20+ Proven Digital Marketing Tools to Boost ROI in 2024

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Digital marketing tools are a massive part of what we do here at the Social Champ HQ. At the marketing department, we are always trying out new and interesting tools that can help increase productivity and save some time!

Honestly, this is not just us. Digital marketing teams all around the world rely on tools to help them achieve their targets. Like, we all know that it is not humanly possible to carry out each task on our own. There is just too much to do, and there are only so many hours in a day. We use tools to offload mundane and repetitive tasks (such as social media automation) so that we could focus on the creative side. This is particularly important where you need to leverage social media for small business to increase brand awareness and reach.

Since we follow the OKR model, the teams require tools to communicate, align their tasks, and collaborate to check off the KRs.

Essentially, digital marketing tools help us increase productivity, streamline processes, and meet deadlines without getting burnt out.

20+ Best Digital Marketing Tools

Since our team loves to check out new digital marketing tools all the time, so I decided to ask them about their favorite ones. Here are the top picks, categorized according to the application and use-cases.


Content is one of the most important pillars of digital marketing, and as a content writer, you can not blame me for putting it at the top!
After all, who can function without us, eh?
When it comes to content, my team absolutely loves several tools that we use every day (despite their shortcomings and flaws). Call it love, if you may!

  1. Narrato

    narratoNarrato is a one-stop solution for content creators and marketers. It is a content creation and workflow management software that streamlines your entire content creation process. Narrato belongs to two categories on this post – Content and Team Collaboration – owing to the range of content creation and project management features that it offers.

    The platform has a powerful editor that offers grammar and readability suggestions along with an AI writing assistant. An AI checker and robust editor ensure streamlined content collaboration and quality assurance. Collaborating with your content team is easy, with in-line comments on content tasks and messaging on the platform. There are content calendars and Kanban boards to plan and track your content projects too.

    You can create custom templates for your content tasks, save content style guides, and neatly organize your content under projects and folders. Narrato also lets you manage access to projects using customized roles for freelancers, team members, and other stakeholders. There are special features for marketing and content agencies too that help them easily share content and get feedback from clients, such as the ‘Client’ user role.

    Main feature: Powerful content editor, easy collaboration, and seamless content workflow management

  2. Grammarly

    Grammarly is one of the must-have digital marketing tools because of its focus on optimizing content. It is an AI-based tool that scans the content and points out language and style issues. We prefer Grammarly because of the suggestions for conciseness, word choice, and inconsistencies that writers often overlook in the first draft.

    Using Grammarly enables the entire team to maintain a uniform brand voice and a consistent tone throughout all the content pieces, social media copies, and emails.

    You can either just use their website and copy-paste your text to check it or download the extension to integrate it with your preferred word processing software.

    Main feature: Grammar, voice, and tone check!

  3. Readable

    Whether you are a content writer, a social media manager, a developer, or anyone else who requires well-written and easy-to-understand content, this Readability Tool is the ONE for you. This tool saves you a whole lot of time and streamlines the workflow.

    The readability test has a simple user interface that even a child can use. You can either paste the URL for the webpage or paste the entire text in the box.

    The readability test is pretty helpful for all content marketers, and it is free for all!

    Main feature: Measure of readability.

  4. IsItWP Headline Analyzer Tool

    IsItWP Headline Analyzer Tool
    The IsItWP Headline Analyzer is one of the digital marketing tools that we use daily to check how engaging our headlines are. The best part about this tool is that it is completely free and incredibly easy to use!
    IsItWP Headline Analyzer Tool metrics

    All you need to do is paste your headline and click Analyze. The tool will automatically evaluate how well-written it is and provide an overall score. Additionally, the tool also helps you identify the problem area in the heading and provides suggestions on how to make it better.

    Main feature: Headline analyzer with identification of problem areas.

  5. SurferSEO

    When it comes to content creation and optimization, SurferSEO is an excellent option for content marketers. It presents all the essential ideas and metrics you need for creating a winning piece of content.

    With SurferSEO, our team can simplify the content curation and creation process because it suggests keywords and concepts that fit well within the content. In addition, you also find all the crucial questions that help get the content rank higher in SERP.

    Updating published content on your blog is also simple. Simply paste the content or the URL and wait for a few seconds. The audit content feature will tell you exactly what you need to change in order to rank higher.

    Main Feature: Help identify gaps in content as well as pointers on creating optimized content.


    It goes without saying that design is an integral part of the digital marketing process. No announcement, social media post, or blog can be considered complete without visuals.

    The design team at Social Champ remains busy because visuals are a massive part of everything that we create and promote. Hence, the marketing machine requires beautiful images and gorgeous infographics in a reasonable volume.

  6. Adobe XD

    Adobe XD
    The design team, especially the creative director, who does the UI/UX, is super obsessed with this tool for all the right reasons. Adobe XD has a very loyal fanbase and is often included in the list of valuable digital marketing tools for project management.

    Adobe XD is, essentially a tool to design a user interface. The software is straightforward to use and does more than you can imagine in experimenting with design. It helps you create all the screens of your product in the form of a slideshow, add comments, and then share the final wireframes or design drafts with the development team.

    Main Feature: User Interface design.

  7. TinyImage

    TinyImage is a free-to-use image compression tool that allows marketers to optimize their photos without compromising on quality.
    By enabling marketers to shrink their photos’ file sizes without sacrificing the inherent quality, TinyImage ensures your digital content loads swiftly and remains visually appealing to your audience.
    Main Feature: Compresses images without compromising the quality of images.

  8. Visme


    Visme is an easy-to-use online tool used by content creators for creating graphs, charts, infographics, and a lot more. Visme is the only tool that allows you to create various forms of content as simple graphics but with a series of interactive features to bring static content to life, such as the ability to animate any object and assign actions. Visme is easy to use yet can be used to create professional-looking assets with little to no design skills. Paid plans include advanced features like Google Analytics integration, brand kit, and privacy controls.

  9. editor is one of those digital marketing tools that we as a team love a lot!

    The editor is absolutely amazing and super easy to use. You can create amazing videos without investing significant efforts, and the results are simply astounding. From putting together video clips and adding background music to adding a watermark, the editor lets you do it all.

    The best part? It does not ruin the video quality at all. is a part of the new integrations that we recently launched for all plans. You can edit videos from within the content dashboard and schedule them in a matter of minutes.

    Main feature: Video editor.

  10. Adobe Color

    Adobe color
    Honestly, the entire Adobe product lineup is worth investing in if you plan to create unique designs. The suite has tools for literally everything that a designer needs for product management.

    Our designers are utterly crazy about is Adobe Color; it has options to select a color or even create a customized one according to our needs. This is a convenient feature because we frequently experiment with colors to spice up branding.

    Also, did we mention how gorgeous the UI is?

    Main feature: color picker.


    When it comes to creating a website design, a no-code option can help you knock it out quickly and easily. can help anyone create a website right in their browser without any coding skills. The design editor is easy in intuitive and works in the way you’d expect (especially if you are familiar with Figma or Sketch).
    All of the things you need are already built into, making it an all-in-one tool. This includes forms, an SSL certificate, icons, stock photos, and the ability to add a custom domain.

    Main feature:  You can build a website that has a professional look and feel without ever touching a line of code.


    SEO is definitely a crucial part of digital marketing. I mean, what’s the point of writing amazing long-form articles if they are not ranking in the top ten SERPs positions?
    If you are a newbie and want to step up your game into the world of SEO. Then, have a look at this SEO guide to kick off your journey.

    Our SEO team is particular about the tools they use for playing the complicated ranking game with Google. Here are their top picks;

  12. Ahrefs

    Ahrefs is one of the most popular SEO digital marketing tools to date. If you are serious about content marketing, you need to have Ahrefs. The tool offers detailed insights into competition analysis and how to make your content stand out from the rest.

    Our teams particularly love the Content Explorer feature. You can find the most popular content ideas and then filter and identify the results based on;

    • Organic Traffic
    • Domain Rating
    • Social Shares
    • Referring Domains
    • Traffic Value

    With the insights gained from viewing data from multiple viewpoints, you can easily find link-building prospects with low competition and massive partnership opportunities.

    Main feature: Content finder and full website audits.

  13. Semrush

    Semrush is an all-in-one tool and also one of our favorite digital marketing tools. The suite offers support for online visibility and for discovering marketing insights. With Semrush, you can improve your SEO strategy ten folds with keyword research, position tracking, backlinking opportunities, complete website audit, and much more.

    After the recent update, you can use the tool to optimize your advertising and performance marketing strategies. You can either opt for the free or the premium version. We would definitely recommend trying it out for free for a few days and then taking the plunge!

    Main Feature: Full website audit.

  14. KWFinder

    Keywords can make or break your content and website rankings. Given the fierce competition for the top SERP spots, it is insanely important to target the right keywords that could bring in an appropriate amount of traffic each day and ae low on the keyword difficulty scale.

    KWFinder does just that; it helps you find the right keyword to optimize all content that goes up on your website. To help your SEO team decide which keywords to target, they can filter the results by keywords or domain.

    The tool also provides a SERP overview as well, so that you can see the top ranking websites for that particular keyword in order.

    Main feature: Keyword analysis.

  15. Brand Overflow

    Brand Overflow
    A few of the significant features of Brand Overflow are Rank Tracking, Ad Explorer, Backlink Explorer, Backlink Monitor, SERP Look Up, Keyword Generator, Question Explorer and SEO audit.

    However, the core feature of Brand Overflow is rank tracking, which is further divided into projects. You can include as many keywords as you want, with the pricing plans being your only limitation.

    The tool shows your ranking according to each keyword on SERP till 100, and the next rank is shown as 101+. The dashboard includes a bird-eye view of your website’s performance in terms of keywords. The data can be refined by date ranges to discover periodic trends that affect SERP positions.

    Main feature: Rank tracking and analysis.

    Community & Social Media

    Community is the new social media, and there are no two ways about it. Without a strong community to support your brand, you generally have a tough time building an audience and scaling your user base. At Social Champ, we have invested a lot of time and resources in building a community around our product and niche. Our aim is to build a social media scheduling tool that is just right for individuals and agencies.

    We keep learning new things from our community through our #ChampsTalk series, Champ Life Series, and similar initiatives.

    However, what are the tools that our community manager loves? Let’s find out.

  16. Social Champ

    Social Champ Publish
    Social Champ is our social media management tool that supports Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and GMB. Our community manager uses the platform to schedule posts that go live when he is not active on social media.

    The platform helps create, edit, and schedule posts from a single dashboard without switching tabs unnecessarily. Scheduling and publishing also offer features, such as Auto RSS, suggestions, sentiment analysis, hashtag manager, bulk upload, and recycle posts and campaigns.
    Social Champ Calendar

    The social media content calendar is also a particularly useful feature for the community and digital marketing teams. You get a grid view of all the scheduled or published posts. In essence, you could quickly see how your feed will look like for the next couple of days.
    Social Champ Analytics

    The tracking and analytics feature from Social Champ is super helpful as it analyzes all the posts you put on a specific platform. After analyzing the posts according to the network-specific metrics, the tool creates reports for them.

    The reports come with presentation-ready graphs and charts that you can present at any meeting without any hassle. Furthermore, the reports can be fully customized with white labeling options, such as the inclusion of your logo and brand name!

    Main feature: Scheduling, publishing, & social media analytics.

    Track Analytics With Social Champ!

    Signup for Social Champ to publish, schedule, and analyze social media posts on all six major social networks!
  17. Brand Mention

    Brand Mention
    Brand mention is a particularly useful tool as it helps the community team keep an eye on all mentions for our brand across different social platforms. With efficient social listening, you can keep track of all the places where your brand is mentioned and discussed. This enables you to monitor how well the target audience perceives your brand. As a result, you have a good idea of the brand’s credibility.

    The tool also enables you to keep up with the trends by providing consistent information on what is in. As a result, you can finetune customer acquisition and retention by delivering the value they expect from your brand.

    Main feature: Brand monitoring and social listening.

  18. ChatFuel

    We all know that it is not humanly possible for any customer support agent or a community team member to be fully active on social media 24/7.

    You most definitely need rest, which is precisely where a chatbot comes into play. Chatfuel is a great platform for building personalized chatbots with customized replies using an incredibly easy drag-drop interface. The Chatfuel app is one of the easiest ways to create a chatbot for your business without writing code.

    With a bot, you can massively increase leads because of the prompt response as soon as the query comes in. Of course, the bot is not a human, but it is as close to an actual representative as it can get.

    Main feature: Automated chats.

  19. Buzzsumo

    Buzzsumo’s monitoring tool lets you track mentions, trends, and updates while keeping an eye on all of your competitors. If you want to carry out competitor analysis, we highly recommend using this tool.

    By tracking the competitors, you can ensure that you stay one step ahead of all and plan your marketing strategies according to what the industry is doing. This tool further also keeps an eye on all the industry trends for your products and lets you track what everyone is saying about them.

    This helps you curate a better road map for both short-term and long-term plans. Buzzsumo is a great social media marketing tool for all niches and industries because of its powerful tracking and analysis tools.

    Main feature: Competitor Analysis.

    Team Collaboration

    Team collaboration is super important, especially when it comes to a smooth-running digital marketing team. Today’s marketing operations depend on interrelated tasks that require the attention of several team members.

    As such, digital marketing tools can help with collaboration, communication, management, and meetings are essential for marketing teams.

  20. Troop Messenger

    Troop Messenger
    Troop Messenger is a simple tool for internal communication with options to either chat one-on-one or group chats for more inclusive collaboration.  One of the best things about this messenger is that it keeps a detailed log of all your messages.

    Troop has both a mobile and a desktop application, which works on Android and iOS platforms.

    Main feature: Team messenger.

  21. Vivify Scrum

    Vivify Scrum
    Vivify Scrum is a task management tool for teams that follow agile methodology. The platform is used to create tickets and set up sprints for simplified project management. The tool is super easy to use and has a gorgeous UI with colors used to indicate status and sprints.

    With Vivify Scrum, you can organize, manage, and track all the processes followed by your team. You can tag team members on cards, send them a notification, set deadlines, assign reviews, and do much more!

    Main feature: Agile task management.

  22. Trello

    Trello is one of my personal favorite digital marketing tools because of its consistent, simple, and straightforward use case. It literally has no fluff and no fillers. As soon as you log in, you land on the homepage with a list of all your boards and free templates that you can use to create new boards.

    When you click on the board, you find various lists, each with a card lineup.

    It is easy to organize, create, or edit a board, set deadlines, and brainstorm ideas using Trello. One of the best things about the tool is that you can easily use it as an idea dump and marketing process pipeline manager without much effort ( in fact, you will find the popular agencies have shared their Trello board setup that you can use as a template for your projects)

    Main feature: Planning upcoming projects.

  23. Zoom

    Zoom came to everyone’s attention when the world went into lockdown because of the pandemic. It became the go-to tool for all remote digital marketing teams who want to collaborate and continue business operations.

    Zoom brings together teams seamlessly with video conferencing, webinar hosting, and private meetings. It has become the platform that businesses use to communicate and celebrate wins with the entire team in a big virtual event. While there are Zoom alternatives available, companies should do the research to find out which tool works best for their needs.

    Main feature: Video conferencing and webinar hosting.

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