#ChampsTalk Highlights: Influencer Marketing With Shane Barker

In the ever-changing digital marketing world, a brand cannot neglect Influencers anymore as it plays an important role in establishing an authoritative online presence. So who exactly is an influencer? An influencer is someone who has the power to influence buying decisions, create active engagement, and develop a community in a certain niche.

So what exactly is Influencer Marketing and how can you get on board? Wait up.. we have a solution!

Shane Barker is one of the top influencers in the digital marketing world with over 15 years of experience in the field. He joined us on the very first edition of #ChampsTalk to discuss all influencer marketing. Apart from running his digital marketing agency, he is also an instructor at UCLA and an international speaker.

If that wasn’t enough to impress anyone, we have more. Shane Barker is also a featured author at Forbes, New York Post, Adweek, and USAtoday. In short, he is the superstar of the online marketing world.

In our live session last week, he answered all the questions that matter about #InfleuncerMarketing. If you missed out on the session, here is a rundown of all that we talked about!

We would like to thank Shane Barker for his valuable time and the knowledge he shared with us!

Let us know in the comments below who you want on our next Twitter Chat Session – #ChampsTalk. You might get a chance to talk to your mentor next!

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Syed Muneeb is part of #ChampFam as a Community Manager. He is a Digital Marketing expert and prefers to educate users in implementing and learning marketing tricks. When not working, he loves to play cricket or watch movies. Ping me at [email protected]

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