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Over the last few days, the coronavirus breakout has become an all-consuming worldwide emergency. As of 9 pm on 19th March, the number of Coronavirus cases reported globally is 229,917. Currently, we have 134,277 infected patients worldwide.

We have to stay safe and calm in this situation. Remember, not to panic, but be alert. As you all may know that Coronavirus has “high infectivity but low mortality.” The virus is new, and we still don’t know how it may affect people. Due to the lack of verified facts & floating rumors, there is a lot of coronavirus panic in the community. Here’s what you should be doing in this situation.

 Try not to misuse the circumstance

 The most inhuman thing I have observed these days is individuals attempting to abuse fear. For example, supplies are running low. From masks and toilet papers to hand sanitizer and other essential necessities… I am seeing advertisers getting them and afterward exchanging them on eBay or running promotions and selling them for 10-50x the cost.

This isn’t business, and this isn’t promoting. 

I strongly suggest that you abstain from abusing the Coronavirus circumstance to make a quick buck. 

Sure you might have the option to make a speedy buck, yet it won’t last… you are in an ideal situation investing your energy in anything that is long term.

 Remember the 3 P’s

 Channel your worries into these three actionable goals:

 1.  Protect yourselves.

 2.  Protect your loved ones.

3.  Protect your community.

During this time, we will keep our community up to date as the situation develops.

As we all adjust to new precautions, I want to highlight a few actions against the Coronavirus that you all should follow:

Coronavirus Prevention


 As governments and businesses strengthen for possible local outbreaks, more employees are likely to prefer to work from home.

Amazon, Apple, Google, Twitter, and Airbnb have all asked most of their employees not to come to the office and work remotely.

The coronavirus outburst has triggered an apprehensive trial run for isolated work on a huge scale. 

What we will learn in the coming few weeks can help shape a revolution of work that might have been unimaginable at the start of the year. 

But it was bound to happen, with or without a once-in-a-century public-health crisis.

We’re in this together

We want our valued customers and community to know that in this challenging time, Social Champ is doing the best we can to keep everyone healthy and safe in the workplace while also minimizing the disruptions to our day-to-day operations.

We must approach this with a sense of calm and responsibility, so we have encouraged all our office-based employees to work from home. 

Our customer services, including technical support, social platforms, and sales teams, are available for contact in the usual mode.

Please feel free to reach out to us on any channel if you have any questions or

concerns. We’re working around the clock to address all your concerns and queries – you deserve the best.

Our team will be working hard over the next few weeks to improve our product and our service offering.

Managing remote team can be a little tricky

While remote work has obvious benefits, it’s not all fun and games at all. 

In reality, working remotely needs discipline and can carry notes of loneliness. 

People who work from home report to feel overly stressed at work, and to struggle with managing a healthy work-life balance. I’m sharing some suggestions that we discussed in our last team meeting before deciding to work remotely. I hope you can take a few notes to improve your productivity while working from home. 

  1. Dedicate a corner for work.

Being in an office gives you a limited number of manners to get distracted, but when you begin to work in a new environment (especially a very well-known one), it can be easy to let yourself get sidetracked. 

What you can do is have a dedicated area in your home that is for work only. 

It’s essential to separate work from personal, or it’s too simple to find yourself on the sofa with the remote in your hand, flipping channels as you watch the Telly.

It’s crucial that anyone working from home make a dedicated workspace that is away from distractions so you can stick in work mode even when you’re at the comfort of your home — and try not to be near your home office apart from working hours and vice versa to really keep that separation.

  • Make a schedule.

You can always get sidelined when you work from home.

What you should do to keep yourself sane while working remotely is having a set schedule.

Wake up at the same time daily, take a shower as usual, and get ready just like you would if you had to go to your workplace.

  • Manage expectations and deadlines.

Set parameters around your work-life balance before you bring a client or new project work on board. 

When you work remotely, there is mostly a change in time zone. You should alert your clients that you won’t be available at so or so time and make sure that they know when you’re able to answer emails, texts, or calls. 

This helps to manage expectations.

  • Little breaks to keep you sane.

Keep them strictly reserved for short breaks in the midst of chunks of engrossing work. 

A change of room or work is all you need to give your brain a pause, and it’s the best time to put a load of laundry in the wash or empty the sink in the kitchen.

It’s the equivalent of talking to your coworker or going up to their cubicle.

Even if you’re not leaving the apartment, carrying out a task, even if it’s a comparatively small one, allows you to feel a sense of success and motivation that is much needed to refocus our brain.

  • Set alarms for activity.

If not chores, then set alarms for 10 to 15-minute splits to move around, to get fresh air, to stretch, and disconnect from tech devices.

When you’re focused and in the flow of working, it’s very easy to let hours go by before putting your head away from your computer/laptop. 

Reminders to take such breaks to connect with yourself are just as valuable as reminders for important calls or tasks.

  • Socialize, use technology for good.

Until or unless you’re self-isolating, working from home shouldn’t mean that you don’t see anyone for two weeks or not have a social life – ensure you still keep up social communications. 

If you’re the type of person who’ll miss your colleagues like I am, when you work from home, build ways for socializing in your day,

Don’t just message on Slack or type a boring long email explaining tasks, call! 

And to top it off, if you still can’t quench that thirst of missing your colleagues, just’ body double’!

Yeah, that’s definitely a thing! Video call your colleague or friend and keep the work flowing too. 

Share screens, compare notes, etc.

A Time of Crisis

Businesses will have to learn it the hard way that works from home is different work altogether. 

Managers will have to enhance their skills at judging productivity by monitoring specific aims rather than using office attendance. 

Workers will have to adapt to the extraordinary quality of work and judgment when it comes to splitting their day into deep work, office discussions, personal time, and family life. 

Employees will have to own up new habits, such as keeping abundant documentation of every important work interaction so that teams and time are always up to speed on what’s following “down the hall.” 

And superior heads will have to normalize more video conferencing because their employees will continue to crave face-to-face interaction.

A pandemic is not the time to determine what kind of work management is optimally fruitful on a per-worker basis, we understand. 

It is rather a time for companies to get stronger and build out the kind of technology and culture that, when the time gets better, and the economy is back to full swing, could execute remote work easier for those who want to take the support of it in the future.

Here’s to emerging out of this stronger than ever.

On behalf of the Social Champ team, I wish you and your family the best of health and wealth in this challenging time.

Remind yourself of the 3H theory constantly!

Home – Avoid the outside world contact to the max!

Hydration – Drink lots of water!

Hands washed – at all times!

If there is anything I can do to help your business, feel free to reach me personally!

Here’s how Social Champ wants to contribute

⁣Social media is the central medium of communication these days to reach people, spread awareness, coordinate with authorities, respond to your customers, and keep the business going. 

During this disruptive time, Social Champ wants to help all those NGOs, individuals, and businesses who are contributing selflessly to share awareness and minimize the damage. We are offering a 50% discount on all our plans for all the registered NGOs. Get on board with us to fight against COVID-19 together and to share valuable information as much as we can. 

Help us spread the word with those who can benefit the most. 🙂 

If you need any assistance or if I can help you in anything to fight against this crisis world is facing right now, feel free to contact me on [email protected]

Let’s stay connected and use technology for good.

Stay Safe & Spread Positivity.


Sameer Ahmed Khan,

CEO, Social Champ.

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