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Ultimate Guide on 11 Twitter Best Practices for SMBs

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In today’s time, it’s pretty hard to get noticed on social media, whether you are trying to promote your profile or your business. Each social media platform has its own set of characteristics that makes it unique, and if you find the perfect blend of just the right things, it makes your profile stand out in a million.

So when you are out there searching for the perfect social media platform, what’s a better platform to explore than Twitter. With the platform having more than 396 million users, Twitter makes it to the top of our list to start with establishing an online presence.

And we do understand starting blindly on any social media would waste your time and efforts. Still, when you are up to the knowledge with Twitter best practices, you could take your marketing to a whole new level and make your profile stand out among your competition.

With more than 500 million tweets sent per day, Twitter is the perfect place for you to start whether you are an individual, celebrity, or business.

So let’s hop on the learning train and explore Twitter best practices that will help in increasing your profile’s visibility.

What Are Dos and Don’ts of Twitter?

twitter do's and don'ts

Twitter is a platform like no other, and it’s suitable for almost every situation nowadays; the opportunities are practically limitless. Like one day, you could use it for your business, or on the other, use it to network and connect with industry experts. Twitter can be used for almost everything, and it totally depends on your approach and how you go about optimizing your Twitter marketing strategies.

While many people have found success on Twitter, a significant amount still fails at getting the attention they seek. Here are a few Dos and Don’ts from us that are helpful when you are exploring Twitter best practices.

  • Don’t Over Do It With Self Promotion – We agree that Twitter is a great place to reach out to a great audience, but remember that people are on Twitter for a reason. When people follow a person on Twitter, they seek value from the post or content they share. When you are constantly bombarding your followers with content related to sales or promotion, they might get irritated at some point. They may become the probable reason for losing a valuable follower from your profile.
  • Engage With Your Audience – When you see a valuable tweet, it’s always a good practice to engage in it; this sends a signal to the creator that you find their content attractive and helps build a two-way relationship with the person who posted the tweet.twitter best practices - Engage with your Audience
  • Don’t Ignore Your Mentions – You may have seen people mentioning a profile or a business by tagging them in their tweets. This is often used to redirect someone’s attention to a particular profile or introduce or connect someone. Talking about Twitter best practices. Consider someone has tagged you, and it is because they are seeking some assistance from your end, and to be honest, letting it slide shows that you aren’t interested and may be considered rude in most cases.Even if they cannot tag your account, it’s always good to keep your eyes and ears open to search for possible mentions for your brand if you use Twitter for your brand or business. A social listening tool could come in handy here; it could help you find tweets that mention your brand and help you respond to them in a timely and appropriate way.twitter best practices - Mention
  • Share It With a Retweet – Retweets are a perfect way to share a valuable piece of content with your audience. When using Twitter, you may often come across useful content that you think may be valuable for your audience. So it’s always one of Twitter best practices to retweet it with your audience. Retweeting a tweet also encourages the creator to bring value by creating and sharing similar content that his audience likes or engages with.
  • Don’t Go Around Spamming People – When you follow someone on Twitter, there’s a chance that you may find the option to slide into their DM’s. However, this feature comes in handy when you are trying to connect with someone or talk in private. Yet a few used it with a third-party automation tool that instantly sent a message as soon as you followed someone. Now, this might have been able to gain social media engagement for a few, but most people got irritated by this spamming. To cut it short, don’t spam people with automated messages or anything they might get offended by; this may become a reason for losing your follower count.
  • Make a List of Valuable People – If you are not familiar with the List feature on Twitter, let us give you a short walkthrough. The List feature allows you to create a list of people you find valuable and organize them into a list. When you are scrolling through your Twitter feeds, you will be shown the content of everyone you follow, but this particular feature is best when going through the content you value the most. You probably might have an idea about Twitter lists now, but here is a guide on using this to organize your Twitter activity.twitter best practices - Social media influencers
  • Don’t Kill It With #Hashtags – Hashtags are a great way to get impressions on your tweet. Still, it’s better if you don’t overdo it by filling your tweet with unnecessary hashtags. Remember, Twitter allows you to add only 280 characters on your Tweet, and when you add more than enough hashtags, your tweet may look cluttered to your audience and lead them to pass it.
  • Just Be Yourself – Finally talking about Twitter best practices, let’s come to our last point: just to be yourself! Twitter is a great place to get started on social media, and people usually like and follow the most genuine ones. Try to shine by sharing the content you may think people would find value in, don’t just go around showing off on Twitter. Be authentic and let your personality define you.

What Are Proper Twitter Etiquettes?

When talking about Twitter best practices, we must keep an eye on our etiquettes and see how we can adjust and grow in the Twitter society. Remember, if you are abiding by the unspoken code of conduct, you can have a better chance of outshining your competition and growing your following on Twitter. Here are a few pointer’s that you should consider for your Twitter.

  • Don’t Post Offensive Tweets – Twitter is a place that encourages a healthy environment for its users. Likewise, there are some guidelines that it asks its users to follow, including posting something that might be considered offensive to others. Remember that Twitter is composed of all sorts of people. Posting something inappropriate or something that hurts someone’s feelings may lead to getting your Twitter account suspended or even terminated.
  • Don’t Mention Random People – People often tag random people in their mentions to gain attention or follow back; doing this doesn’t mean that they will respond or interact with you. If you genuinely want to build a genuine relationship, start by liking or engaging with the content they share.
  • Don’t Steal Other Tweets – It isn’t considered a Twitter best practice if you are stealing someone’s content and sharing it as if it were your own. Remember, people put their time and effort into creating a piece of content, and they wouldn’t like someone to take credit for something they worked so hard on. So even if you want to share the content with your audience, try to acknowledge the original creator; an excellent way to do this is by mentioning them in your tweet or giving them a shoutout.
  • Block Inappropriate People – There are all sorts of people out there on Twitter, and if you feel that someone is being inappropriate or may spark a heated conversation, it’s always better to block them. If people are annoying or are looking for a fight, it’s always better to ignore them, and if that’s not stopping them, you can block them or even report them to Twitter; this helps in protecting you and the community that you serve.
  • Do Research Before Trend Jacking – We have often seen many businesses utilize a trending topic to gain attention and impressions on their tweet, but you must do your research before you jump on to a trend and follow it. There have been some cases where brands tried to trend jack a topic, and it backfired because they didn’t research the origin of that trend and ended up getting on the wrong side of people due to their tweets.

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What Types of Posts Works Best on Twitter?

If you are confused about what to post on Twitter, you might want to consider a few things; remember that Twitter allows a short form of content with a minimum character limit. So it’s ideal that you utilize it to its maximum potential. Most tweets get noticed instantly if they are visually attractive, so you might want to post a tweet with an image or a video. According to a survey, Tweets with images have a 200% chance of getting engagement compared to those that don’t.

Also, one of Twitter best practices is to ask questions in your tweet; people are more interested in conversations that drive value for others. You could go around posting a tweet that has a question and resonates with a common problem of industry or society.

Another good idea to drive Twitter engagement is to use GIFs or emojis within your tweet; these can add humor and may help express your sentiment better.

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11 Twitter Best Practices to Stand Out!

By now, we have gone through a lot of things that are considered Twitter best practices. But now it’s time to discuss the few things more that could make a massive impact for your business or yourself when you are using Twitter as a medium for marketing or for building a social media community.

  1. Optimize Your Profile

    When you are getting started on Twitter, you should start working on your Twitter profile. Your profile should contain the correct information that can describe you as a person and define what you do. Let your bio express your personality, so when someone stumbles across your profile, they can get an idea of what kind of content and value they can expect from you if they decide to follow you. Also, be sure to upload a high-definition profile picture and a good header image that resonates with your profile or your industry.

    twitter best practices - Optimize your Profile

  2. Define Your Niche and Target Audience

    We have said it once, and we will repeat it; Twitter is a great place to connect with industry experts and form a genuine and long-lasting relationship with them. One of the many Twitter best practices is defining your niche and identifying your target audience. Once you have these things sorted out, you can better understand their persona and map your marketing strategy according to their needs.

  3. Use Pinned Tweets

    The Pinned tweet feature allows you to pin a tweet to the top of your profile, so whenever someone lands on your profile, they would see that particular tweet at the very start. This feature is ideal for letting your audience know about any information you want them to know about. Often, businesses use this feature to share the latest updates or share the latest news with their audience regarding recent changes in their company.

    This feature provides a valuable spot on your profile that could help achieve many objectives for a business, like driving traffic to their blog or redirecting your audience to a lead magnet. Here’s a list of possible ideas that you can use to get the most out of the pinned tweets feature.

    twitter best practices - Use Pinned Tweets

  4. Post Consistently

    Consistency plays an essential role in building your image and driving followers to your Twitter profile. Considering Twitter best practices, a consistent posting schedule is necessary to get noticed and increase your follower count on Twitter. A good strategy going around is to find your ideal posting time and post at the time your audience is most active and engaged.

    You could also use a social media management tool such as Social Champ to stay consistent with your posting and schedule your content for days or even months in advance.

  5. Try Short Videos

    It’s no doubt that visual content performs better than any other content, and when we are looking into it, what’s a better form to test than video content. It’s one of the most popular forms of content on Twitter as there are more than 2 billion video views on Twitter each day, and a study shows that video content gets 10x more engagement than others.

    So you must follow the Twitter video best practices when creating your video content for Twitter.

  6. Keep an Eye Out on the Analytics

    The analytics feature allows users to go through crucial performing metrics for their profiles and tweets. It may help users identify and differentiate between their content to find what’s performing and what’s not. This way, users can revisit their marketing strategy and make changes accordingly to increase their overall performance.

    twitter best practices - Analytics

  7. Try Twitter Spaces

    Twitter Spaces are the latest trend around the block. It allows users to host an audio room where people can come and join around to talk about anything that interests them. Now, this feature is pretty cool because people today seek a more realistic conversation and are more interested in talking one-to-one rather than going around just typing stuff. Also, there is an option to schedule a Space and share it with your audience so that they are notified when the Space is about to start, or even better; you could also record it and share it with your audience to go through them later.

    People and Brands are now using Twitter Space for all sorts of things, from product unveiling to random talks. So hosting a Space comes in our list of Twitter best practices.

    twitter best practices - Use Twitter Spaces

  8. Use Twitter Ads

    Although people can get an organic following for their profile, they still miss out on a large chunk of the audience. Here’s where Twitter ads come into play. Through Twitter ads, people can create campaigns around different objectives such as building awareness, driving consideration, or even delivering conversions. These ads are placed in front of an audience based on your set targeting and allow users to create ads based on various available ad formats.

    When we are creating our ads, there are a few tips that would be considered under Twitter ads best practices like writing a catchy ad copy, including a call to action button on your ad, or creating a visually attractive creative for your ad banner.

    twitter best practices - Use Twitter Ads

  9. Use the Newsletter Tool

    The Newsletter tool is a must-try feature when you are exploring Twitter best practices. It allows users to repurpose their content in a newsletter and share it with their audience. When you have set it up, it creates a newsletter widget on your profile with a button to subscribe. Whoever person subscribes through it is automatically added to your mailing list and sent the latest edition of your newsletter every time you share your content.

    twitter best practices - Use the Newsletter Tool

  10. Explore the Community Feature

    The community feature is the latest feature introduced by Twitter; it allows users to create a community group around any particular topic and counterpart to its rival Facebook groups. It allows users to share their tweets and engage with others in the community group. Although it is still in beta testing and hasn’t been fully rolled out, it will impact the popular platform and prove to be a game-changer for Twitter.

    twitter best practices - explore the community features

  11. Create Polls

    Twitter polls have been available for quite a long time, and they still are a great way to know people’s opinions. When going around Twitter best practices, you must ask people for their opinion, and Twitter polls do that. Let’s be honest people like it when they are acknowledged or are asked about their feedback or opinion. With polls, you can ask your audience about anything.

twitter best practices - Create Polls

Wrapping It Up!

Alright, I’m guessing that you probably would have an idea around Twitter best practices by now, so use these strategies to get started on Twitter. Remember that while you are out there on Twitter, you must maintain a strong balance between your brand’s perfect strategy and creativity.

This will help you establish your profile or business as a market leader and help you achieve the more significant goals and objectives you have planned! So redirect your marketing efforts with new energy and let Social Champ be your partner in managing your social media with just the right features that will allow you to schedule, track and measure your marketing goals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What are Twitter best practices for driving engagement?

A good practice to drive engagement on Twitter is to share valuable content with your followers; when you are tweeting, keep in mind that visual content is more appealing to people. And do not just follow someone blindly on Twitter; follow people you think provide value to you and engage with them on their tweets; they will likely do the same for you.

2. What are Twitter best practices for businesses?

Many practices might be considered good when you use Twitter for your business, like using the Pin tweet feature to drive traffic to your blog or using it as a real estate to promote your lead magnet. The opportunities are limitless, and businesses can use Twitter to achieve almost anything today.

3. What are Twitter’s recommended video dimensions?

Twitter recommends that you keep your dimensions up to 1280×720 for landscape, 720×1280 for portrait, and 720×720 for square videos with a recommended frame rate of either 30 FPS or 60 FPS.

4. What is recommended profile picture size on Twitter?

Twitter now displays round profile pictures instead of square ones. Now, the standard aspect ratio of 2:1 is no longer acceptable on Twitter. Your avatar should now have a 1:1 aspect ratio. The recommended size is still 400px X 400px and permissible formats are JPG, PNG, and GIF with the maximum file size not exceeding 2MB.

5. What is the recommended image size of lead generation cards on Twitter?

Lead generation cards allow users to add an offer, an image, and a call to action button along with the feature of collecting the names and email addresses of users. The recommended image size is 800px X 200px.
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