One of the Key Components of Any Good Social Media Strategy Is Content Consistency”, Nena B. Abdul Wakeel

Social media has emerged as an essential component of any business promotion strategy. In fact, social media is perhaps the most popular channel for reaching potential clients and retaining the existing user base.

Given this hype, it is surprising that how many business owners have little idea about using social media as a channel for promoting and growing businesses. Beyond setting up profiles, these business owners do not have a social media marketing strategy in place.

Against this backdrop, we decided to talk to a business that has focused on growing its social media presence and converting it into a marketing powerhouse. Once that objective was accomplished, Nena Abdul Wakeel decided to plan out a social media coaching platform to help other business owners understand how.

A Brief Overview of Your Business (How, Why, and When It Was Launched, What It Does, Etc.)

My business is Walk Boldly LLC, a professional development company launched in 2017. The mission is to support the development of entrepreneurs and career professionals to help them be successful. Walk Boldly is the parent to several brands such as Ms. Nena B. and the Social Media Success Network. Ms. Nena B. is my personal brand providing motivational speaking services.

The Social Media Success Network is focused on providing the HOW-TO of social media so the entrepreneurs can use it as a tool for business growth. We are excited about the upcoming launch of our Social Media Success Academy in Sept 2021. The SMSA will be a membership coaching program providing community, content, and accountability for emerging speakers using social media as a tool for tapping into new audiences.

How Is Social Champ Helping You to Make Your Business Processes Efficient?

One of the key components of any good social media strategy is content consistency. is the tool that enables me to implement that part of my strategy. The workspaces allow me to organize the profiles for the different brands. The queues allow me to pre-define my preferred posting times and allow me to create posts and let the system slot them. The recurring post truly allows me to set it and forget it.

Probably my favorite feature of is the Canva integration. I can create posts on the fly and still use my branding elements from Canva. SocialChamp has become one of my most recommended tools.

We at Social Champ support online businesses and agencies better manage their social media presence. Businesses such as Walk Boldly LLC benefit from end-to-end process management and streamlined social media marketing activities.

We invite you to give Social Champ social media monitoring tool a try and see for yourself the value it adds to your client relations and management.

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