A Beginners Guide to Instagram Video Marketing

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When Instagram was wheeled out, it was all about the pictures. Now, it’s more correct to say that it’s all about the visual. Instagram video marketing is the new BUZZ!

Pictures, of course, are still a staple component of the platform, but videos are keeping its own standard, too.
Videos can be distributed in the newsfeed, in stories, and can be used to build high-converting ad campaigns.
Each of those choices has different considerations to keep in mind.

If you’re ready to maximize your impression with Instagram video marketing.

We’re going to go over the most useful practices, most salutary strategies, and the most beneficial content to use on each specific type of Instagram post so that you get the best decisions on and off-platform each time.


Let’s Talk Stats!

Instagram video marketing serves as the ideal stage for businesses to showcase who they are to possible customers, as well as to shape opinions, and sustain brand personality.

The main idea after the platform is to share visual content (videos and pictures).
They assist companies in building credibility, experience and set the overall tone and quality of your branding image.

However, as the user base remains to expand and becomes more set on the sorts of video content it requires and how they want it.

It’s necessary to keep a finger on the pulse of particular video marketing statistics.
Assuring you are taking account of the full potential Instagram can produce to bear on any advertisement and branding push your company is engaging.

Jumping right in, let’s start!

1. A billion people are actively using Instagram – how to post videos on Instagram to appeal to them!

I want to begin with this one, to provide you a clear view of the enormous potential Instagram puts at your aid.

Instagram active users

Source: Statista

Raising from its record of 800 million active users back in September 2017, the platform has maintained its upward trend of accumulating an ever-increasing pool of users that relinquished the staggering billion by July of this year, a bent that doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time shortly.

This makes Instagram one of the most successful social networks around, and a generative ground to seize possibilities for effective Instagram video marketing campaigns.

2. It has a pretty balanced gender distribution

With a considered distribution of 39% women and 30% men when it comes to grown-up users in the U.S., Instagram gives a relatively stable demographic.

Instagram Stats

source: Pew Research Center

While the scale remains tipped near the woman’s side, the spread has been binding every year over the previous few.

This means that no matter what your target demo is, you are certain to find lots utilizing this platform.

3. The preponderance of Instagram users are under 30 years old

Even more particularly than with other social media platforms, Instagram user base tips somewhat to the younger side.

With approximately 59% of internet-using adults between 18 and 29 using Instagram, almost increasing the share taken by adults between 28 – 50 years old (33%).

This presents Instagram with the perfect environment to entertain a younger audience.

Another noteworthy tidbit is that almost seventy percent of its user base have post-secondary education, an estimate that’s probably important to most marketing campaigns.

4. It has an above-average active user base

Some social networks parade big estimates when we talk about accounts, even though these might be not their most active users.

Instagram, on the other hand, has the most active users to back up their claims.

In a recent study, they exhibited that 25% of smartphone users manage the platform, 22% of its users log into Instagram at most insignificant once a day, and 38% check Instagram various times a day.

5. Instagram Video and Marketing go hand-in-hand

An openly surprising number of Instagram users (72% to be precise) have declared that they have acquired a product they saw on the app.

Over the past few years, Instagram has also become the spot for leisure shoppers.

Couple that with the platform’s shoppable post – a terrific tool for brands and marketers – and you have in your paws a primed system with every tool you necessitate to display your products and lead potential consumers to make the purchase, all within the same conditions.

6. Users like to follow brands on the platform

Unlike Different Social Networks where it can be exciting to build a decent enough follower base, users on Instagram are comparatively open to follow business accounts daily.

Around 80% of users on Instagram support at least one business and 60% of users find products on the site.

instagram profile
Additionally, 75% of the user base that drives actions – like examining further into a brand’s post or going to a website – and you’d be hard-pressed to discover another social network that produces such a healthy user-brand environment.

7. A huge part of the platform’s ads come as videos

As much as 25% of Instagram ads are unique videos.
Granted, using the trajectory of the app (which began as a distribution platform for photos) images continue to be the type of content that leads to receiving more engagement when it occurs to ads.

Users seem to react better to video, trimming out photos for higher engagement rates.

8. Instagram video is quickly shifting the preferred type of content on the platform

With user-time spent viewing videos up more than 80% year over year and a phenomenal increase in the amount of videos being uploaded to the platform per day (four times as many from last year,) it’s somewhat evident that the order for video content on Instagram is huge.

This coats a rather clear picture of where to designate those marketing resources when it comes to creating high-quality content for the social network.

9. Instagram video is a huge asset from a marketing standpoint

Due to average response flows and complementary characteristics, Instagram videos are excellent and fit in perfectly as a complement to other components of your campaign.

10. Instagram stories are here to stay and should be taken advantage of


Instagram Killing snapchat Stories

source: Statista

Around 70% of Instagram users watch video content in the style of Stories daily.
Of this estimate, there seems to be a branded preference (roughly 50%) towards those videos that are funny and make them laugh.

Even more remarkable than that, about one in four Gen Z and Millennials actively explore stories of products, services, and brands they are thinking of buying.

Schedule Instagram Post

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Types of Instagram Video Marketing Strategies That Will Star You Results And how to post videos on Instagram


It’s easy to believe “I should use more video,” but it’s usually another thing altogether to really know where to start creating videos. Settling on the types of videos you want to use is going to be an important first step.

The sky is really the limit here, but these are some of the marketing videos that reliably do well on Instagram:

Branding videos

These typically center on brand recognition and brand storytelling.
They’re intended to be presented to cold audiences, and they often highlight a unique selling proposition (USP) and specifying features of the merchandise or service that make it unusual or valuable.

This is still more extra about an introduction, however than a hard sell.

Product videos 

Your product videos can use a number of different designs, but they always direct on one or two goods exclusively and describe why it’s required in your life.

Tutorial videos

These videos often overlay some with goods videos, but they focus more on how to practice and get the largest out of the product instead of just noting the features outright.

Examples might cover showing how easy it is to manage a specific type of power generator or 6 instructions you can make pudding.

These videos show value.

Educational videos

Sometimes a unique strategy is to use outbound marketing to amplify your inbound marketing.

You’re actually just teaching people about the business, and may not even consider your product or video at all. There’s a center here on relationship building and building credibility.

Live videos 

When you go live, somebody takes notice. Use this timeliness to engage in Q&As, show tutorials, and answer user questions.

7 Tips to Master How to Share a Video on Instagram


Rewinding you back to the basics of Instagram Video Marketing in 2013? You know, when the videos back then were limited at an insignificant 15 seconds.


Fast-forward to 2019 and brands are now permitted to roll out significant 60-second videos.

Not just this, but Instagram launched IGTV last year, too. All these extensive changes mean that your strategy has to accommodate so that you proceed to crush it when it gets to social media lead generation.

Select the sorts of videos you want to produce

There are a few distinct types of videos you can plan on Instagram.
The kind you create at any one time will depend on your intentions.

It’s a good approach to put together a content marketing tact whereby you outline which types of videos will go out at which times during the week or month.

Choose which emotions you want to promote

Whenever you’ve seen a movie, you’ve felt something.
Possibly you cried during The Notebook or felt powerful during Black Panther.
Although Instagram videos are rather Hollywood movies, they still have to make their viewers feel something if they’re to be useful.

Select an emotion that you require to tie your video to.
It could be optimism and positivity, but it could also be entertainment or even a burning sense of injustice (if you’re going down the social conscience route).

Rule out the best Instagram video length 

While Instagram now enables you to create 60-second videos, that doesn’t suggest you should create 60-second videos.

In fact, researches have shown that the optimum Instagram video lasts 26 seconds. Past that, people lose interest.
This means you need to stick to one single message and keep it laser-focused and super tight.
If you’re concerned that 26 seconds just isn’t enough for you to get your message across, practice with carousel videos.

Alternatively, create four short videos based around one theme.

Make best video format for instagram’s eye-catching videos

The thing with Instagram videos is that most people follow them without the sound on. They do this on Facebook too.

While you might be bothered that your message simply won’t get through to people if they can’t understand anything, this isn’t true.

You just have to create your videos as eye-catching as possible so that people click — and perhaps even turn the volume up.

It stimulates our interest by being so cool-looking.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by LEGO (@lego) on

Hit your call to action for Instagram video marketing

The call to action (CTA) is a vital cog in your video marketing wheel. Without it, all your works might be in vain.
The call to action doesn’t necessitate to be included in the video itself, but it absolutely has to be attached to your caption. Tell your followers what you want them to do next.

Make certain the next step is consistent and has major relevance to the video and your goal.
For example, if you’ve created a brand video, your purpose will be to get more innumerable people to follow your page. So your CTA could be worded as simple as “Follow us for more!”

On the other hand, if you desire people to click a link, you’ll have to post the link to your bio.

Create an Instagram stories strategy


instagram Stories

source: Crowdfire

Your Instagram video marketing strategy needs to include Instagram stories in it, and the theory behind the stories can be separate from your overall Instagram video marketing strategy.

There are many means brands can use IG Stories to promote their services and boost conversions, and here are some ideas:

Create a brand image

Brand intros via Stories that notify new visitors about your business. You can save this story so that new followers are brought up to speed almost instantly.

Product tutorials

Briefly explain how to use a particular product of yours in a step-by-step story that’s entertaining and lit up by music. It’s also an excellent way to collect your customers’ feedback!

Go behind the scenes

BTS videos humanize your brand and enable your audience to get more familiar with you. They’re great ways to bond with your consumers and easy to make.

Stories Q&A 

Use Instagram Stories to connect with your buyers and build connections. Answer their questions and show your expertise (and your sense of humor).

Create a killer IGTV strategy

Instagram stories
IGTV has now become as important to Instagram video marketing as Instagram Stories are.
On IGTV, Instagram video length can be as long as 10 minutes, which provides you more room to make that all-important connection with your viewers.

Just like on Stories, you can use IGTV to go off-camera and introduce everyone to your team.
Additional to that, you can use IGTV to bestow knowledge and information in an enjoyable way about your business and your brand.

You can also include an interview with a thought leader in your niche. Go out and try various locations, too.

Keep things interesting!

Whatever you explore, you absolutely must use IGTV to convey value to your audience.
But also, although IGTV videos can be as long as 10 minutes, you should presumably keep them under 5 minutes.
Otherwise, people might lose attention.

Because at the end of the day, who wants to watch a 10-minute product review?

Coming To An Understanding


Coming to an understand
As the new year advances and you begin to map out your upcoming plans for Instagram video marketing content, keep an eye on these tips and pointers, and try to obtain the most use out of them.

These numbers serve clear trends on user inclinations for the types of content users look for on the app, so they present an ideal starting spot to start developing content that will capture you to your goal.
Just have fun with it.

That’s the excellence of Instagram — it’s a social platform created to allow brands to have pleasure along the lines of marketing. As long as you make the right progress (limit your Instagram video length, nail your CTAs), you’re open to produce killer content that addresses your viewers and followers feel good about you and themselves.

Plan, strategize, create and grow your brand.

Happy Instagramming!


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A Beginners Guide to Instagram Video Marketing

Picture of Zahra Farid

Zahra Farid

Humbled to say that I'm the most fun and lively character of our #ChampFam, designated as Senior Content Writer. I've five years of experience in content creation. Digital marketing enthusiast and horror movie addict. When not busy creating masterpieces with my words, I daydream about dragons, unicorns, and soup! You can ping me at [email protected].

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