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Strong customer support is essential for every brand & business whether it’s on social media or physical store. Sales, support, and marketing teams define a company’s outward-facing image through their daily interactions with customers, and they often rely on communication software & social media management tool to facilitate these interactions.

A high degree of latency on a call, for example, could cast an entire company in a bad light for a particular customer. In contrast, a low-latency call could bring with it an air of professionalism that spurs that same customer to recommend the company’s product or services to others. The point is, quality outreach starts with quality communication software, and CloudTalk is just that

Before we get into how it can help salespeople, support agents, and especially digital marketers succeed, here’s a rundown of what exactly CloudTalk is.

What is CloudTalk?

CloudTalk is an all-in-one cloud contact center for businesses of any size. Its easy-to-navigate interface and 50+ cutting-edge features make it one of the best communications tools for scaling sales and support teams. You can rely on CloudTalk for crystal-clear calling, thanks to its state-of-the-art VoIP phone system. Low latency and minimal jitter are guaranteed on every call.

CloudTalk also boasts an ever-growing roster of telco partners all around the world, so you’ll be able to conduct business via whatever area code you see fit.
CloudTalk enables more than just over-the-phone communication, though. Indeed, it can be an incredibly valuable tool for companies’ marketing and outreach efforts overall.

We’ll get into some more about that detail below.


How Can It Help Digital Marketers?

Digital marketers juggle a lot of varying responsibilities every day. As a general rule, they value and appreciate software tools that make their life easier (don’t we all?). Well, CloudTalk is just that kind of tool.

Market analysis, outreach to leads, internal organization, and strategy-crafting; it’s all made easier with CloudTalk. Read on to learn about five great features that can help digital marketers optimize their workflows.

Top 5 CloudTalk Features For Digital Marketers

  1. Automated Text Messages and Emails

    How does it work?

    CloudTalk gives digital marketers the ability to schedule in advance all manner of text message and email campaign content. It’s as simple as drafting your copy and clicking a few buttons within the CloudTalk interface.

    Why is it helpful?

    Automating the delivery of text messages and emails saves digital marketers from what can be a tedious and time-consuming task. By extension, it frees them up to focus on more important things — like developing strategies to reach more customers and grow their business.

  2. Click to Call

    How does it work?

    Quite simply, Click-to-Call is a feature that automatically detects phone numbers in the text and converts them to a clickable format. This allows CloudTalk users to dial phone numbers quickly, directly from their browser.

    Why is it helpful?

    This feature is helpful for digital marketers because it saves them time. Whether they’re looking to contact someone within their organization or outside of it quickly, Click-to-Call helps them reach whoever they need to speak to the value rapidly and without any hassle.

    Additionally, if a digital marketer wants to design a Facebook ad campaign that uses telephone numbers in its copy, CloudTalk’s Click-to-Call feature can help them easily realize their vision and implement game-changing campaigns more quickly than ever.

  3. Speech to Text

    How does it work?

     CloudTalk’s Speech-to-Text feature helps users generate text transcripts of their calls and enables them to search through those transcripts for valuable nuggets of information. Call transcripts are automatically stored in CloudTalk’s interface to be easily accessed and analyzed later.

    Why is it helpful?

     Speech-to-Text can be incredibly helpful for digital marketers looking to identify the keywords that matter most to their customers at any given moment in time.

    The transcripts of calls that CloudTalk generates and formats into a searchable database are a veritable treasure trove of ideas for marketing campaigns. It’s just a matter of taking advantage of the feature by tapping into the valuable data that it provides.

  4. Contact Tags

    How does it work?

     CloudTalk lets you assign customizable tags to every client you interact with through the platform, regardless of if the communication took place over the phone, through text messages, or via email. Keeping track of your contacts has never been easier. 

    Why is it helpful?

    Contact tags can be a powerful organizational tool for digital marketers. It can help them keep track of various leads that have interacted with their company one way or another by automatically logging all of the leads’ details and the nature of their correspondences.

    CloudTalks Contact Tags

  5. Simple Integrations

    How does it work?

    CloudTalk offers easy integrations with over 30 CRM software, and the list is growing every day. The CloudTalk team puts in a lot of work behind the scenes to straightforward integrations for customers — just a few clicks and you’re done.

    Why is it helpful?

    Digital marketers are notorious for their mastery of myriad digital tools, including many CRM software tools that CloudTalk integrates. If you’re a digital marketer with a favorite CRM tool, chances are CloudTalk offers simple, easy-to-implement integration with it.

    So don’t fret! You can continue to use your favorite digital marketing tools alongside and within CloudTalk’s powerful cloud communication platform.

Pricing Plan

CloudTalk offers several pricing plans for its customers. Below you’ll find a table of all the available options.

CloudTalk Pricing Digital marketer’s responsibilities run the gamut from minute-to-minute analysis of emerging trends to big-picture strategizing about their company’s marketing outreach efforts. CloudTalk is a modern cloud communication tool that can help digital marketers be successful in all of their endeavors — the big ones, small ones, and everything in between.

They’re so confident in the power and reliability of their product that they’re offering a 14 day free trial to new customers. Why not sign up and experience CloudTalk’s unique features and integrations first-hand? Get started today.

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