What is Social e-Commerce & The Best Social Marketing Tactic?

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Before the coming of eCommerce, shopping has always been considered a social activity. However, the Internet couldn’t stop people from bringing their friends with them to shop online. And this is where social commerce steps in. 

The present is the time of social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. that are immensely popular among the customers and brands. Online businesses have taken advantage of this technology and are selling their products through social media. 

Thus to know it better we have explained in our article a basic understanding of social commerce and its benefits to the brands.

What is Social Commerce?

Social commerce is the method used by marketers for more personalized and in-app customer shopping experiences with the use of social media platforms. It is a simple way to bring e-commerce functionality directly into social media platforms. 

When customers are satisfied with your brand, they will recommend it to their friends or family. In addition, social media makes it simpler and easier for them to share their experiences with others. 

For businesses or brands, social commerce is of great advantage ranging from increasing customer engagement, driving traffic to increase conversions and sales. Also, it acts as word-of-mouth marketing for your brand. 

Social e-Commerce Benefits for Brands to Grow Sales

More Authentic Engagement and Traffic

One of the important benefits of social commerce is engagement and driving more traffic to your business. Share content on a regular basis which, as a result, shows up in the follower’s feed and helps in building powerful brand opportunities. 

This helps in raising your followers as well as your brand will be recommended by the customers to others. Social commerce motivates people to connect with a business by using social media as a well organized customer service channel. 

People can easily connect with the business through social commerce, and also it helps to spread word-of-mouth marketing for the brands.

In-Line Audience Growth

Millions of people are already active on various social media platforms, and thousands of others join them every day. Thus marketing your brand on social media means it reaches thousands of people. 

Every business looks for different ways to grow their business and sell their product to their target customer audiences. Social commerce helps to grow brands following continuously and make the business reach thousands of new customers every day.

Improve the Average Order Value

Social commerce is a proven strategy to boost your brand sales by integrating it with your existing channels. This, as a result, helps to enhance average order value and the average amount a customer spends upon placing an order from your store. 

Social media can convince shoppers to spend more because it is easy for them. Customers can shop seamlessly with the use of their smartphones, irrespective of where they are. 

However, most importantly, the social proof around your brand can greatly influence the purchasing decision of the customers. Thus always share customer testimonials, reviews, pictures, etc. on your social media channels. 

Best Social Commerce Tools

Taggbox Commerce

Taggbox commerce is the best tool for an eCommerce platform. It helps marketers to build trust among users, drive more conversions by enhancing user engagement by providing various social commerce solutions. 

Taggbox commerce helps you throughout the whole process, i.e. from collecting user-generated content from social media to displaying shoppable galleries on your business website. You can accumulate all the content and tag your products in the images and videos to make them shoppable.


Hootsuite is another eminent social media management tool that makes it one of the top choices for social media. Hootsuite helps you curate the best quality and relevant content with statistics usage and tagging. It also tracks the performance of your social media campaigns to gain meaningful insights and explore user-generated keywords and mentions.

With the use of this social media management platform, you can also monitor the social media activities of your competitors. Also, its multi-purpose dashboard will manage your activities and social media networks. 

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is another important social media management tool for brands and agencies. It is a hub for social media publishing, analytics, engagement, and communication. You can easily manage your messages from different social media platforms with the use of Sprout Social. 

This tool offers a 30-day free trial and can easily aggregate past conversations, contact information, internal notes, etc. 

Final Words

In the current marketing world, social commerce is making waves. For sure social commerce will be beneficial for your business if it’s done right. In the present time, businesses have started to realize the importance of social commerce and this trend will not stop growing anytime soon. 

Therefore you require to come up with a solid social commerce plan if you desire to keep up with the competition. Nowadays, individuals are developing the course of action they shop online, and therefore you desire to make the most of it before it’s too late.

What is Social e-Commerce & The Best Social Marketing Tactic?

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