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For many brands, keeping up with the pressure of always being on point with their social media marketing tactics is a continuous struggle. One wrong move and your engagement rates can drop down significantly.

Your audience is always online and on the lookout for new content to consume. It is your job to provide that content at the correct time in front of the right audience. However, the platforms keep changing their algorithms at all times, and the user behavior is never consistent.

As a result, you can never stick to the same tactics you have used in your social media marketing. As a result, the brands are always looking for new tactics to drive sales through the social media marketing funnel.

Here is a run-down of how you can enhance your social media marketing tactics!

How Do You Create Social Media Marketing Tactics?

Planning and executing social media marketing tactics is a science that all marketers need to understand!

However, it just requires some thorough planning and research on your end before you take it live on social media. Here is a seven-step checklist that you can follow each time you plan to run a new tactic for your digital audience. 

Social media marketing tactics checklist

  1. Set Objectives

    The end goal of all marketing efforts is to generate ROI, which is what all your social media marketing tactics should aim to do. Create a list of SMART objectives that your proposed tactic will try to achieve.

    These objectives should align with your quarterly goals and track relevant metrics to determine the course of the campaign. This makes it easy to evaluate the productivity of the tactics and the performance of the team.

  2. Research the Target Market

    If you are a part of a marketing team, you must be aware of your target persona. Now as time passes and your product matures, your persona will also mature.

    Try to gather as much data as you can and then group your data into meaningful information. This single step will help you refine your strategy and target the audience in a much better manner.

  3. Competitor Analysis

    During the planning session, it is super important to keep your competitor’s strategy in mind. Ensure you conduct a competitive analysis that shows what your competitor is up to and what results they expect from their preferred tactics.

    For this, set up relevant tools (Ahrefs is a good place to begin) that help you monitor what your competitor is doing!

  4. Carry Out a Social Media Audit

    All social media marketing tactics are not meant for all channels. This happens because of the differing requirements of each platform. For instance, what might work on Instagram will not work on Facebook, or the content that performs on LinkedIn might not do too well on Twitter.

    Understand the requirements of each social media channel and the audience behavior before selecting the channel mix of your campaign.

  5. Set Up Profiles the Right Way

    You might have to tweak your social profiles for a certain tactic to work. For example, a makeup brand might put up interactive stories on Instagram, dedicate their Twitter for customer service, and use Facebook to run ads!

  6. Ask Your Audience

    Sometimes the biggest mistake that brands make is thinking that they know it all.

    The brands might have an initial idea of the audience’s interest, but as the target persona matures, their interest and preferences change.

    They might be looking for something else now, and you might not have a clear idea of the changes.

    For this, simply ask your audience and followers what they want! Put up polls and opinion-based posts to get their feedback and understand their thoughts. You can also track what they are talking about online and base your content around their conversations.

  7. Track, Evaluate, and Adjust

    There is always room for improvement in all social media marketing tactics, which is why you should always track the results. As you start tracking and analyzing the results, you will realize that not all tactics perform as well as you thought they would.

    This brings us to our next step, evaluation. Sit together with your team and evaluate the results of the previous campaign to see where you fell short.

    Use this data to adjust the strategy accordingly and carry out a new experiment!

12 Social Media Marketing Tactics to Follow In 2022

Now that we have answered the “how,” it’s time to talk about some of the best social media marketing tactics that can help you generate higher ROI in 2022!

Let’s see what our top 12 picks are:

  1. Track Social Media Analytics

    If you are not tracking your analytics in 2022, you are already missing out on a lot of potential of social media? Tracking analytics is one of the most important social media marketing tactics to follow in 2022.

    Tracking and analyzing social media patterns and insights will enable you to improve your digital strategy.

    With Social Champ, you can easily track platform-specific metrics for each network and view reports that present platform performance statistics through graphs and charts.

    You can extract a lot of actionable from platform analytics, including the top-performing content types. With this information, you have a clear idea of what content to create to attract new users to your brand profiles and pages.

  2. Identify the Best Time to Post

    Each social media network is unique, and therefore, there is no cookie-cutter method to identify the best time to post to a network. However, with trial and error, you can find out the timings that work best for you!

    This is essentially the time when your audience is most active, and your post could get the most engagement.

    For this, you need to fid beep into the ICP and think about what they must be doing at this hour. For example, your target audience is office-going, 25-28-year-olds, which means they won’t be active during work hours, and you should post most of your content after six or during breaks!

  3. Maintain a Social Media Calendar

    Posting on different social media platforms at the same time can be super confusing at times, as each network requires different content formats and different take-live times.

    A social media content calendar helps you keep everything organized and ensure that all your posts go up on the right platform at your preferred time.

    This is exactly why you need a functional social media calendar, which supports pre-scheduling content for each social handle separately. Using Social Champ’s all-in-one social media calendar can do wonders for you as it helps track content for each social profile. Furthermore, it allows you to edit, reschedule, and every create an entirely new post from scratch!

    Honestly, a calendar is one of the best social media marketing tactics that you can employ this year!

Sign up for Social Champ to Get Access to Social Media Calendar

Social Champ has multiple amazing features that can use to plan and execute amazing social media marketing tactics!
  1. Messenger Chatbots

    Chatbots are a lifesaver when you are running short on time and have a million customer queries to answer. Using multiple online tools, you can create a chatbot without actually writing code for hours.

    Alternatively, you can always automate your Facebook messenger so that your clients can get an immediate first response. You don’t have to set up an elaborate chatbot; instead, you can just use Facebook’s own auto-reply option and set up an answer.

    This way, your customers feel valued and heard! A win-win situation for both.

  2. Increase Video Content

    On average, video content gets 1200% more shares than still images or texts, which is precisely why you need to focus more on video content than anything else.

    One of the main reasons for employing any strategy or tactic on social media is to increase brand awareness and engagement, which is precisely what videos help you do. Moreover, video content is highly versatile, and you can add videos to your blogs or upload them to social media channels.

    You can also share your videos as stories, IGTV, feed, or even as Reels on Instagram. Similarly, Facebook and Twitter have multiple video upload options as well.

    Honestly, the possibilities are just endless!

  3. Leverage User-Generated Content

    One of the most amazing social media marketing tactics is to run campaigns based on user-generated content.

    User-generated content is basically the content that your customers create and upload to their social media. All you need to do is come up with a plan that will urge the users to take creative pictures and videos!

    For example, if you are a food brand specializing in sauces, you can run a competition where you ask users to create recipes using your products, upload videos, and use your hashtag.

    Voila! Here’s your content. Make sure that you include it in your terms and conditions that you will use all images under your hashtags to stay ethical.

  4. Include Sharable Infographics

    Blogs with images and infographics are much more eye-catching. And do you know what the best part about infographics is? They are super sharable. Infographics are pretty, pleasing to the eye, and help deliver the information much better!

    Try converting a part of your article into an image that explains what that part is all about. This would help in four ways;

    • Better SEO, as infographics rank higher than text
    • Decreased Bounce rate, as people like to stay in order to absorb more information from infographics
    • Make your article easy to read by providing a break in the flow
    • Sharable infographics also act as a text-breaker.
  5. Make Use of Polls

    Almost all social media networks have the option of running polls on business and private accounts as well as groups!

    Polls increase engagement rate and give you an insight into what your audience wants. If your audience is much more active on Instagram, put up a poll in the stories.

    Alternatively, if your audience is more inclined towards text polls, use Twitter or LinkedIn.

    You can also start a series where you put poll questions on your stories on a specific day.  All you need to do to prepare for this is to come up with unique and fun poll questions and figure out what time your audience is most active.

  6. Focus on Content Formats

    One of the biggest mistakes that social media marketers make is running the same content on multiple platforms without making any changes.

    Each social media network is different in terms of engagement and algorithm, which is why they all have a different set of rules and syntax that you should follow. For example, long-form content works best for LinkedIn, short but interactive content is Twitter’s best performing content, and Instagram is all about visuals.

    Social Champ has a pretty spot-on custom content composer, which can help you curate the right post for the right network at the same time.

  7. Repurpose and Cross-post Content

    Repurposing content is super important to keep your profiles fresh, active, and full of user engagement. If you have a social media post that resonates with an article that your content team is working on, use it as a reference point in the blog.

    Similarly, if a part of a blog can be converted into an infographic, use it and change it into one. Just break down an article, and repurpose all essential ideas into individual social media posts.

    Using your own content to create fresh ideas is one of the most brilliant social media marketing tactics that you can come up with!

    Interlink everything with one another, and now your social media audience is on your blog and visiting your website.

  8. Tag Influencers and Brands

    To increase brand awareness, you need to tap into new but similar markets, which are essentially the audiences that micro-influencers can help you acquire. In 2022, influencer marketer is at an all-time high, and you can use it to gain access to audience segments that might be out of the reach of your current marketing campaigns.

    If you are using a quote or an image from an influencer, tag them in your posts to give due credit. Chances are that they might repost your content, increasing its reach. As a result, the reach of your posts increases, and you will see more people coming to your profiles.

    You can use this tactic to hop onto the audience of other brands by tagging them in your posts.

  9. Master the Art of Storytelling

    Storytelling is an evergreen idea in social media marketing. It shall forever stay fresh as people love getting insights into brands, and they want to know the human element behind the brand.

    However, it’s not as easy as it sounds. You really need to nail the emotions and hit all the right notes to really resonate with your target audience. For example, Humans of New York post pictures with stories of random people from the streets of New York.
    humans of new york

    Their storytelling skills are so spot-on that it is one of the most viewed blogs of all time on Facebook!

To Wrap Up

Different social media marketing tactics work for different brands. It is not mandatory to include all of them in your marketing campaigns. Chances are you would have to run multiple trials and identify the tactics that help you achieve your goals!

By sticking to the ideas that work and align with your goals, you can create a loyal family and long-lasting engagement on all your social media profiles!

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