly build a chatbot according to your business.

    With Chatfuel, you can stay in touch with your customers by automating your marketing, generating leads, and offering support to them with just a bot.

  4. Brand Mention

    Brand Mentions

    Brand Mentions is another amazing tool that tracks everything that is being said about your brand across all social media platforms, so you can stay up-to-date with everything in your niche and change your strategy if needed.

    With Brand Mentions, you can build relations with your clients by improving your brand exposure, acquiring and retaining clients by interacting with them and creating products that fit their needs, and managing your brand’s reputation by being aware of who is talking about you and what they are saying.

    And you get all these insights straight in your inbox!

  5. Fanpage Karma

    Fanpage Karma

    Fanpage Karma is a unique, versatile, and diverse tool for social media management, especially Facebook. When running social media professionally, it can get challenging to keep up with it and post consistently.

    Fanpage Karma allows you to collect data, schedule your posts, track other influencers, track your content’s engagement rate, monitor your competitors, and much more.

    Plus, it does not limit you to a certain number of profiles. It lets you write, post, and monitor an unlimited number of shapes, all the while providing you essential insights about publishing content on Facebook.

    You can also keep an eye on what your followers and fans are doing and use that data to compare your performance with other pages, even your competitors. Fanpage Karma is, however, not free to use. You have to pay $69.9 per month.

Facebook Tools for Visuals

  1. Crello


    Crello is made for content teams and Facebook marketers who want a fast-moving, professional, interactive design tool.

    The best part about Crello, apart from its 50,000+ ready-made templates, is that it does not have a steep learning curve. You can easily create studio-level visual content using its templates in over 70 formats and millions of animations and photos.

    Plus, Crello is the perfect alternative to Canva, so if you don’t like the latter, you can always use Crello’s one-click editing tools, including photo effects, background removal, text edit, fade, crop, animation, and contrast, etc.

  2. Picsart


    PicsArt is one of the best photo editors that you can use on your phone to edit Facebook images on both iPhone and Android. Picsart is an all-in-one application for photo editing. It has everything you need to create visually appealing photos, including creative effects, collage maker, drawing tools, filters, and many more.

    You can download it for free. However, there are in-app purchases. There is a massive library of filters, frames, borders, callouts, and backgrounds. Even people with no prior experience in editing pictures will find this app easy to use.

  3. Design Wizard

    Design Wizard

    Design Wizard is an up-and-coming editing tool with a solid foot in video editing that you can use for social media platforms like Facebook. It has an impressively massive library of stock photography which is known as Pikwizard.

    Design Wizard is perfect for social media graphics as well as the web content of all types. You can download content in PDF, JPEG, or PNG.

    Design Wizard has three different pricing plans for you to choose whatever suits your needs the best. A free plan includes basic features, a Pro plan that gives you free previews and 1GB storage, and a Premium plan with 10GB storage and unlimited standard video downloads.

  4. Venngage


    Infographics are highly engaging. They can be used to show statistics, key findings, or processes in visually appealing designs. If you want to take your Facebook visuals game up a notch, you need Venngage to create the best infographics.

    You can choose a template, visualize your data by adding charts and text and customize your infographic by adding elements like images, fonts, and colors.

    There’s a free version that lets you make five infographics for free. For more features, you will have to get the premium version.

Facebook Tools for Competitive Analysis

  1. Facebook Ads Library

    Facebook Ads Libraray

    If you want to be a good marketer, it is a given that you need to analyze your competitors first. Facebook is the biggest social media platform, so understandably, you’ll find the most brands, of the same niche, on the app. This also includes your competitors.

    So to stay one step ahead of everyone, keep an eye on all the ads running on Facebook at any given time with Facebook Ads Library. This will give you an idea of what techniques your competitors are using and how you can do better.

    So, why not stay ahead of the game by optimizing your Facebook ad campaigns better than everyone else? Sounds like a plan.

  2. Facebook Page Barometer

    Do you want to run a profitable ad campaign on Facebook? Then you need to know how your performance compares to others. Good for you, you can track your page’s performance and compare it with the performance of other pages on Facebook by using Facebook Page Barometer.

    Facebook Page Barometer offers you insights, gives you a detailed comparison, and optimizes your Facebook organic reach.

    You can view metrics such as Fans reached, Viral reach, Facebook Reach, Organic reach, Facebook Engagement, People talking about, Facebook Click Through Rate, and Negative feedback. That is a lot for only one tool. It is a one-solution application for a Facebook Marketer.

  3. ShortStack

    Short Stack

    When running a business on a social media platform like Facebook, keeping your audience engaged and your customers retained is essential. There are many ways to do that.

    You can host online contests, create landing pages for unique codes, do hashtag giveaways, create websites, and emails for email marketing, etc. Now, imagine an application that lets you do all of that in one place.

    This is where Shortstack comes in. It is a digital marketing platform that is designed specifically for the lead collection, marketing automation, and engagement. Shortstack also has hundreds of readymade, customizable templates to design your mobile-responsive landing pages within minutes.

  4. Driftrock


    If you are a professional Facebook marketer, you need to know your right market to succeed. So, do you want to target the right market every time you post on Facebook? Well, you are in luck because that is precisely what Driftrock does.

    Driftrock helps you find prospects by capturing 3x more leads, increasing lead quality, taking care of lead management, and increasing your list conversion rate. And most importantly, it lets you do all of that with lower costs in advertising.

    So, you can use it to improve your communication with your clients and followers from the moment they buy something from you.


There are hundreds of tools out there made for marketers and business owners working via Facebook in particular. And new tools and software are introduced every single day. The tools mentioned above are just a few of them.

You just need to find the right tools for yourself. The right tools are those that support your marketing efforts and compliment them on amplifying your results.

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