20 Reliable LinkedIn Tools to Elevate Your Professional Presence in 2024

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LinkedIn has garnered spectacular growth over the past years. People and businesses have witnessed extensive benefits from LinkedIn’s connections and brand marketing capabilities. Various LinkedIn tools have created a timely impact and can play a great role in benefiting your business.

Introducing your company on LinkedIn is synonymous with a digital launch of your brand to millions of people, as the platform itself acts as a professional channel accumulating 660 million users worldwide. To help you efficiently in brand marketing, a reliable LinkedIn scheduler can pave your way towards an impressive brand image leading to an astonishing business hike.

Today’s article covers some trendy and iconic LinkedIn tools that can help you do wonders with your business.

LinkedIn Scheduling Tools

Since LinkedIn has become a business amplifying platform; you can make a promising impression on yourself by configuring LinkedIn scheduling tools. These tools put your manual scheduling efforts to rest with the service of an efficient autopilot. Below discussed are great LinkedIn tools that can save you from every scheduling hassle you might face now.

  1. Social ChampSocial Champ

    Social Champ is one of the best social media scheduling tools available. As a LinkedIn marketer, you can schedule LinkedIn posts on business profiles with the help of Social Champ. This social media management tool helps to schedule your posts with maximum ease and convenience. If you are already a user, log into your account, and click on the add-on option to select the ‘LinkedIn Page’ to connect your LinkedIn to Social Champ.

    Sign in to your LinkedIn profile and select the page you want to add to Social Champ from the list to post or schedule content. Social Champ is a vigilant scheduler with dynamic features of a scheduler and a trustworthy pricing plan.

  2. SocialBeesocialbee

    SocialBee is a social media tool that can help with effective LinkedIn management and automation. Its features include a content calendar for scheduling posts, an AI Assistant for generating content ideas and captions, and the ability to recycle and repurpose successful content.

    The Engage module facilitates interaction with audience comments and mentions. Additionally, SocialBee offers a LinkedIn Lead Generation service for connecting with potential customers. With SocialBee, businesses can streamline LinkedIn management, boost productivity, and expand their professional networks.

  3. SproutSocialSprout Social - LinkedIn Tools

    Sprout Social is another effective LinkedIn scheduling tool that allows you to schedule posts to engage with your followers and help the user keep track of the relevant marketing campaigns. The tool also assures an insightful analysis of audience engagement alongside the organization and storage of images.

    You can also use readymade templates offered by this scheduler for a promising utilization. If you are using Sprout Social, remember that you might require another tool to schedule posts as it does not support posting on many networks like groups and pages.

Post Effortlessly on LinkedIn

Plan, create, and schedule posts on LinkedIn with Social Champ’s Calendar and get an aesthetic & effortless view of all your posts.

LinkedIn Prospecting Tools

You can significantly improve your B2B lead generation sales by choosing appropriate LinkedIn prospecting tools, ensuring efficiently targeted messages towards a relevant lead, and yielding effective business-friendly results.

Below are LinkedIn prospecting tools that can provide you with a sound automation experience.

  1. WaalaxyWaalaxy - LinkedIn Tools

    Waalaxy has proven itself to be an all-in-one prospecting tool that can override the 100 connection request limit per week imposed by LinkedIn the previous year. One of its most promising features is that by its usage, the user becomes capable of launching campaigns directly to LinkedIn profiles that have visited your profile in recent times or have interacted with any of your recent posts.

    More related to the LinkedIn prospection through Waalaxy, you can see it on its public roadmap.

  2. Captain DataCaptain Data - LinkedIn Tools

    If you are up to work and want a quick retrieval of data of the LinkedIn profiles you are interested in and the companies they are associated with, an in-depth data perspective can be done using Captain Data. Enhanced enrichment features and much-needed integration of an email finder are also provided to the user, ensuring a better performance on LinkedIn.

  3. LinkedIn HelperLinkedIn Helper - LinkedIn Tools

    The LinkedIn Helper is one of those LinkedIn tools that are fully equipped with features. The bulk of features might appear detrimental in terms of easy access to what you need, but you can get the grip of the tool by simply watching the tutorial videos and reading the FAQs.

    With the usage of LinkedIn Helper, you can automate your LinkedIn actions. The prospect and content management functions are integrated directly into the CRM, promising a less chaotic LinkedIn experience.

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LinkedIn Marketing Tools

After Instagram, LinkedIn has become one of the most captivating social media platforms that help the user connect with the right personnel boosting the business to newer heights.

With LinkedIn becoming the most-talked-about marketing tool, other supporting LinkedIn tools have made their way into the limelight. Read ahead to know which and how.


    IFTTT is a LinkedIn tool that brings along with it predefined recipes used to process effective LinkedIn automation. It uses third-party apps to automate specific tasks and allows the particular commands to schedule social media posts how you like and when you think is the right time, with a relevant hashtag.

    Although this tool is recommended, it requires the user to know the basics of coding to execute complex tasks and triggers.

  2. LinkedIn Sales NavigatorLinkedIn Sales Navigator - LinkedIn Tools

    The LinkedIn Sales Navigator assures your business is connected with the most relevant leads found. It analyzes to optimize your sales insights and provides customized lead recommendations per your requirements and the targeted audience. This navigator tool also provides an option to update the real-time sales dynamics.

    However, it might appear difficult for you to figure out the practical usage of the tool since the interface appears a bit complex.

  3. CrystalCrystal - LinkedIn Tools

    Since the platform is all about networking, this LinkedIn tool is all you need to optimize and observe the personality differences between you and your connections.  Crystal is considered to be one of the world’s most prominent personality assessment tools. It allows the user to connect and speak with a person based on what personality traits they possess.

    Using this tool, you will become capable of personalizing every email according to the personality traits of the person you are sending it to, with the help of data on how to speak, what tone to use, how much should be the length of your email, and so on.

LinkedIn Scraping Tools

Among a great deal of numerous LinkedIn tools, the scraping tools are the most interesting ones allowing the user to launch an efficient and automated lead machine. You can perform scraping on LinkedIn with the help of the below-described LinkedIn scraping tools to copy and paste all the information available on LinkedIn and automate visits to your LinkedIn profile.

  1. Phantom BusterPhantom Buster - LinkedIn Tools

    As a LinkedIn scraping tool, Phantom Buster is capable of scraping information from a profile. You can extract the search history, likes of a post, any LinkedIn group, followers of your company page, comment on a post, and a simple LinkedIn URL with the help of Phantom Buster. Users can efficiently utilize this LinkedIn tool to create workflows and automate B2B prospecting from a professional social network.

  2. Lemlist

    Lemlist - LinkedIn ToolsOne of the LinkedIn scraping tools that allow you efficient customization of its services, providing unlimited ways you can customize your prospect. Lemlist enables the user to scrape the data of its target on LinkedIn. Using this tool, you can completely automate your multi-channel prospecting from the platform. 

  3. Dux-SoupDUX-SOUP - LinkedIn Tools

    Dux-Soup is a LinkedIn scraping tool that is capable of mimicking human behavior on the platform to limit the risk of being detected by the application. It is integrated with Pipedrive which makes it a must-have tool for turning your CRM into an automated lead machine. In case you are wondering to try it, you can avail the free available trial plan to analyze the services and see the results yourself.

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LinkedIn Analytics Tools

If you have stepped into the world of marketing and your leading platform is LinkedIn, you must know in-depth about the LinkedIn tools that offer you a wide variety of services to spark a rise in your business trends.

You can keep track of LinkedIn analytics by using any of the described practical LinkedIn analytics tools.

  1. TalkwalkerTalkwalker - LinkedIn Tools

    Talkwalker proudly lies in the category of most worth-trying LinkedIn analytics tools, having an association with some of the biggest brands in the world. More than 30 pre-developed cases can help you create social media performance reports offered by this tool, making things work for your brand and your followers.

    Access all the data easily by simply integrating this tool into your CRM and using it at your own pace.

  2. LinkedIn Native Analytics

    This tool is embedded in the platform itself, making it easy to access. You can use LinkedIn Native Analytics to access plenty of helpful information, including sponsored posts, audience engagement, and interactions.

    This LinkedIn tool is free but has massive room for improvement, which is why other LinkedIn analytics tools can overpower this one. Still, nevertheless, it is a decent option to configure basic analytics of the platform.

  3. InlyticsInlytics - LinkedIn Tools

    Inlytics is another LinkedIn tool that features a LinkedIn analytics tool kit to provide detailed growth insights to help you expand the awareness extent of your brand and attract more followers. Using this LinkedIn Analytics tool, all the important data of LinkedIn will be available for you to analyze in a single place.

    The tool offers a basic access plan for free. Still, if you want an in-depth analysis, you should refer to its paid plan offering advanced analytics, detailed profile statistics, and unlimited data storage.

    A powerful LinkedIn analytics tool like Inlytics will lead your brand to another level by targeting a relevant audience and ensuring the voice brand reaches as many people as possible.

LinkedIn Recruiter Tools

LinkedIn seems to be an ideal platform for recruiters and brand managers looking for top talent to become a part of them. Still, if it takes a lot of you juggling between the applications, filtering each to find the best candidates, you are not using the platform efficiently. LinkedIn recruiter tools can help you save countless hours of manual sorting by automating the process and making your experience a lot more productive.

  1. CriteriaCriteria - LinkedIn Tools

    Criteria is a software-based LinkedIn recruiter tool designed specifically for HR teams to make efficient and better hiring decisions using objective data entries. With offered services of phone and chat support, this recruiting tool enables you to create customizable tests and engaging activities to assess the candidates the way you prefer.

    The overall recruitment process can be enhanced with Criteria’s features of interview scheduling, job posting, internal HR, candidate tracking, and so on, yielding an impactful result.

  2. GEMGEM - LinkedIn Tools

    GEM is another LinkedIn recruiting tool allowing the user to incorporate a unique and justified hiring process with its incredible features and direct integration of candidate databases, team analytics, and verification of candidates’ profiles. It is a reliable option for designing your recruitment process.

    This tool helps you condemn various biases by exploring talent insights and pass-through rates based on ethnicity, race, and gender. GEM is a LinkedIn tool that allows the user to evaluate every step of the hiring funnel and assess the diversity goals efficiently.

    It provides you with a feature for reporting and evaluating team analytics through which you can keep a track of interactions & follow ups.

  3. LoxoLOXO - LinkedIn Tools

    Loxo serves as a LinkedIn recruiter tool, making the process of scouting and resourcing a lot more efficient than a manual approach. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, Loxo finds candidates for you who are a perfect match for your role requirements.

    One of its interesting features is the proprietary directory composed of publicly available data accessed by commercial partnerships with more than 530 million people with phone numbers and emails verified. Using Loxo, your brand will also be benefitted from the automation of your outreach LinkedIn messaging templates, phone marketing, SMS, and re-built email.

    With Loxo onboard, you can also consider personalizing the sequence and number of your follow-ups and scheduling your marketing messages to maximize the engagement of your followers.

LinkedIn Tools From LinkedIn

After proving itself to be one of the biggest networking platforms, LinkedIn has outgrown itself to be considered the world’s largest business marketing forum. Suppose you want to see yourself as a savvy LinkedIn marketing expert. In that case, these LinkedIn tools should be at your fingertips.

  1. LinkedIn Plugins

    This tool is one of the most exciting strategies for effectively communicating your business’s ideology to a client. A wide range of plugins is offered to the user to give the audience more information about the brand and give reasons to contact you. Plugins that you can use are mentioned below:

    • Alumni Tool
    • Company Insider
    • Follow Company
    • LinkedIn Autofill
    • Share Company
    • Company Profile
    • Member Profile
    • Jobs you might be interested in

  2. LinkedIn Small Business

    LinkedIn magnificently supports small business ideas with its small business center that has answers to every query of a new marketer. Using this LinkedIn tool, you will be assigned a three-step business approach, gradually building trust, boosting sales, and reaching various related goals.

    The LinkedIn small business allows the user to establish a strong brand presence, connect with their target audience and engage them with captivating content marketing strategies.

Make Efficient Use of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a lot more than a social site with ample opportunities for you. LinkedIn offers various digital accessories that you can benefit your business with, be it analytics tools or a social media scheduler.

LinkedIn tools can not only boost your business but can entirely change the digital appearance of your brand. Apply the tools and let us know which tool benefited you the most in the comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Does YouTube posting time matter?

LinkedIn requires you to be consistent with your approach and brand awareness strategies. Optimize your profile and company page to gain visibility and keep track of your performance analytics.

2.What Are the Best Marketing Tools?

LinkedIn Analytics tools and LinkedIn marketing tools can help you progress better despite the type of business you are promoting. Otherwise, all the discussed LinkedIn tools benefit the brand in one way or another.

3.Is LinkedIn a Good Marketing Tool?

LinkedIn can be termed a fantastic marketing tool. However, success depends on who you are trying to approach and how.
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