New Year Treat: Enjoy Professional Plan for 49$ Lifetime & Amp; 40% off on All Plans.

Valid up to (1st Jan 2018 – 28th Feb 2018)

New Year is just about to be welcomed with exciting offers and schemes worldwide. This year, take a break from all hurdles for managing your social profiles and ace digital marketing easily. Social champ is offering exceptionally good packages this New Year. We, here are offering you ‘LIFETIME’ discounts that certainly are pocket-friendly, well this is really the best present for all Social Media enthusiasts out there.

Social Champ, is one of the latest and most feasible social media management tools and one-stop automation place for social media accounts that accesses to create, post, schedule, and analyze all of your efforts as well as shares quality content to reach more audience in a simpler way. Forget about the boring practice of switching tabs in a row between dozens of accounts and getting perplexed.

With ease, it enables you to have a controlled stream of all your blogs, promotional/awareness campaigns, print advertisements and a lot more on different networking channels at the same time. Social Champ is proffering following packages to boon social advertising effectively.

  • Social Champ’s ‘Professional’ package for a lifetime in just $49
  • 40% monthly discount on our Champion Plan, Business Plan and Agency Plan for the lifetime.

Well, this is something really wonderful. Our Professional package exclusively targets a hit on managing social media for business individuals and public figures. It allows you to manage fifteen social media profiles at one time without getting confused and stops you to get puzzled in tabs. It accesses 300 scheduled posts per social account in a queue.

Here what makes it more interesting is the availability of life easing features; repeating and analytics for your posts, top content suggestions and auto-suggest twitter handle with much more to explore. This becomes more interesting and remarkable with the above marvelous offers, which makes it a handy app yet light on the pocket.

Our other packages are best and effective to enhance the digital branding as well.

Champion Plan

If you are seeking for some really flexible content scheduling tools for a small business or startup, check our ‘Champion Plan’ out that facilitates you with some amazing and key required, most important features:

  • It offers to manage twenty-five social media profiles and allows a thousand posts in queue per social media account
  • It allows scheduling of 1000 posts.
  • Website RSS Integration.
  • Calendar.
  • Accessibility of ‘bulk uploading’ of content.
  • Chrome browser extension.

What so good here and does make it really eye-catching are outstanding features that certainly leaves an impression of comfort.

Business Champion

Social Champ bids another plan especially feasible for a limited but a rich business such as; for a company (on department level). “Business Champion” has complete features that are needed for the marketing by keeping demands regarding business profile in the vision.

  • It gives a ‘team management’ option, which is a key requirement for team collaboration that allows 5 persons for handling
  • It allows accessing fifty social media profiles and 1500 posts per account at a time, in the row.
  • Auto Post Content from RSS & Repeat
  • Link Shortening and Tracking and Analytics for Your Posts.
  • Bulk Content Uploading.

These qualities here fulfill needs of post and content management and helps to produce a good growth, which is often sought in media scheduling tool for the above business purpose. Along with this superb point, it is characterized with some other important functions as well.

Agency Champion

“Agency Champion” covers up all the feature required for social media management and advertisement to a solid extent.

  • It secures the advance feature of ‘team management’ and accesses 10 persons for handling.
  • It allows 2000 posts to be scheduled per account
  • It allows usage along one hundred social media profiles at once.
  • Drag and Drop Custom Scheduling, Setup Custom Schedule
  • Reposting option
  • Group Similar Social Profiles
  • Setup Custom Schedule

We also know that creativity and demands are not stopped here, something bigger is on our priority list since ever. We have discussed our package that is specifically designed to target a bigger measure, such as for agencies (institution level) and a heavier use.

First of all, it is carefully oriented for a heavier use, as per the worth of characters in the desired plan and its density. While fulfilling the demands of a heavier use, it has all basic and special features that are mentioned above, offers a complete package to manage your media marketing growth in the simpler way.

Sharing content on social media brings a failure to many marketers sometimes. Problem is not only a collapse in repeating their shares, but it is usually thought that marketers should in fact, not do that. While the secret is a bit different, research proves messages, more effective when repeated.

Yet marketers abandon their ads, slogans, and brands too soon and much too often that obviously slows down the outcome which can be in a more good quality. In advertising, there is a term “effective frequency” used to describe ‘the number of times a consumer must be exposed to an advertising message before the marketer gets the desired response, whether that be buying a product, or something as simple as remembering a message’ and can be a very tedious job.

Social champ is ready to serve you an easier, handy way with the productive outcome here as well. As we have cleared above that repeating or re-posting any content is not a flaw in the field of marketing, all we just need a proper and active app for this with a little sense for post selection. Fortunately, Social Champ offers the rescheduling of posts with a perfect time monitoring.

Although this feature makes it unique as well. All you need is just to write your message in the ‘Content box’ with addition of images (that would complement your content) by following selection of a profile on any social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook), check the repeat box, make a schedule and post your content right away, Easy and fruitful! Well, the feature we told above is somehow essential for bigger plans and on an ‘institute or department level’ as well to benefit social media marketing services.

In a nutshell, Social Champ is the first tool, allows to automate the repetition of your posts according to the designed schedule of your choice, in order to strengthen your marketing strategy and maximize the number of views. Moreover, it tracks records of multiple kinds of responses on the content posted on the associated social networking sites and tracks the number of likes, comments, and comments in an easy-to-understand and a simple tabular representation, which helps you to analyze your brand’s or service’s growth trends and plan accordingly, is available on both Android and iOS.

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