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Digitalization and remote work are becoming increasingly popular, and while these are great developments, they also raise a couple of challenges. Data collection is one of them. We already knew how important it was, but now that everything is done online, a proper toolset is somewhat necessary.

So, today we’ll be reviewing JotForm, an online form builder with a wide range of features and functionalities. It’s one of my favorite data collection tools as it’s easy to set up, and the use cases seem to be never-ending.

What Does JotForm Do?

JotForm, at its core, is an online form builder, but we’ve come to see it as something more. The entire tool is no-code, meaning you don’t know anything about coding to utilize the tool fully.

It allows users to create, share, and manage forms and anything that comes with the process. We found it extremely easy to use. It basically took around 5 minutes to get an online form up and running.

You simply drag & drop each form field you want to use in your form, and once you’ve added a field, you can customize it freely. That’s how easy it is.

But there’s more!

JotForm comes equipped with numerous features and other complementary tools that improve the entire data collection process. So, let’s have a look at some of those. Keep in mind that we can only cover a few of the many. Head over to their website to learn more about the full capabilities of JotForm.

JotForm Features

JotForm comes packed with a lot of features. We already mentioned that it’s no code so let’s look at the most prominent ones.

Conditional Logic

This one is an essential, yet necessary feature that we believe should be available in every form builder, even in the free version. Conditional logic allows you to prepare custom conditions that change the structure of your form based on the answers provided.

For example, while creating a lead generation form, you can set up conditional logic so that the rest of the form changes based on the business size of the person filling the form. If they indicate that they are an SMB, you should only show relevant questions.

PDF Converter

Sadly, not every organization is up to date with the current digital-first age, and there are a lot of times when a request, invoice, or any type of form is required to be in PDF format. With the PDF converter, it’s possible to convert online forms into fillable PDFs and customize fillable PDFs in the form builder. Plus, JotForm also offers a PDF Editor if you need to customize and adjust the formatting of your PDF document.

Payment Forms and e-Signatures

JotForm integrates with hundreds of different applications, and the most striking ones for us were the number of available payment gateways that can be added to the forms you’ve created. You can compare the many different payment gateway options using a payment gateway comparison page to see the payment gateway that fits your needs.

Not only can you collect payments through JotForm, but you can also collect electronic signatures as well. All you have to do is to add an e-signature field to your forms, and that’s it.

These are not the only integrations available. There are tons of other applications you can integrate JotForm with, including popular CRMs, Zapier, G-Suite, and many more.

Mobile App

While JotForm is fully compatible with mobile browsers, it also has a free mobile version. It’s essentially the same tool optimized for mobile devices so that you can view your form submissions on the go and even create an online form through your mobile device.

Additionally, the mobile app allows you to transform your device into a KIOSK.

Approval Flows

JotForm has a unique feature in which you can transform your online forms into approval flows. This is extremely useful for tasks where you get a lot of data coming in and need sorting. For example, you can create an approval flow for internal company requests where employees fill out a form and appear in the approval flow. After that, the appropriate person checks the requests, and based on the information, they can approve the request to go to the next step or simply reject it.

Final Words

JotForm is a robust online form builder with a lot of functionality packed behind it. We’ve tried to dig in as deep as we could to review the product. And even after countless hours, it feels like we’ve scratched the surface. If you need a tool to collect any type of data, JotForm is a great option.

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