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Amidst the festivities and the holiday cheer, this year finally came to an end. The year 2021, a year of ups and downs, of people recovering from the deadly pandemic. But that’s not what we shall be focusing on today. We will talk about the good, the bad, and all the things that made 2021 the year it was.

Like many others, this year was a rollercoaster ride for us at the Social Champ HQ. We saw a lot of changes in our product, our team, and the ecosystem. But one thing that remained constant was our will to provide you with the best and keep learning the entire year. However, we are still confused about what we should term this year. A year of changes or maybe a revolutionary year?

Let’s look back at all the memories that we made this year so that we can bid a fitting farewell to this year.

2021, a Revolutionary Year!

After 2020, we all looked forward to 2021 and welcomed it with love. But 2021 came with its own challenges and hurdles. However, the year also brought along a whole lot of happiness, positive changes, and memories that will stay with us for the years to come.

But most of all, the year 2021 brought us a whole of YOU. The people we love serving and making our product better for. We served around 40,000+ social media accounts this year, and nothing made us as happy as your trust in us did. With this big happy #ChampFam, our 2021 became a delight for us and we will always remember this year as a good one because of you!

Out With the Old, in With the New

2021 was a year of change; everyone was adjusting to working from an office after working from home for a very long time. This meant schedule changes, new routines, and most importantly, a whole lot of obstacles in team building.

However, the most significant change that we faced in 2021 was the introduction of Social Champ 2.0 and a new website to accompany our new tool. The new version fixed many feature bugs and supported a new & improved UI.

The new UI was the highlight, improving the tool’s efficiency and workflow. The improved features and bug-free integrations also made the case strong. Over the months, we made changes, introduced new workflows, menus, and colors to the UI, and added more functionality to the face.

Such massive changes were honestly no easy task. Our development and design team took a lot of determination, who worked non-stop to get the right features out. Additionally, it won’t be fair if we skip out on our customer service team, who compiled responses from our customers and made sure that they provided upmost support to help them all get used to the new UI and features.

The new website was also a breath of fresh air with stunning visuals and all the essential information integrated into it.

Growing Numbers in 2021

This year, we grew our customer base to a large community of social media managers, startup owners, individual users, bloggers, influencers, authors, CEOs, agencies, and more. This means we facilitated more than forty thousand Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Business Profiles, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts over the course of just 12 months.

Total accounts connected to Social Champ

Additionally, we pushed out around 4 million posts from our tool, with the most significant number of posts on Twitter!

Total posts on social media by Social Champ

Out of these posts, November came out as the month with the highest number of posts out of all 12 months!

Total posts on social media by Social Champ per month

This year allowed us to push out of our comfort zone and kick all the boundaries that confined our service. We grew by leaps and folds, and this would not have been possible if we didn’t push ourselves to break our own records.

You posted four million posts from our platform across all six platforms, out of which there were 2,349,025 text posts, 56,060 video posts, and 1,538,856 image posts!

Post types by Social Champ

We remember saying in our 2020 annual review that;

In 2021, we aim to grow Social Champ into an even bigger entity, which will enable us to serve a much bigger clientele in a much better way.

And we are so proud that we did it!

We served a much bigger clientele in better ways than before. The team’s resilience to get their own job and help others enabled us to fulfill all our goals and set bigger for the years to come!

From here, there is no way to go than upwards!

New Feature Additions in 2021

We added some of the most requested features to Social Champ this year. Multiple new visual integrations, such as Canva and Crello were added to the tool. We came through with Engage 2.0 and pushed it out of Beta.

We also launched Instagram direct publishing and integrated YouTube into the mix!

Now, you can use Social Champ to publish directly to not one, not two, but SEVEN of the biggest social media networks out there. 🧡

Social Champ feature road map - yearly review 2021

Growing as a Community

In 2021, we attended a whole lot of new virtual events and made friends online. This means that our community grew by heaps and folds. And we conducted multiple amazing chat sessions with renowned marketers, content producers, authors, SEO specialists, influencers, and more!

Furthermore, we had fun interviews and sponsored community-related events. It was a change that we weren’t used to but one that we welcomed with open hands.

Our YouTube channel has fully-fledged feature videos and much more now. We also came up with a help desk for the community, including FAQs and guides!

One more thing that helped us grow as a big community is an expansive range of knowledge base guides and cooperative customers. Resolving queries became a one-stop shop when we had a guide for every other query that our customers came to us with. When we didn’t have an answer, their patience, understanding and cooperation helped us meet their requirements, resolve bugs and deliver a satisfactory service. The result? An increased number of Happy customers!

Additionally, conducting one on one demo calls helped us pitch our product in a much better manner!

Here are some of our customers with glowing reviews for the tool and the team.

Customer Testimonials - Social Champ

Growing as a Champ Fam

In 2021, we outgrew all the boundaries that we had set for ourselves in terms of both the team and the tool. All the things that we thought were out of reach for us came within the radius.

We learned that if we set our mind to something, and stay determined we can achieve anything that we want to. This is the mindset that all of us prevail at Social Champ and try to reflect in our project as well.

We onboarded a huge set of digital marketings, content producers, customer representatives, community specialists, SEO associates, and developers in our team. And this year almost all of us worked together as a big family to serve you to full satisfaction. Each one pushed themselves out of their comfort zone and found new interests that we were all unaware of.

We have you to thank for this because you all were an amazing set of audience that gave us the space to grow and with your valuable feedback, you told us exactly what you were looking for.

We are eternally grateful for your love and trust in us!

Messages & Love From the Co-founders

Sameer Ahmed Khan – CEO & Co-Founder

“2021 was a year of building solid connections and scaling the community to new horizons! I focused on creating a community for the people deeply invested in the tech ecosystem for fruitful conversations and meaningful discussions.

Also delivered many talks, met some amazing people at tech conferences, shared my opinions at quite a few AMA sessions. Happy to say that now we have quite an extensive group of digital marketers and industry influencers with us!

As the CEO of Social Champ, I would like to thank you all for putting your trust in us and letting us be a part of your social media.

We plan to make your experience tenfolds better, give back to the community, and bring out new features in the upcoming year. Who knows, we might invite you for a virtual meeting in our new office in the Metaverse?” 😀

Shakir Ghani – COO & Co-Founder

“In 2021, Social Champ grew by leaps and bounds, whether it was our in-house team or the features within the platform. We significantly worked on our website, customer advocacy, overall user experience, and several major integrations with Social Champ.

Entering 2022, I plan and aim to strengthen Social Champ from its core with persistence, positivity, and experience to stand tall and unmatchable. I hope this year I will be able to achieve a good balance between my personal and professional life as well.

This year will be about growth, and empowering masses with social media automation to grow digitally and explore the metaverse situation.”

Zohaib Ahmed Shakir – CTO & Co-Founder

“My team and I are super excited as we enter 2022 with a target to challenge competitors in the digital market with robustness, advanced security, and excelling performance of Social Champ.

We are working on new products to launch (like a competitive Social Inbox and advanced analytics), making this year extraordinary.

2021 had been evolving for me more on personal grounds getting me more focused on my physical fitness, mental health, and family, which eventually reflected in my professional life.

Target is to stay humble, take calculated risks, give back to the society and keep Social Champ growing from better to best.”


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