Ana Hoffman: How Blogging For Business Is Beneficial?

Successful people with millions of followers and a humble attitude are hard to find. Social Champ was lucky enough to get in touch with one such gem who started her career from scratch and is revered as one of the biggest social media marketing influencers today.

Ana Hoffman is known as the Mad Russian and Tzarina of SEO for offering exceptional and unique blog audits. She is the founder of an online business organization TGC (Traffic Generation Cafe), where they concentrate on free traffic generation strategies, as SEO, social media, blogging, and other internet marketing techniques or methods. She’s one of the leading SEO consultant, Internet marketer, and traffic generation strategist of current times.

Read the interview to catch what Ana has to say about traffic generation, blogging, and internet marketing.

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Social Champ: Hello Ana, Social Champ is glad to catch you for the interview. 

SC – How did you start your career? What was the motivation behind Traffic Generation Cafe? How did it start?

AH –
I started a couple of businesses just trying to figure out what works for me, for my schedule, for the amount of knowledge that I had, and very quickly I realized that I really had very little knowledge as far as marketing went especially traffic generation, and I was having a very hard time finding tutorials that are played in very simple terms; how to do SEO, how to do social media, or how to drive traffic for free.

So, I started compiling all that information and decided to write about it.  And that’s how the idea for Traffic Generation Cafe was born. Of course, I still had to validate the concept and that happened pretty quickly!

And in about 4 months, Traffic Generation Cafe went to great success and my reader’s feedback was also incredible telling me that there was indeed need for that information. That’s how Traffic Generation Cafe as a business was born.

SC – Blogging has now transformed and got so many updates. How blogging has affected the online businesses, and how blogging can help a brand or product to create a place in the right audience?

AH – 
Let me tell you blogging is the best business still since Sliced Bread. I truly believe so, blogging is really the best way for you to build trust with your customer and without trust, nobody will buy from you.

You cannot hide behind a brand, a logo, or a product. People want to know who they’re buying from and why they’re buying from you. And that’s where writing a blog comes in. That’s where you can solve your customers’ problems, that’s where you can show what you made of.

How you approach your customers? Your customer service tells them more about you, your products, your service, and your message. Without blogging that would be barely possible. Social media wouldn’t do that for you as you may already know. It’s hard to build a brand, in short, form content and that’s why blogging is an absolute necessity as far as lead generation is concerned. And for most brands for most businesses selling a product is not what we do!

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SC – As you are a believer in content repurposing, What’s the art of repurposing content? How Traffic Generation Cafe utilizes this technique to boost traffic?

AH –
The way to your customer lies through content creation, you already know that. However, what happens when your customer never sees that constant.

Content only works when it’s seen and when its found by the target audience and that’s where Content Repurposing comes in. Content Repurposing allows you to take the content you’ve already created or will be creating and then repurpose it, reimagine it, and reinvent it in a different format.

Because, bringing traffic back to your website is becoming increasingly more difficult, sharing links on social media or elsewhere simply does not work any longer. So we need to come up with a different way of presenting our content to our customers and that’s exactly what Content Repurposing does. It gives your content, the much-needed legs, goes out there, fetches the prospects and brings them back to your website, where you can actually convert them into leads and into customers.

Thank you for your time, Ana Hoffman! Social Champ wishes you all the very best for your future and looks forward to more of your useful ideas to help boost more businesses!

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