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Online marketing has never been easy, even with all the variety of tools and channels present at your disposal. The B2C marketing niche is so saturated that many business owners are simply losing marketing tool selection. Sometimes marketers go for several platforms at once to cover all the bases. This may seem like a good idea at first but may bring a lot of confusion later in the process. How do you manage all your marketing tools and stay consistent with your marketing campaigns on all the promotional channels?

The answer to that question can be – SendPulse.

SendPulse is an all-in-one marketing automation platform with various tools for lead generation and nurturing and conversational marketing and eCommerce business features. With a few aces up its sleeve, the service might turn out to be the one you’ve been looking for.


SendPulse is a platform that started as a simple bulk email service. While email marketing is still an essential part of any marketing strategy, you can’t underestimate the power of social media marketing or messenger apps spreading like wildfire. With growing popularity and demand from loyal customers, their team constantly adds new features and improves existing functionality.

What is SendPulse Platform Actually Good For?

  1. Lead Generation

    Any marketing campaign starts with lead generation, and that’s where SendPulse has some exciting options. Starting from highly customizable subscription forms or elaborate landing pages and ending with a chatbot that can request email addresses and phone numbers. The data gathered from these channels can be stored within a free, in-built CRM system and later used to improve your marketing campaigns. SendPulse’s CRM is free but handy, especially for businesses struggling to automate sales and customer communication.

  2. Lead Nurturing

    Lead nurturing is something the SendPulse platform does exceptionally well due to an even wider variety of channels that help you stay connected with your customers. Email campaigns, SMS marketing, conversational marketing with chatbots for Facebook and Instagram, or chatbots for popular messenger platforms like WhatsApp or Telegram. You can even go with good old web push notifications. The best part is that these channels can be combined to create an automated flow of targeted messages regardless of the channel. Supplementary features, like behavioral segmentation, campaign statistics (opens and clicks), or personalization, allowing users to perfect their promotional campaigns.

  3. Social Media Marketing and Selling

    Social media marketing and eCommerce go hand in hand. That’s the reason SendPulse opted to go for chatbot marketing features. Whether you want to use your chatbot as a first line of customer support answering FAQs, suggest products from your online store, send event reminders, or make table reservations – it’s up to you. The chatbot builder itself is very intuitive and requires no coding experience whatsoever. Their most recent release, an Instagram chatbot, can react to your brand mentions in your subscribers’ stories, send promotional messages, and even accept payments.

    Small businesses looking to sell their products or services online may opt for a landing page instead of a full-on website.  This can also be your link page for your social media bio. A landing page builder by SendPulse is a quick and easy way to have your little online store up and running in no time. When your landing page is ready, you can add your product gallery with descriptions and shipment information.  A subscription widget will route your new potential clients to a preferred communication channel. It can be good old email or other options like SMS and chatbots for Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, or Telegram. A finishing touch would be integrating a payment system integration that will validate secure payments from your customers.

  4. Little Things But a World of Difference

    Apart from an impressive selection of marketing channels, SendPulse has some straightforward and useful features that just make the life of a fellow marketer easier.

    A dedicated SMTP server and email list verifier are tools that have a considerable impact on email deliverability. An email template builder that can save you tons of time creating that perfect email. The platform also has countless integrations with third-party services, which are handy if you want to diversify.  There’s even an app to manage your chatbots from your smartphone. These are the little things that make SendPulse stand out and a platform worth your consideration.

  5. The Pricing and Affordability

    The list of online marketing platforms available for business owners is practically limitless, and it’s a good thing for the end-user. To be successful and profitable, marketing platforms are working to deliver the best service at the most reasonable price. SendPulse is no exception. Most of the marketing channels and features are available on a forever-free basis with certain limitations in functionality. Paid plans for email marketing, for instance, start at around $7 per month. Yearly subscriptions are usually 20% cheaper. The good thing is that users aren’t paying for the platform as a whole but rather for channels and important features.

  6. 24/7 Support

    This may seem like a not-so-important detail, but the customer care team is there to help via live chat or email. The pre-sale team can be reached by phone and speaks six languages.

Final Words

In the competitive world of online marketing and eCommerce, it’s essential to watch out for the latest trends and best practices to stay ahead of the curve. Due to the changing nature of things in the marketing field, you can’t manage many separate tools and remain focused on your goal. SendPulse, having multiple solutions under its hood, takes care of the technical part of this task and offers you all the essentials for a flexible communication process with your customer via a preferred channel. All this is within the convenience of a single marketing and sales automation platform.

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