Instagram DM: A Useful Feature to Generate Convertible Leads for Business

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With 2 billion monthly active Instagram users, the platform has become the epitome of business potential for brands and businesses. Be it Instagram stories or Instagram reels; various features have made it to the list of the brands’ favorites to target relevant leads and increase engagement. However, a decent way to make the best use of the platform is to maintain beneficial customer relationships, ideally with the help of an Instagram management tool.

Considering the in-built features within the platform, Instagram DM (Direct Messaging) serves as a communication bridge between customers and the brand. It can be used efficiently to interact with customers, make them aware of your brand or service, and drive their trust in your vision. Hence, the Instagram DM feature has a lot in store for business marketers.

But are you using it in the best possible manner?

Read ahead.

Instagram DM: What Is It About?

Messages on Instagram?

This can be the first thought coming into your mind as you hear the idea of Instagram DM. Generally, Instagram DM can be defined as a direct message between one user to another user with privacy. You can send anything over a direct message on Instagram, including pictures, videos, text messages, audio messages, GIFs, and stickers.

A direct message on Instagram is only visible to you and those who are communicating with you. These messages will not appear on your feed, stories, or anywhere else. Hence, you can make good use of this feature to build cordial relationships with customers, reach out to potential leads, and get feedback for improvement.

How to Send Instagram DMs

Sending a direct message on Instagram is not difficult. The experience might vary based on whether you use Instagram via the app or a computer browser.

How to Send Instagram DMs Through Instagram App

If you downloaded the Instagram app, sending a DM is easy. Two simple steps, and you will be at the edge of sending a message to your chosen one.

    1. Open the Instagram app on your phone.Open Instagram App
    2. Click on the paper plane icon on the top right of the screen.
    3. A DM tab will appear, with all of your conversations, including unread messages.Instagram DM
    4. Open the conversation to write a message.Open Conversation
    5. Hit the Send button.

And your direct message has been sent. Hence, any content sent to any other user’s account will appear in the tab of direct messages.

How to Send Instagram DMs Through Computer

If you are sitting on a computer or a laptop, you can still send an Instagram DM easily. All it needs is for you to have an Instagram profile. Below are the steps to follow to send a direct message through a computer.

      1. Open the web browser you usually use. Search to locate the webpage, and log into your account by entering your Instagram credentials.Instagram on PC
      2. Logging in, you will see the newsfeed updates appearing on the screen with a panel on the left. Click on the option ‘Messages’ in the panel.Desktop messages
      3. You will see all the messages on your Instagram in this direct message tab. You can click on the ‘Send Message’ button to send a new message.

That is how you can easily send an Instagram DM via a desktop or PC.

However, knowing that you can also integrate your Facebook messenger with your Instagram account is important. In that case, you will see a messenger icon instead of a paper plane icon for messages. You will be able to access messages on Instagram and Facebook, both together. This can be done within the Instagram mobile application as well.

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6 Tips & Tricks to Make the Most for Your Business From Instagram DMs6 Winning Tips to Make the Best Use of Instagram DM for Business

A substantial Instagram direct message is a big win if the business managers plan their messages strategically. Engaging with the audience, generating buyers, interacting with influencers, and a lot more can be beneficial tactics for your business with some tweaks.

Read ahead and note down some of the winning tips and tricks to make your Instagram DM look more than a random spam message.

  1. Enable Notifications

    Imagine opening your Instagram DM and seeing it all flooded with messages. Guess you did not get the notifications in time.  

    Any glitch can lead to your message alerts being lost, with a lot of queries unresponded. However, responding actively to any direct message on your Instagram is the only key to maintaining a credible image, and this can cause a problem.

    No worries, you can save your life by enabling the notifications (whether on the mobile app or a PC).

    First, Go to the settings, and enable notifications or push notifications in case you are using a PC.ENABLE NOTIFICATIONS

    Then select the option of ‘Messages and Calls’ or ‘Messages’ in case of a desktop and select the option of ‘From Primary and general.’Message Requests

    Setting up this option, you will be notified of all the incoming messages and new updates coming your way. Hence, less hassle and more useful interactions.

  2. Follow Up Regularly

    Beginning your day with a quick check on all your messages is a common practice for social media fanatics, but what if you are not the one? 

    We totally understand that checking up for messages now and then is a tiring practice, and with a business, it becomes a chaotic show. However, customer interactions are essential to business growth and must be prioritized. So, watch out for incoming questions, suggestions, and feedback.

    Got a tough DM and got no appropriate answers? Do not let the customers wait. Instead, let them know that you have noted their query and will respond shortly. Even if it is negative feedback, reply neutrally to the sender. The more promptly you respond, the more customers will get intrigued by your brand.

    Dead or too-late responses will likely make the customer look for another alternative brand. Hence, be a responsible and punctual business manager – leading clients with instant humble responses.

  3. Use Instagram Saved RepliesInstagram Saved Replies

    Owning a brand, it is quite possible that you receive repeated queries once after from a different set of customers every time. The constant grind of typing the same answers can be boring, and you can crack this out by making the best use of the ‘Instagram saved replies’ feature.

    However, this feature is only available for an Instagram Business Profile or a Creator account. Within a business account, you will need to go to ‘Settings.’ Choose the ‘Saved Reply’ option. Click on the ‘+’ option on the top right of the screen. Next, save the answer to any most commonly asked question and create a keyboard shortcut for it.

    This way, whenever you receive a common question, you will need to type the shortcut in the message, and the saved reply will be filled out automatically. Hence, no need to craft a new message every other time.

  4. Write Messages in the Tone of Your Brand

    While it is important to be a quick responder, a depiction of a professional tone is a must-have as well. No matter your brand’s niche, it must have its tone, for example, entertainment, news, comedy, sports, health, etc. Your replies to any Instagram DM should include a sense of who you are and what you are.

    Hence, craft every message using the oneliners or hashtags that define your brand and are used frequently by the company. Keep it short and simple. Add a unique element and some sweet gestures, and leave a long-lasting impression within a few interactions leading to a growing audience.

  5. Send Useful Content

    Perplexed over what to send in a DM?

    Honestly, it can be anything from

        • A text message.
        • A photo.
        • A video.
        • Instant pictures
        • Audio messages
        • Links to other profiles
        • Posts on Instagram
        • Story Reactions

    However, you need to be formal with the clients when it comes to a business entity. Try to figure out ideas that can make your followers aware of your brand in the best possible manner. Create a DM campaign and send personalized messages to each follower, incorporating the idea of customized targeting.

    You can also send important announcements, discount offers, marketing videos, DIY ideas, and other relevant content related to your audience that serves your business’s purpose.

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  6. Acknowledge New Messages

    A kind acknowledgment never goes unnoticed. Your Instagram marketing strategy must include impressive customer service, no matter how good your product is. Hence, in order to stand out, acknowledge and welcome new followers. Greet them warmly, and make them aware of who you are and what your business is actually based on.

    Such gestures will surely go a long way and help you establish a cordial bonding with the audience. They will not only invest in your business but will also recommend your services within their network. Nothing less than a brownie point, right? So, keep this tip in your mind every time.

Some More Tips to Win Hearts With Excellent Audience Interactions

  1. Check Message Requests

    As a brand, you must attend to all the hidden messages that land up under the tab of ‘Requests.’ Instagram requests are messages you get from accounts you do not follow. For any brand, requests are usually the messages you get from accounts with whom you have never interacted before.

    Hence, this means every new potential customer will be shown in your account’s ‘Requests’ tab. So, in order to never miss out on any leads, the best tip is to keep a consistent check on Instagram DM requests.Message Requests Tab

    Fun Fact: Here, the messenger icon appears because it is integrated with Facebook messenger as well.

    Quick Run: Check out if you have enabled the option of ‘Message Requests.’ If not, then you must do so. Go to the settings and enable the requests under the option of ‘Messages and Calls.’

  2. Optimize DM for Business

    Give your Instagram DM the image of a business help desk. Every query coming in is important in terms of getting feedback, suggestions, and brand awareness. Manage your DMs critically. Look after the messages and give instant responses to gain customer trust and leave a good impression.

    An ideal way to optimize DM messages on Instagram is to integrate a social inbox to manage all your social media messages within a single place. You can easily find this feature in an efficient Instagram management tool. So, in short, the better the optimization of the DM, the better the engagement.

  3. Create Instagram Groups

    One of the best ways to make the most out of the Instagram direct message feature is the creation of group chats within the platform. Direct messaging allows to add up to 250 people as a group. As a business manager, you can create groups based on product discussions, reviews, Q&A sessions, marketing tactics, Instagram giveaways, and a lot of such ideas. Group chats will enable you to gather different people coming together with diverse opinions about your product. Hence, greater feedback can be received and evaluated for further improvements.

    Moreover, group chats can also contribute to community building around your brand, which can help you ahead with networking and recommendations.

  4. Review & Proofread

    Last but not least, review your message. In order to appear professional, your Instagram DM must be crisp, correct, and creative. Proofread the content and correct the mistakes, if any.

    You may also use a content creation tool to create messages according to your needs instantly. Once you are done, hit the ‘send’ button and witness the magic of your DMs.

Instagram DM Restrictions

Until now, you must think that Instagram DMs are all fun and fusion, but that is only partially true. With an Instagram DM is a great business benefit strategy, a few technicalities might hinder your interactions and conversations with your clients.


Instagram restricts direct messages to private accounts. Even if you own a public profile, your message to a private Instagram user will appear only in the ‘Requests’ tab until the user accepts it and proceeds with the conversation.

Size of Message

No long texts are allowed by the Instagram platform. Your text message can only include 1000 characters. In case your message is longer than this, you will need to shorten it to send it.

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Manage Your Instagram DM With Social Champ!Manage Instagram DM with Social Champ

Feeling like there is a lot to do to manage your Instagram DMs? Well, you can easily do it all with the help of an efficient Instagram management tool like Social Champ.

This tool offers an incredible Social Inbox allowing you to integrate all your social media accounts in a single place. If you have more than a single Instagram account, you can streamline conversations on both of them using the tool.

The Social Inbox by Social Champ can segmentize comments, conversations, reviews, and ad replies helping you to engage with all accordingly. Hence, you do not need to check your Instagram DM again and again. Just empower the platform with this reliable tool and enjoy automated messaging and responses, adding value to your business.

Extended Features: Social Champ is capable of a lot more, be it post scheduling, analytics tracking, content publishing, and reposting on Instagram. Hence, you can automate all your Instagram marketing strategy workflows by optimizing them with this tool.

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Wrapping It Up!

A direct message on Instagram is all fun and games until you use it for some real business. Business communication goes a long way and contributes magnificently to the brand’s growth. Hence, the more you will pay attention to the message content and ways to manage your Instagram DM efficiently, the more engagement and traffic will grow on your page.

Try our recommended tips and let us know what worked best for your business.

Happy DM-ing!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I check an Instagram DM?

Go to the paper plane icon at the top right of the screen once you have logged in to your Instagram account. You will be led to a ‘Direct Message’ tab where you can check all your messages.

2. What is a good engagement rate?

A good engagement rate is 2%, and if your engagement rate is more than 2%, it means you are doing great on LinkedIn.

3. What are hidden DMs?

Hidden DMs are message requests coming from people you never interacted with before.
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Instagram DM: A Useful Feature to Generate Convertible Leads for Business

Picture of Wasla Zainab

Wasla Zainab

Hi, there. I am a part of #ChampFam as a Junior Content Writer. My academic background introduces me as an engineer, but I prefer to write aesthetic poetries in the moonlight. Apart from writing, I love to put forward my opinions on public forums. Literary fiction with a cup of tea is the best I can do. You can ping me at [email protected].

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