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When we talk about small business marketing strategies, we often overlook real-world marketing while trying to raise the brand’s voice or awareness on social media.

We take a lot of time out for the online efforts & neglect the fact that most of the living people do is offline. While advertising your brand through the website, social accounts, or blogs, don’t forget that physical space is also as good as the Internet.

There are many creative ways to make your online properties into people’s offline views. Offline marketing includes all those mediums that aren’t digital. It doesn’t have the digital element in it which can be the events you attend, networking you do, brochures, your business cards, and much more. Here are some of the essential offline marketing efforts you need to combine with your social media marketing to get a more significant impact.

#1. Getting a Business Card

Starting with the simplest, even if you’re a startup or working from home with a MacBook or so, get a business card. Enter the professional world with a class & professional attitude. It’s easy for people to overlook a website that they have visited randomly on their PC or phones, whereas printed information on a business card is permanent. Business cards are a simple reason through which prospects can engage multiple times with the brand. Create your first impressions with business cards.

#2. Magazine Articles

Have you tried to write & submit a magazine article with your brand mention as an additional resource? Maybe we’re so focused on blog posts that we’ve forgotten the fact that many people actually read that paper stuff too.

“A magazine article can cater to avid readers who aren’t used to blog posts.”

#3. Creative Stickers

Ever heard of guerrilla marketing techniques?

Creative Stickers
Creative Stickers 2
If not, then these are marketing techniques or advertisement strategies that help you promote your business message through unconventional ways. Getting creative stickers is also one of them, these will help you showcase your brand in a funny yet smart way with the element of storytelling.

promote your business message through unconventional ways

#4. Radio Advertising

Radio? That sounds too old, right? Well, it’s not. If you look around many brands are using radio advertising in the frankest manner to promote their brand tag, sales, or any upcoming events. You should also consider advertising on the radio selecting the station that targets your demographics.

“Depending on your goal, you need to clearly outline the next steps or your call-to-action which is, of course, an invitation to follow you on social media.” socialchampsays

#5. Conducting Workshops

Whether your niche is related to art & crafts or you serve B2B clients, educational workshops can be the best way to not only promote your content or business message but to teach your customers something new, a skill or valuable knowledge that they can apply in their day-to-day lives. You can take a step further & invite speakers to the workshops to make it even better.

#6 Sponsoring an Event

Sponsoring an event can help you raise your brand awareness. Doesn’t matter if you’re a startup company, or the event you’re planning to sponsor is a small awareness function for university students. The sooner you realize the benefits of sponsorship the better. Sponsoring an event will let the participants & media men spread the word about your brand & build your authority.

#7 Branded Merchandise

Creating & distributing small items like t-shirts, bookmarks, notebooks, pens, sticky notes with your company’s logo on them are some form of branded merchandise that can help you spread your name like wildfire. These little promotional materials can speed up your marketing efforts & can gather loyal customers in the process. You can print your website & social media on your merchandise too, & to add a little flavor to it, print some promotional codes that would unlock discounts.

#8 Printing Advertisements at Events

If you’re low on budget or a startup that can’t afford to be on the billboard right now, you can capture your right audience by distributing event flyers, banners, or a simple presentation with catchy words that can attract your people attention towards your brand. Your material shouldn’t always be promotional, people don’t like stuff that is too promotional or all about selling the product. Just create the awareness, engage them with your content, design & let it do wonders.

“The best marketing is one which doesn’t sound like marketing”.  socialchampsays

#9 Attending & Speaking at Conferences

Whether it’s a business-client relationship or a husband-wife, the most important & sure-shot part of every relationship is “Communication.” While you’re too busy replying to your audience on the Twitter account, you ignored the real-life substitute of it. Conferences are meant to bridge the gap between you & your customers by giving them the opportunity to address & interact with a large audience. You can simply develop your talk on any current interesting topic & can further link it with your business & how it can benefit them.
Attending & Speaking at Conferences

#10 Customer Giveaways

Giveaways are a great way to publicize your business directly. We often practice this in our social media marketing strategies, by announcing discounts or giveaways on different occasions. Getting it done in a physical world might also motivate your loyal customer base to give you an online review about it on social media. Apart from it, you can also hold such contests to attract more customers.

Summing It Up!

“The next horizon will be deep integration of the physical and interactive worlds. The future of online is offline.” –Cyriac Roeding

While putting all of your efforts into Social Media Marketing for your brand, just keep in mind there is a real physical world outside waiting for you. By bringing the offline marketing efforts together with your social media marketing activities, you can get a more real impact on the audiences. Many small brands are using social media as their only marketing tool which to some extent is a big mistake as to find new customers you need to put together all your marketing efforts into “One Big Concerted Effort.”

Bridge the Gap​

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